Remember The Moffatts?

Had Adrian’s farewell party yesterday at his place.. wow big place, ad..Melody was the first girl there.. then she dee and I.. joined by Abby .. and everyone else came in throngs! It was quite a crowd honestly. Brought my laptop there to upload pics from Adrian’s cam.. but unfortunately don’t know how to connect our comps together so I couldn’t get the pictures.. so upsetting.

The party was like clique here clique there.. like nearly 5 imagine how huge the crowd was…! It was the first time since SPM was over that the entire girl gang gathered together for a good ol’ gossip sesh!! .. All was there except for Liss..! Even esther and munteng were there! Oh wow~!!

The party was for Adrian as he’s going to UK for A levels on tuesday.. Bye adrian!…:( It all ended with a cake that suchien and nigel bought and we sang a “graduation” song for our sake… an “auld lang syne” for goodbyes..and a happy birthday one in advance for Adrian!

Yesterday I took out my Moffatts CD.. Chapter One: A New Beginning.. oh gosh.. I was like travelling back in time.. remembering my lazy standard 6 afternoons that I spent surfing the internet endlessly and joining all those lame fanclubs..well guess what? I did it again last night and I found out that they split in 2001(what?!?).. apparently Scott Moffatt is living with girlfriend in canada somewhere.. the twins have disbanded from the Moffatts and joined another group called Hidell. They have this song called “going down in flames”.. it’s really really nice..! The moffatts sound with a twist to it. And.. my ex-darling Dave Moffatt is apparently touring the world..he was even swimming in the Great Barrier Reef……:) And he will be attending university soon!!

Yes..! I have completed my collection of nail polishes! 100 bottles!!!! Pestering mum to take out the wall shelves we bought from IKEA to have it knocked up on my room for my nail polish to sit on! Thanks to the beauty shoppe where they sell like sooo many warehouse priced nail polishes…

Calling off the cute guy thingie adi….. getting bored of that.

****”….stay away, woman!” -Enraged****

…for auld lang syne..

Happy New Year to you humans!!! WHOO HOOO…~!! *still seeing fireworks*

Basically had friggin messy planning for new year’s.. was supposed to be spending time with Li Peng and edison.. and Edison’s friends whom i deemed were David, Teng Choon, jiun Haw, Wen Bin they all..of whom I’ve not seen like since SPM was over. But no he couldn’t get them… and he had his Penyuland friends there. We were supposed to go to lagoon to see the fireworks that night.

However went to Pyramid with Mel to helped her look for a job as she will be starting form6 in June or something. We made a list of possible places to go enquire… but she’s sooo in love with the idea of working at FOS.. and so we headed there first of course. And guess what?? She got the job on the spot! ARGH! So lucky!!!.. Still very bitter about not getting the Andersens of Denmark job..:( grr.

But anyway was there for awhile.. went to the Choice Collection shop to try out prom dresses with Li Peng..Chien came along and asked me again if i wanted to go with them.. decided to follow the usual people(Liss, Abby, Chien, Min Dee, Ji Yang, kevin, Yijin, Adrian and Chang Song) to KL…

Went over to Chien’s place at about 6.30pm and Ji Yang was driving. We went to pick Min Dee up then headed off to Kelana Jaya Station to park our car and hopped on to the LRT to KL Central.. But to “hop on” was not possible. More like, inch in. It was friggin packed. well, it WAS new year’s anyway. Then there were abit of heat going on about last minute plannings.. but in the end all arrived at Monorail KL Sentral and finally .. um, inched in, into the monorail which brought us all the way to Bintang Walk. I was like, “WHOA look at the SEA OF PEOPLE..”..then we went to this Arabic-ish/Muslim-ish place for dinner.

Decided to face the Bintang walk crowd head on. There were people spraying stuff at each other EVERYWHERE. Rubber streamers shooting out from aerosol-type cans and “snowflakes” in the form of annoying sticky foams were able to be purchased for RM10 for cans of three. It looked pretty havoc-ky to me.. but that’s probably how it is as this was my first time there for New Year’s. Well, I seriously regret wearing heels that night… as we had to walk ALLLLLLLL the way to KLCC to see the fireworks that night. Upon reaching KLCC.. we squeezed into the tight-ass crowd.

Chien, Liss and Min Dee did a smart move of buying helium balloons and got us all to memorize the balloons and look out for the balloons in case we all got lost. Smart, very smart. The fireworks were BEAUTIFUL… there were soo many colours and they were friggin HUUUUUUUGGEEEE…sorry la people jakun ma. 
There were glitter-like fireworks, funny shooting stars type.. (until I nearly wanted to make a wish as in shooting star wish..:P) and then towards the end there were this blue circles in the middle got red stars.. and then red hearts… all that kindla.

There was this annoying guy in front of me who kept clapping his hands IN FRONT OF HIM when there were barely any space to extend any body parts. He got so annoying I gave him a whack on his back. Luckily he didn’t turn around. As we made to leave, I seriously felt A GROPE on my ass. Well, an achievement but then abit of a degrading achievement. oh.. um, UGH.

