Do You Know Of A Kid Who Can’t Speak Well?

This is the first time I’m doing an advertorial for my dad. LOL! He has been very involved with his MIMPJ Toastmasters Club for the past couple of years and one of the events he feels most passionately about is the Youth Leadership Programme.

He got me to write an article about it for R.age last year which is why I still have some photos from the past YLP sitting around in my computer. I remember he said one of his club members asked if they had to pay me to write. His reply? “Haiyoh, pay for her Rm200k to study dentistry should be good enough already lor.” -_-

As a child, my parents have considered sending my brother and I to drama and speech classes because we have this tendency to mumble and when we were younger, stammer. I sometimes still stammer when I am nervous and am unable to get my point across. My dad always says, “The both of you can express yourselves well in words, but why can’t you speak just as well as you write?”

Don’t know why lor.

Well, we didn’t go to those kind of classes anyway but dad has always tried to persuade Mervyn to be more active at the Toastmasters Club at his uni. Furthermore, as a future lawyer, speech is really important to him.

We all know of painfully shy teenagers who go through awkward phases of insecurities. I’ve seen more than a few and it takes quite a bit to bring them out from their shells.

I remember feeling like whatever I said would be brushed aside by my peers and therefore I chose not to talk a lot when I was about 11-13 years old. Meeting new people was a chore and basically I lacked self confidence. I’m very fortunate that I had a bunch of friends who allowed me to act like myself and from there we developed together to be the outspoken ( I don’t really give a damn about what I say now a days.. unless it’ll lend me in serious trouble lah of course. Haha. ) women we are today. You know who you are, babes. πŸ™‚

But not every kid is as lucky to be influenced by noisy noisy friends who will stimulate you to feel uninhibited in your words.

Don’t get me on public speaking though. That’s the worse. I totally.. public speaking. Don’t know why people keep voting me as “Best Public Speaker” on the Comparison app on Facebook! LOL. And these are votes from people I’ve not even met in real life. @.@

The most painful incident ever was back in form3. I was quite gung ho about joining the english debate between my class and a neighbouring class. My facts were read straight out from the paper and when the opponent challenged one of my statements, I searched my paper…. kept quiet…(thinking hard) for a good …5 minutes. I’m not exaggerating. That 5 minutes felt like half an hour lah. Like people had time to listen to one whole song and I was still silent until the bell went off. HOW STUPID IS THAT!

I think if my dad made me join the Youth Leadership Programme back then, i would totally go for it because I know that one of my biggest weakness in life is public speaking.

The Youth Leadership programme nutures the participants on ways to express themselves and of course, how to speak in public with ease. On the first day of the programme, it was painful to watch these kids stutter and stammer. Must have been painful for them as well. But as the hours go and my dad and his Toastmasters colleagues guide them a bit more, you can really see the kids fluorish.

It’s a 3 day course and parents get to come and watch their kids speak in public effortlessly on the last day! My dad thinks it’s very rewarding because he thinks of it as instilling confidence in these kids.

Oh yeah, why I keep referring to them as kids is because this programme is only open to 15 to 19 year olds!

So if you have any siblings or friends that would fit the programme, do get them to join! πŸ™‚ Public speaking is a very important skill so I think most kids can really benefit from this programme.

The next one will be in early June! Do check out the details here if you know anyone who might be interested.

Participants at the workshop.

They are being split into groups and they draft out their speeches together.

Most of them grew to be fast friends. I really wanted to be one of their buddies, but I was just that old fogey reporter from R.age who was too old to be cool. πŸ˜›

These are the best speakers of last year’s programme with Mr Hong, the president of MIMPJ Toastmasters Club.

I’m really bad with names so I can’t remember this boy’s name but he was very very matured for his age. At only 15, he was so expressive and he aced all the assignments given to them throughout the workshop. He wants to be a doctor when he grows up. He totally has the look already. πŸ™‚

Proud parents seeing their kids take center stage and blowing them away with their awesome public speaking skills.

I can’t remember what happened here. But as you can see it was pretty happening. πŸ˜›

The kids were given a couple of hours to rehearse their speech. They were all a bag of nerves! LOL.

Do pass on the word!! πŸ™‚

Kucing Mana Yang Tidak Makan Ikan

Ikan-ikan banyak di laut,
Kekadang berenang sampai ke sungai,
Menjumpai kucing, itulah maut,
Bila jumpa, cakaplah “OHAI!”

