A Horrible Trend

The drive to college was horrible today.. Mum and I couldn’t stop crying and I couldn’t care less if our eyes were as puffy as paus because it’d hurt more if we didn’t. Then I went into college and saw Liz and Abby.. and they rushed over to say hello, but kinda stopped when they noticed.. I couldn’t even get the words out.. it was just too choked up. Then I proceeded up to class where Barry saw me in that horrible state and asked me what was wrong.. so I said that Shi Ling died because she was anemic. Then Chien came and consoled me a little..and kevin came too… everyone knows how much I love Shi Ling.. it’s just so terrible.
Even my classmates were all very lovely, they seemed to understand how I felt and kept with the kind words..
Everynow and then I can’t help but remember her running around the house with the little bell as a signal that she’s coming. Then she’d jump up onto our laps.. I really miss those days.
My mum and dad brought her to the vet this morning and she will be buried in Sentul Pet Cemetary. Shi Ling died in the basket that she used to give birth to her puppies.. so we didn’t take her out and asked the vet to bury her with it. My mum put her collar on it too… It’s so depressing..

Then when my dad left for work at 11am Bubbles was hit by his back tire.. parents were worried that he may have fractured a bone or something as he was yapping… the vet was called(again) and Bubbles is currently hospitalized.

I got a shock when my mum told me: “…and then Daddy rolled over him..” I was like, SHIT.. not another one?!?… but he was apparently just shocked.. and is currently on a glucose drip to get his blood pressure back in order.. the shock had jumbled up his heartbeat and blood pressure. After a drink at Ravi’s after college, Mum and I paid Bubbles a visit at the Vet’s. He was locked up in this cage in between a dog in a cone around his neck because she had urinary infection and a cat who looked damn pissed at Bubbles’ constant yapping. He yapped very much when he saw us and he looked so happy to see us. His left foreleg(arm?) was wrapped up in this slightly bloody bandage with a drip sticking out of it and connected to this glucose water. He looked darn cute.. and I was so glad that nothing extremely serious happened. But the doctor said, to be safe… they may have to take an x-ray and a blood test tomorrow. Wow.. he actually knows how to work.. but oh well.. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.