The Sticker Monster – My Online Sticker Shop!

Due to my tremendous LOVE for stickers, I’ve decided to set up an online sticker shop! Sure start small lah, hosted on blogspot and stuff. Hehe, but I’ve been buying stickers non-stop at wholesale prices (thus bought alot T___T) for the past few months for this pet project of mine.

I’m only hoping there are crazy sticker lovers out there. *keeps fingers crossed*

Please tell all your sticker loving friends about The Sticker Monster!

I’m not going to be so shameless by pimping it on every single tagboard out there *glares coldly at my own contaminated tagboard*. Hence, the traffic that thestickermonster blog is getting will only be from my own blog. If all else fails, I’ll be on ebay.

Here’s a sneak peek:

This is like a tiny portion of the stickers that I’ve bought.

I even ordered some Sandylion stickers from the US. I’ve yet to upload it onto The Sticker Monster blog yet. As you know, Sandylion was a favourite among kids when I was just a little girl. I’m still a huge fan of the Sandylion stickers…and I really hope there are still Sandylion lovers out there. I’m selling the Sandylion stickers at RM4.50 per strip. Postage is free and furthermore, Sandylion stickers are nearly extinct here in Malaysia.

I even drew a mascot for my business. Hehe. The sticker monster is actually me when I was a kid. My dad called me that as I stuck stickers all over the house.

These stickers are very popular now. Cute Japanese looking designs with pop-up images. 🙂 Too cute!

So please take some time and browse through the pretty pretty colours. 🙂