To all of you who knows Shi Ling, she passed away just now at 11pm+. As sudden as it may seem to you, it was definitely a shock to me..
When I came from Pyramid at 5pm today, mum said that Shiling was very weak. She scared me to bits when I tried to put her on the floor but she just crashed onto the floor. Her legs were to weak to hold her up. Her tongue was actually lolling out..
We rushed her to the vet in SS18 near Etika Jaya.. but the doctor said again, that she was last time.. since the birth of her puppies till now, she’s been in a horrible shape.. but we thought that after the medication she’d be fine. But how would I know she was actually deteriorating all this while? It was only tomorrow that they could find a blood donor and that she needed to get her blood type checked before anything else could be done.. and as it was 15 minutes to closing time.. the doctor said that she may not survive through the night.. it was heartbreaking… wrenching even..
So we brought her home with some nutrien food that we were supposed to syringe into her mouth.

But the truth is, she hasn’t been eating well recently.. I don’t know if it’s because of Bubble who steals her food all the time.. but she just hasn’t had the appetite.

 From 8pm her condition got worse and worse as she kept gasping for air in a very scary way… plus the fact that I had a number of visitors over for cny.. and my brother was crying loudly…what a timing. … After a long while of syringing her with nutrien food and water to moist her nose and lips… we just let her be alone for awhile.. and her eyes was blinking a little everytime i look at her.. just like letting me know she’s not dead yet.. Then at 10.30pm my mum and bro went out to look for glucose water..So I stayed by her side.. and I started to sing to her Beautiful Girl..she was just having this little gulps of air by then..then it all slowed down…. as i stroke the softest fur on her body.. which was on her ears.. I don’t know exactly when she died.. but after a long while..she just stopped moving…

Now she’s covered and left in the back of the house.. mum will ask the vet what we can do tomorrow.. where to bury..etc.

I miss Shiling so much. She’s the most understanding dog that I’ve ever owned. At least she comes when I call.. and she loves to jump up on the couch.. but when she was pregnant she couldn’t jump up because she was too heavy. And she loved to squeeze out through the diamond shaped grill to go and have a pee or poo… but when she was pregnant she sometimes got stuck and we used to joke about how  the babies will all come out deformed and clumped together in a diamond shape.
She was so tame.. she’d let me make her dance to all the themesongs on tv while I watched the shows and when i held her hands she’d kneel down on  the floor and i’d put her hand together and shake it up and down as if she’s praying or something. And she never smiled… as in opened her mouth and pant pant pant.. she was always tight-lipped and mum and I always made jokes about how she was so grumpy and moody all the time.
I still remember meeting her for the first time ever in the petshop. she was soo adorable..sitting on this huge cage awaiting her bath.. we found out that her owner didn’t want her.. and that she costs rm200. Seeing how adorable she was, we brought her back.. If only I didn’t bring her back.. She’d still be alive.

i miss her so much..