Then we proceeded to walk alllll the way back to Bintang walk where the monorail station was.. and oh god.. the streets were like strewn with thousands and thousands of streamer spray and foam spray..!! How the hell is DBKL gonna clean up I don’t know.. Adrian told me that perhaps the guys that were nabbed by the DBKL would be helping tomorrow. Forgot who made a joke about National Service people being summoned to the streets to help out. Went back to tell Mervyn about it..he was like, “why don’t you want to help them clean??” ..Duh.. I met Joo Lee on the way back to the monorail! 

Anyway we waited on the escalator for a good hour before the next monorail arrived.. arghhh.. there was this so-so looking guy behind me..(fair and blur looking)..I was like, “should i wish him happy new year?” .. after a while I told Adrian about my plan.. I can’t remember what he told me but he was as always sarcastic about it.

After a while I was like, “GO!”.. so I went, “hey! happy new year:)” ..big smile. Then he was like, smiling back, and mumbled, “happy new year to u too”. Then bitchy Adrian was like, “Oh God finally you had the guts”. I took my head and whack him on the shoulder. It was sooo packed that I couldn’t stand it OFF HIGH HEELS.

Took out my high heels and ran to the monorail. Yes, it finally arrived. So in we went and THANK GOD it was empty. So kevin, Yijin, Abby and Adrian sat down whereelse Chun Guan and I sat on the railings. On the way we were sharing our monorail enthusiasm(wow! like rollercoaster!) with this elderly guy who was equally excited. Finally reached KL Sentral and melissa’s parents were damn pissed at her as they were waiting for her at the Kelana Jaya Station from 1.30am..(at that time we must’ve JUST reached Monorail Bukit Bintang.) However some of us took the taxi back to Subang and some to KJ and some went with Liss’s parents. Apparently after that the poor girl got it from her parents.

Upon reaching KJ.. Min Dee dropped one of her contacts on to the road.(“OH NO! ONE OF MY CONTACTS POPPED OUT…!! SHIT SHIT SHIT!!”) Half of us were already in Ji Yang’s car .. so we spilled out and patted our palms on the street and ran it around on the tar road.. to make matters felt a little damp and sticky. After 10 minutes or so, even with the assistance of a kind samaritan’s headlights…our search for Min Dee’s contact(s?) was in vain. 

So we climbed back into Ji Yang’s car and headed back to Subang with Min Dee being really really quiet. I think she nearly wanted to cry. One pair of contacts cost her Rm108 or was it RM180? Sent her all the way back to her place and Chien, Abby and I were sent back to mine so that we could shower and wash our faces AND CHANGE TO FLATS.. arghhh.. it was SO GOOD to slipped into my soft, puffy Roxy’s and change to shorts and a tank. What a relief!! Poor Abby’s blisters burst into her plaster. (“Luckily I got plaster or not sure die wan..”)..

Ji yang and Yijin came to pick us up and we headed to Darulsalam for a post-new year eat..had roti canai and my usual teh ais and ARGH.. me and my Amazon ways..(a polite way of saying Barbaric) just HAD to apply max pressure upon my poor roti canai and PLAP.. the lot of dull and curry spilled onto my NEW PDI shorts!!.. and my HANDPHONE was on my lap at that very moment shit shit shit..!! I can still smell dull whenever I make or receive calls. Worse, I’m not sure if the slight yellow stains can come of from my denim shorts. ~_~..

Then after supper(5am) we decided to drop Abby home, in Puchong.(“Very near only!! I come to school only 15 minutes wat!”) Apparently we lost our way. Detoured around and poor Abby only got home at nearly 6am. Whereelse the two of us girls, Chien and I arrived back home at nearly 7am. And to top it off.. we had a gathering with old standard 6 friends at Starbucks, Taipan on NYday at 3pm. (Kevin, Kyle, Sze Wern, Jolynn, Jen Huey and Jade) 

So off we went to taipan as soon as we were fully awake( woke up at 2pm). The three of us(kev, chien and I) hung around for abit more after the rest left and discussed college plans, friends and basically ..very heart-to-heart. Girl talk.:P

It’s one of my favourite comfy hangouts for chats… I made an oath to myself to take my laptop to either Starbucks to surf online and finally complete my dream of myself behind a laptop with a mug of coffee by my side and oblivious to my surrounding with the soft jazz music that is normally heard in cafés as my only company.

At night dad, mum, mervyn and I headed down to Bangi Equatorial..(a hotel faraway from civilization, barely anyone knows.. it’s so quiet.. as it in situated in an industrial area) for a good ol’ Japanese dinner. I ALWAYS end up stuffed after any Jap meal.

The puppies are learning how to stand! I can’t wait for them to start walking.. we still have not found a home for all of them yet..:( I really hope Li Peng will take one…*sigh*