Oi Jakun!

Was supposed to meet up with ben Shyen, Melissa, Abby, Esther and MunTeng for lunch today after college but was just too lazy so i dragged my lazy ass home to watch episode 5 of Friend’s Season 10… now I’ve finally gotten over the imaginary guilt of internet bills….. keep forgetting the purpose of StreamYx!

lazy ass and I went for a nap till 6.45pm when Dennis called up to say he’d be dropping by with my belated bday present… lazy ass felt like, well, an ass for not getting Dennis’ present just yet.. wait ya, KKB, just wait:)

Then while I confirmed my plans for the night[watching all 4 chinese shows].. Kay Hong called and say, “oi want go yam char or not?” then I was like, “YAy let’s go!”.. then I thought we were just heading to normal places like in 15/taipan ..and that was why I was in shorts and a sleeveless top.. so Kay Hong said, “aiyer, u wear like that ar?”.. went upstairs to change into better ones.. was well aware of the fact that we were supposed to pick Lis up too though. So we went to “pai lin” at Liss’ place as the both of us could not make it tomorrow for her open house thing. But on the way there i was like “SHIT WE NEED TO GIVE SAU SUNS(Buah Tangan)…”… then we were driving around Damansara looking for shops..(what the hell is wrong with you Damansara, don’t you need foodstuff etc..?!?).. Then Kay Hong said that his aunt stays nearby and we could go tapau some newyear stuff and bring it over to lis’! ..

Kay Hong is lucky with directions and he obviously does not know the roads very well that’s why he is lucky. We ended up in Subang Airport and had to do a U-turn to go into the LDP highway. hahaha. then we more or less took flipthecoin type of decisions on the road. We ended up Lis’ though. Yay!
So upon reaching Lis’ place… said Happy New Year to both the parents and Nicholas and angpow and stuff and then talked to Aunty about poor Shiling and sat down and ate some mandarins..hehe.. then we left for Bangsar(?!!) and kind of like pretended to be nonchalant.. but of course la I’m not ..THAT excited..was feeling alittle sleepy already though(1opm)…but there I was, in Bangsar..without make up.. and hair not washes…Wtf?!..then we headed into this mini-club called Voyeur. Ji Yang was already there but then again, we weren’t sure if it was him even though we were at the same table as it was sooooo clouded up with smoke. Pah!
Bumped into some ex-17 guys.. the indian bods in the 17 interact club and basically hung with them for awhile.. then Lis and I mustered up enough enthusiasm to head out to the ‘dance floor’..if you can call it that.. it was quite cramped..but a first timer shan’t speak so much….. spent about 15-20 minutes there..and decided to leave for tehais at a nearby mamak. So the three of us headed out to some curryplace and Lis was pale with anxiety… she was due back at 12.00 sharp.. and the time was about 11.45.. the poor girl.
 So after mamak-ing, we literally ran back to the car which was like, from school(smksu) to my house…oh man.. then Kay Hong was laughing and saying things like “we all small kids must go home early or not mummy scold..”..seriously, it was so pathetic as we scrambled into the car and must’ve looked pretty fool-ish. Not foolish. FOOL. Ish.

Luckily Lis’ parents weren’t too pissed at her.. I myself made home safe and sound despite Kay Hong’s constant speed of 150km/h. I kept freaking myself out by screaming at him to slow down.. then I knew I was getting a little annoying so I kept saying that “ah po(old lady) here.. dun so fast..”