Cerita ini cerita tentang Si Putih,
Si Putih memang seekor kucing,
Ternampak ikan-ikan dalam air jernih,
Si Putih pun bersedia memancing.

Si Putih seekor kucing yang senang lapar,
Cuba lagi-lagi untuk ikan belaka,
Ikan terpikat, bukan satu tapi dua,
Ini kucing memang kucing derhaka.

Ikan bodoh, ikan buat tak tau,
Dua-dua pun ingin dimakan Si Putih,
Dua-dun pun Si Putih mau,
Salah satu hati ikan mesti pedih.

Si Putih bersiap untuk bersantap,
Ikan-ikan asyik menunggu,
Di goreng, di bakar atau di asap,
Tibalah masa untuk pilih satu.

Termakan ikan siakap,
Tulang banyak, rasanya beza,
Si Putih baling keluar tingkap,
Si Putih memang tak biasa.

Kini dipilih Ikan bawang putih,
Ikan siakap menangis tak henti,
Oh ikan siakap janganlah sedih,
Kucing seekor tidak semesti.

Ikan bawang putih dah lama menunggu,
Ternampak ikan siakap dipilih dahulu,
Walaupun sakit hati tapi asyik tunggu,
Si Putih memang pandai mengampu.

Wahai kucing-kucing sekalian,
Satu ikan, cukup sehidup,
Boleh ke tak makan ikan lain,
Walaupun tersangat ranggup.

Kecewa dengan banyak kucing. Banyak pelakon kucing yang handal dalam dunia ini.

BM SPM dapat B3. Kesalan yang paling besar. BM saya sungguh menghisap.

Jovolution – 22 Years Of Jolene

A few days ago Audrey made this post about how she has evolved physically throughout the years and she made her post into a tag! Compared to her, I think I hardly changed physically throughout the years. My head just got longer and longer. Don’t know why. πŸ™

~5 Months Intrauterine, circa october 1986.

My mum was pregnant with me in this photo during a concert she performed at. She’s a piano teacher by the way.

0 Years old , 1987

This was taken on my first day on Earth at Assunta Hospital, Petaling Jaya.

I had hair that just refused to fall flat on my head. They called it a mohawk.

1 Years Old , 1988

I still had my innocence at that time. You can see it in my eyes, though they were very small to begin with. I lose my innocence at about 3. I’ll show you later.

Wah Jolene So Cute! ( a phrase seldom used in the English language )

Emoing at my grandfather.

Learning to walk at Lakeview, Subang Jaya.

2 Years Old, 1989

This was taken at my old house in SS19, Subang Jaya. I was still truly a child at the age of 2. Like I said, I’ll lose this innocence at 3. Not that anything happened, *choi* , just somehow I seem more aware of my surroundings.

Helping mum with the housework.

Mervyn was still inside mum’s tummy.

3 Years Old, 1990

See what I mean? It’s like I totally know what a camera is for, how to pose etc. I did not give my family the liberty of capturing my candid childhood moments. Totally started posing at 3.

4 Years Old, 1991

My brother is giving you the evil look!

Taken in Penang! I took my maiden flight to Penang!

5 Years Old, 1992

Shevie was only one years old at that time. So cute right? To those of you who don’t know, she’s my cousin. The three of us grew up together, spending every afternoon playing and napping together.

Getting accustomed to my very own room. (I eventually cried more and more and night and only slept on my own at 11. πŸ˜€ )

Because I was tall and not as cute as many of the girls in my class, I was made to fill in the boy role.

Me in my Ladybird Kindergarten garb.

6 Years Old, 1993

Sunway Lagoon opened its doors that year and we were one of the first to check it out! High waist shorts were in too.

The wave pool was already there. πŸ˜€

7 Years Old, 1994

Formal education started that year. Mervyn gets skinnier and Shevie gets prettier.

This was in Perth, Australia (the trip was a present from my grandparents as I got number 2 in class that year. ;P) and my aunties in Perth used their cosmetics on me. This look was SO 90’s. Can see my face getting long already.

8 Years old, 1995

Meet Mushroom Head and Cuddles! Cuddles is a cocker spaniel who ran away when I was 9 years old. When she was a puppy she would smell of powdered milk because that’s what she used to drink every night.

9 Years Old, 1996

I’m sure my face wasn’t like that. I was probably half way talking that’s why so ugly. πŸ˜›

This was taken in school with Hui Min and Irene. They are both on my Facebook now! I get really ecstatic when I can find long lost primary school friends on Facebook.

