I’m A Damn Lucky Girl..

..and my housemates couldn’t agree more.

Thursday night was supposed to be a spring cleaning session before my parents arrive this weekend but I was dead tired from the entire week’s worth of clinics and that one important presentation, so I asked Chee Kiang to help me do a little bit this afternoon. 🙂

I asked him to help me sweep down stairs and use the static mop to get some dust off and I’ll come home to mop the entire place so that there’s no repeat performance of my infamous dirty old house. Back in Year 1, Chee Kiang did a pretty good job cleaning up the house without being asked when I had to go for class and leave him at home alone.

And today I came home from uni and the dried leaves, dust bunnies, tattered pamphlets were cleared from the porch. Our shoes were aligned in their respective pairs on either side of the main door. The previously crumpled up floor mats were laid out and the marble floor inside was sparkling for the first time in months!!

I was actually giddy with happiness! This is so much better than roses and diamonds, a girl could not possibly ask for more.

Cze-Yin even smsmed me when we were at Penang, “Tell Chee Kiang thank you for cleaning the house!” and even though I didn’t tell her anything. LOL, she knows I’m far too lazy to be the one responsible for it. Cheh.