On F-R-I-E-N-D-S Binge

It’s been three days after Shi Ling’s demise.. I think I’m feeling better.. but don’t get me started.

It’s a cloudy Thursday and I spent it playing with the retort stand and other physics paraphernalia in physics lab today. I like lab sessions.. unlike back in sec school where all the apparatus are like rusty dusty and musky. yuCk.

Nothing so new except that Rudy(Sarawak guy who sits behind me) is still in abit of a homesick cloud. His normally mundane friend Michael is abit more smiley these days compared to the poor homesick guy.

Miss Uma who teaches us Bio generated some enthusiasm in me especially when she took out the transparencies but due to the cold cold room and extremely dark atmosphere..I soon fell into a bout of nods. *Zzz..

Even Chemistry is generating my enthusiasm a little. Maths is not.

Heard from Chun Guan that my blog has been publicly viewed at the library today by his fellow classmates. Oh Joy! This Blog Has Famed!

On our way out for lunch, we saw this registration booth for dance class under the dance club. Sounds fun though.. even saw Eu Foh’s name there!! The entire gang has been meaning to join some dance class..but never knew exactly when and where…

Went to Pyramid with Li Peng yesterday to get her new bag.. spent such a LONG time there.. but no denying that it was well spent. Went to Bumcity and found this ex-form5 guy, Pik Jia Ling and Shuet Zin working there. this form5 guy was in the RELA team before… form5 2001.. however, everytime i see him we act so buddy-buddy but i KEEP forgetting his name and ALWAYS end up exchanging numbers with him..(during basketball 3-on-3..toys ‘r’ us, parade..).. malu right if I don’t know his name… then an emergency sms to edison came back with a reply stating that it was Chen Fei. haih… what’s so difficult to remember?

We met Daryl who was waiting for his work to start at Penang Street.. he is not to say shy..but he doesn’t seem like his old self..no more enthusiastic head nods and hamsap laughter..:) Maybe big boy already?

We then stumbled into Lim’s Art.. these knickknack shop and Oh god.. what beautiful windchimes they have there! And they had this curtain for the door made out of seashells.. they had ceramic windchimes, seashells windchimes..the conventional metal clinky ones and wooden windchimes!! I saw the wood ones and remembered that my dad was looking for something like this!… So I bought it for him as a belated birthday present .. I don’t know if he likes it ALOT or not.

But the trinklets in the shop were so cute. Li Peng and I spent nearly 20 minutes laughing at the handphone keychains… they were all so so so cute. If any of you ever have the time, just drop by at Lim’s Art at IzoNe..!

Then Li Peng dropped by to wait for her parents and they came quite late though… so she sat through Homecoming and Virtues Of Harmony with me..!! She was actually interested!!.. So proud.. Because in the past these shows have bored people like Melody, Amanda and Vng Yan.. just glad that Li Peng understands me.:)

The chinese serials gods must’ve been smiling down on Li Peng today and made her mum’s car breakdown in front of my house.. just so that Li Peng could stay for an hour or so to see more chinese shows.. but she didn’t know how to appreciate the ‘blessings’ and we spent sometime outside under the umbrella in the rain giving her mum’s car worried looks everytime the adults did something to it. “Luckily we are not boys… or not surely must go and help already wan..hahahaha”.. laughed we cruelly.