Azeera (I think) and Amran. Don’t have them on FB. Haih. I quite like my hair here though.

10 Years old, 1997

It was a defining year for me. My life has always been “Before PTS” and “After PTS”. It was a tough year for me as I had to juggle with Standard 4 work load on top of my Standard 5 stuff. And the normal age kids would shun us PTS students because we were kids. This would last till Form1.

l-r: Yang Ching, Suan Ee, Myself and Ambiga. This was at my 10 years old birthday party at McDonalds Subang Parade.

On the last day of Standard 5 with Siew Li and Kamini. Kamini is one HOT CHICK now. Again, much thanks to FB. Siew Li has always been hot. πŸ™‚

My first time aboard a cruise to no where. The adults had a ball of a time gambling while my brother and I tried our best to entertain ourselves.

11 Years old, 1998.

This was during a moody lunch. I think we were celebrating Mervyn’s 9 Years old Birthday. πŸ™‚ Shevie was only 7. So Cute right?

Bubble bath at Awana, Genting.

Taken on the last day of Standard 6 with Jocelyn and Siew Li. The three of us were inseparable throughout Standard 5 and Standard 6. Us PTS girls stuck together because nobody else were very friendly to us. In high school, I learned that we were known as the bookworms back in primary school.

12 Years Old, 1999

Ahhhh…. the start of my many pretentious years. Forcing myself to listen to all the latest hits on the radio, plastering posters of bands that I forced myself to like because my friends liked them, disastrous fashion experiments ( I had a ‘leather’ jacket from Giant. It was more like a PVC sweater.) and most of all, finding myself. πŸ™‚ Check out young Aaron Carter at the upper left side of the pic.

With Wern Cheen during the last few days of Form1. I was far and lanky back then. Fuck you puberty. _I_

Bad hair. Not to say now very nice lah, but that was just horrendous lor. Left to right would be Celina Chan, Myself, Ying Qi and V-ng Yan. ( She’s in the post below this one, helping me to model my accessories from Soak Republic! We’ve been friends for so long!! *hugs V-ng Yan. ) We were back in our primary school to collect out UPSR prize money.

After visiting Perth when I was 7 years old, my entire family made a trip down south again to visit my relatives. Haven’t been back since despite the low air fares. Sigh.

13 Years Old, 2000

Mel ( you can also see how different she looks now in the post below ) and myself. That was my mum’s swimming suit, by the way!!!! This was taken at Holiday Villa after our final exams. We planned for weeks on end for this ‘big swimming trip’. Now that we’re older, things like these would just need 5 minutes notice. A text from her would probably be something like, “Oi babes, yamcha?” and I’ll be outside her house within minutes.

That’s Sush and myself with the growing boobs. They were sprouting!!

During my dad’s company trip to Port Dickson. Even my mum looks so different! I purposely cropped my brother away because he doesn’t need to be reminded about how rotund he used to be. He would seriously murder me if I put the entire photo up. Can’t stress him up now that he’s in the midst of his first year law finals.

14 Years old, 2001

Ahhhhh…my infamous rainbow hair. Don’t know whether to say it was a daring fashion statement or just a train wreck. I went to collect my PMR results looking like that. AND I THOUGHT IT WAS COOL. I remember walking around MidValley and people were staring at me. I actually wanted something like light blue at the crown and toned to dark blue. But the hair dresser couldn’t understand me and gave me this. Mel’s brother Ben  (who was only 5 years old at that time) said to me, “Jolene cheh cheh, why your hair like feather duster.” Priceless.

My father thought it would be a good idea to take a few pictures of me so that I can laugh at myself when I was older. He was kind enough to use terms like, “As memory.”

With my grandfather. This is one of the last skinny photos I have of myself before puberty kicked in full force and upped my female hormones thus creating the lump ‘o’ lard u see today. It all changed after form3. πŸ™

Think this was the last day of Form3. With mel and Abby! πŸ™‚

15 Years Old, 2002

Ughhh. See what I mean by putting on weight. It didn’t go away since then. T_T This was taken in a zoo in China. Cool goat eh?

Ahh, form4. I miss the life there. Classes were so messed up. The only things that mattered academically were tuition classes. Class was going on when this photo was taken. And only myself and Zhuo Yan (the guy peeping from under the table) were in the correct classroom. There’s the back of Amanda’s head and from right to left, we have Abby and Min Dee. The three of them were just coming over for their daily lepak session and the guy in red was Chee Kiang’s Youth Exchange, Rikki, from Japan.

16 Years old, 2003

This was taken after a dinner at Menara KL before my SPM examinations. I was experimenting more with make-up at that time.

Tuition class at Mr. Chan’s house with Adrian, Chee Kiang, Min Dee and Mun Teng.

Photos from the last day of form5. I miss Kay Hong!! Faster come back from Aussie.

With Jasiminne and Li Peng.

Esther and Chung Lern. Can see how much they’ve changed to eh?

With my alma mater, SMK Subang Utama.

As you all already know and are sick of hearing, there was something going on between us since 2001 before we finally got together at the end of 2004. Sabarlah, this was just 2003. It was also the year that I was super bitchy to him. From here onwards, there’ll be photos of Chee Kiang too. So you can see how he has changed throughout the years.

17 Years Old, 2004

He convinced me to go for prom, saying something like we shouldn’t regret not going for prom.

College started and almost all of us were at Taylor’s College, so it was still like high school. Just that we had ( mums’ ) cars, extended curfews and bigger allowances.

Esther and myself jogging around the Lakeview lake. In the 1 year old photoset, there’s a pic of me attempting to walk with my Godma holding me up at the very same lake.

It was also the year I discovered camwhoring. Don’t know if anybody remembers this. It was one of the very first meme ever to be made in the blogosphere. Xiaxue endorsed her first brand and made a meme. We had to make this face to get a discount at the shop. Or something. This was 2004. In blog years, it’s almost prehistoric.

Long long time readers and friends might remember an entire set of photos with a million facial expressions. I found my talent with this set of photos.

Ugh, died my hair an ugly brown. Eyebrows were still unplucked.

After my attachment at Sunway Medical Centre. I almost wanted to study Medicine but I had wanted to do dentistry since Form5. (IMU was so convenient at that time)

Chee Kiang had a stressful year dealing with his ASEAN A Levels which explains the extreme weight loss. This was taken when we were only four days into the relationship. I was a bag of nerves and he had to walk along the beach alone every night as I refused to go anywhere with him alone.
18 Years Old, 2005

l-r; Myself, Liss, Esther and Sush. This was taken during my 18th birthday party. Probably the biggest birthday party I ever had and will ever have. Maybe next biggest event will be my wedding already..ahahha ah eleh. πŸ˜› 2005 was a year that many many things happened. I finished my A-levels, went for national service, entered dentistry and my beloved grandparents passed away within a week of each other.

l-r: Chien, Kay Hong, E Guy and Myself. It was my first time at Zouk. I managed to enter! Woot!

At national service on Hari Merdeka. We had to friggin’ march.

I came out of National Service early to enter dentistry at AIMST. (I can’t believe I’m in my fourth year already.)

Hostel life was boring. I don’t know how I survived without the internet back then.

Did stupid things like cooking spaggheti in rice cooker. That’s Narjit back in Year 1.

This was a day before our first kiss. Yalor. Pak tor one year only had our first kiss. Hahaha.

19 Years Old, 2006

From 19 years old onwards, i don’t think my face changed very much. This was taken when I went back for my high school’s Interact Membership Drive. I was talking about my experience as an Interactor. Interact was my life back in school!

This was towards the end of Year 1 and we had to learn about the morphology of the dentition thoroughly.

l-r: Lie Yuen (hahaha so young), myself, Xin yi and Brenda. Everyone looked so different back then. It’s quite a shock for me to look at these photos now because I see these people everyday.

This was taken for an article I wrote about Women’s Day for The Star.

Chee Kiang and I at a starbucks outlet.

Angel never change one.

This was taken during Chee Kiang’s farewell party at his house. He was off to Singapore (again) to start his pharmacy course.

That fun but lonely Redang trip.

If you have me on Friendster, you might have seen this photo.

After my first year finals, I went down to Singapore to visit him for the first time ever.

20 Years Old, 2007

l-r: Mun Teng, myself and Mel.

Really lah, everyone looks damn different except me.

At the one and only waterpark in Sungai Petani. We’ve not been back since. πŸ˜€

Some of you might remember this super sohai blog post about me being bummed out that I was missing out on clubbing while my girlfriends partied the night away at Maison. So I photoshopped myself into their pics. I made them leave a space for me.

At the end of the year, Chee Kiang and I made a trip with Mel and her fiance Tim to Port Dickson and Malacca.

At our crappy Port DIckson apartment.

I was 20 years old when I discovered the wonders of false eyelashes.

On the way to Langkawi.

21 Years Old, 2008

False eyelashes ROCKKZSZ!

After clubbing at Mois. Bleh. L-r: Yii Ping, Brenda, Ei Leng, Myself

Below: Poh Yee.

During one of the many Singapore trips in 2008. I had far too much of free time in that year.

22 Years Old, 2009 (NOW!)

My hair has never grown to this length before. But it’s shorter now after my hair cut last week.

Brenda was not drunk, just blinded by the flash. My make up skills so much better compared to when I was 16 years old, right?

Chee Kiang at the age of 23. He transformed even more than me!

One of my favourite photos from this year. Wah, more like a trip down memory lane than criticizing about how my face was as I grew up. Everyone’s invited to do this tag as well!

Playing With Accessories From Soak Republic

I’m not big on accessories as I find it chunky, choking and itchy at most times. I prefer something that feels invisible yet look amazing, if I really have to accessorize.

I might put on the odd earring when I ovulate and that’s about it.

But funny thing is that I can still buy and buy non-stop. I need therapy. ( Most recent damage was at two bazaars over the weekend. The ASD Birthday Bash and TwoMADS Bazaar. Baaaaad. )

I’ve seen Soak Republic around for quite sometime as they are one of the more different accessories blog shop in the scene. You know, not the typical whimsical charm necklace/bracelet or dainty danglies that you’ll find from most accessories blog shop.

One of the owners of Soak Republic approached me to review a few of her accessories – she basically asked me to have fun with her entire bag of goodies until I get sick of it. It also helped that her name is Pei Shan as well! ( That’s my Chinese name by the way, you ignorant people. )

Two Saturdays ago was a supposed lunch at Subang Parade with Mel, Mun Teng, V-ng Yan, Liss and Abby. But because of their busy, busy lives, it was only me, Mel, Mun Teng and V-ng Yan. And because of MY busy life, I only saw Mun Teng and V-ng Yan for like 20 minutes. I had a flight to Terengganu to catch. Ahem, more on that later.

Mel pours out the treasures from the paperbag.

Accessorize your laksa!

The rings at Soak Republic are more chunky than dainty. Perfect for girls who are not really into the whole cutesey, petite, princess kind of look!

Wear to the casinos in Genting. Confirm win one. That’s my half boiled egg by the way.

I made Mel model a bit for me. Have to make use of friends like that one. I know I mentioned that Soak Republic’s style does not really embrace girly princess fluffiness, but I think a bit of floral can do so much! I’ve been wearing this hairband for over a week now and it feels light as a feather and it keeps my hair in place! Soak Republic made this themselves. Some of their stuff are bought from suppliers but like this hairband, you can get it custom made. I hope I can get them to make this in another colour! Though black is very classy!

Mel and V-ng Yan! Wish I could’ve stayed long to chat. School commitments suck.

Mun Teng going all out with some of the rings from my pile.

See what I mean by different? I love it because the rings are so quirky!

I’ve got a stack of name cards to give out as well. πŸ˜›

See how well my hair is kept in place with the hairband?

Usually my kissing photos with Mun Teng is of her kissing me. She has changed. πŸ™

V-ng Yan playing with the bendable necklace/bracelet. You can basically form it into any weird shape and wear it on your wrist or your neck. This piece just screams individuality.

Love their ribbon-linked bracelets!

There’s also the lilac snake skin bracelet that I adore!

I was on my way to fetch my classmate from Pudu and got caught in the infamous KL jams. πŸ™

Yaya nice sunlight, make up, etc, usual excuses for excessive camwhoring, k shadap kthxbai.

The hairband under the sunlight. I really really like the hairband. <3 <3 <3

Like one of those annoying kid ‘princess’ prancing around and acting cute in chinese new year music videos right?

More photos of Soak Republic’s stuff to follow suit in my posts regarding my community oral health research posting to Terengganu! I survived Terengganu. It’s actually not bad at all and the people are so amazingly friendly, we just can’t get over it. πŸ™‚ Though I wish they brought us to mental hospitals to see how the dentists treat patients there, like how the Johor group managed to see. *grumble, grumble*

But I’ll be putting Johor down as my first choice for my government posting when I graduate. πŸ™‚ You know why lah kan. πŸ˜‰