The 4 Hour Long Yamcha Session

Once again I sacrificed my chinese shows to meet up with good friends. Tanjung is always thriving with people which is why we chose to be there; in case we get bored of each other we can always table hop. Most of the guys lost weight. Especially Joshua! Josh, you look skinnier now! Must be the stress at work. Hehehe, or rather, the attention. *ahem*.

Unfortunately Mel could not attend the yamcha session because she had to get up early today to attend a shoot with some celebrities that Seventeen is organising. She was saying that Jien is one of the celebrities that they’re having and I asked her to convey my love and if she wants to, she can tell Jien about the time I applied lipstick and kissed his poster to leave a lip print there when I was in Watsons. I hope she gets to shake his hand at least.

Ben Shyen arrived with Wai Kit, who is back for the summer holidays from Berkeley Uni, and came bouncing to me about how he has finally learnt to stick a finger into a prosthetic anus. Good for you, Ben Shyen! The things they teach you at IMU.. *shakes head*. He’s still adamant about being my gynae though. I don’t think I’d like that because I fear that he will start giving graphic details about the shape and depth and length of my vagina at our future reunions and gatherings. Knowing Ben Shyen.

I’ve asked Wai Kit about William Hung and he was telling me William has left Berkeley to persue….an acting career. Right.

l-r: Mun Teng and Wai Kit

l-r: Su-Hsien and Joshua

Wai Kit’s Teh O Ais Limau – one of the things he came home for.

l-r: My future gynae and I. No, Ben Shyen, I was kidding.

Korkorbear returns … where the hell is Dennis the Metro? Hehehe, Dennis is giving me a weird pose, he is just humouring me. He doesn’t look like that. You don’t right, kkb?

l-r: 3/4 Joshua, Marcus and Vern Yang. Didn’t get to chat much with Marcus, I only managed a holler across the table asking him, “How’s your father??”. I should really pay Mr. Chan a visit one of these days.. I miss his cookies!!

Ah Chien

l-r: Esther and Hsien

Actually is it quite paiseh to take photos in a mamak?

IT’S SLINKY AGAIN!!! Honestly, the only time we ever get to meet up will be by coincidences.

Guess who?? The owner of this chest was wondering what if he has a daughter who has big boobs… and then he started to picture how his big boobed daughter would have hair all over her chest and he shook the mental image out of his head and vowed never to have any daughters. So all women with big boobs steer clear of the owner of this chest for he will father scary hairy boobed women. Hehehehe. Long standing joke, Mr. Bulu. I have permission to put this pic up, as long as I don’t say his name. HAHAHAHAHAHA. But damn sexy, no? Chest hair all….*rub, rub*

Wai Kit, enjoying his Roti Kaya as he claimed that he’s been away from Malaysia so long (4 years in Singapore, 1 or 2 years in the US), he comes home to enjoy the food.

The mamak dude is quite an okay photographer!

We spent the rest of the night asking each other REALLY STUPID jokes and we had to guess the STUPID answers constantly… oh my god. My IQ has gone several notches lower. Not that it was very high to begin with. They made me think and think and think and I didn’t want to think anymore when it was 2am. Driving home alone was so scary lah. I wasn’t scared of robbers or rapists..but I was erm, .. er, scared of, well..:P ghosts. Heh. Don’t want to be seeing any “extra passengers” in the backseat, you know?

And today, across the causeway, dear Chee Kiang is celebrating his 19th birthday with his other asean scholarship friends and friends he made in Singapore! Happy birthday dear!! *muaks!* I tried calling him with TimeKontact’s IDD card, lousy lah, cannot get through. I managed to call at the end with my handphone though!
Praises to Pos Malaysia for not screwing up the parcel. He was telling me he got ragged last night by some of his friends. Seems like a birthday tradition.

Sadly, tonight’s trip to Lunar Bar got cancelled. I feel so silly, with my hair up in two buns in preparation for soft curls, camera charging on the floor and my mum cooked dinner earlier and all. Hehe, hope the guys feel guilty for pulling out on the plans. No worries lah, I have my chinese shows to entertain me. But chinese shows won’t cheer me up tomorrow night though…..:( Everyone enjoy the Project Petaling Street Bash okay? 🙁

Orang Tua Tak Sedar Diri

Made plans to go collect my Kerastase Elasto Curl travel set from CLEO’s headquarters today! Silly Eugin wanted to tag along with Esther and I. He brought Tze Leet, an old friend from school, along as well.

The silly boy couldn’t come back in time so Esther and I decided to relive our childhood by hanging out at the playground in front of his house while waiting for him.

Esther was complaining about how bright the damn sun was.

I was worried that the swing might break.

Yucky hair but it’s the momentum from the swing that’s causing my hair to swish around. Wheee!

Legs off the ground!

I got THIS close to the ground.

Legs off the ground again, and the whole world can see my panties. Merry Christmas fortunate neighbours of Eugin!

Ini Esther buat stylo.

Keeping your legs perpendicular to your body while you swing is so fun!

Monkey bars next!!

I got tired pretty soon… rheumatism and all that catching up you know.

The slide was the length of my body.

This picture is so cute!! Esther pangsai ar?

Esther pangsai and do hiau por face at the same time!

Yay! Finish pangsai liao!

hahahhaha.. Nolah, I’m just kidding. Esther is a very lady like person. No such bullshit, all Jolene’s creation.

The aborigins of SS17, Subang Jaya.

I like this pic.


Orang tua these days. Tsk, tsk.  But what great fun though!!

The view when the swing goes under the tree.

Finally Eugin decides to grace us with his presence.

Still got time to chit chat.

I take the chance to act spastic.

and camwhore.

On the way to Damansara, we felt that my tires needed some air. Take picture again.

Miraculously we found ACP Asia, which is the building that CLEO is distributed from. I came armed with a stack of contest forms to be handed in! No need to rely on Pos Malaysia.

Cleo’s office.

Apparently I can’t deliver it by hand, so I have to put it in their mailbox. No problem. The mailbox room reminded me of a mortuary.

Good luck, oh contests form. Hopefully chances of winning are higher this time around because the magazine only went out to the public yesterday.

The exterior of the building.

Laughing in their sleep.

So sweet right?

So we know Eugin’s a bigger camwhore than Tze Leet.

His skills are not too bad either!

Sinful food back in Subang. Look at the cheese. look at the salt. Look at the carbo. Damn good. *plays with flabs on stomach*

OH!! I got plugged by Minishorts today!! Mucho love from me to you, “claire!”

Here’s a big fat kiss. Thanks for the traffic. See? I even applied glittery lip gloss to show you the extent of my gratitude.

orang tua tak sedar diri – old people don’t wake up ownself. in layman english, it just means old fart.
pangsai – shitting la, duh.

Musings Of The Unemployed

I’m slipping into one of those ruts where I don’t bathe until I have to go out and I have no distinct clothings for sleeping and for around the house. The hair’s piled on top of the head in a scrunchie and I have gone off the bra until someone requests of my presence.

Someone PLEASE give me a job.

Fucking National Service officials, they still haven’t contacted me about my national service status.

The Malaysian blogosphere has been celebrating our appearences in the papers. Today would have been the day my hits sky rocket but because of this, THIS is the interview that I have turned down. I know it’s not that big a deal, but maybe for now I feel like it is an opportunity I have missed out on. Perhaps in the long run I wouldn’t like every Tom, Dick and Harry who buys The Star to read about how bad my period cramps are. But you know, the sight of your name in the papers and that little write up about you…..would have been nice. Perhaps when Dad is a little cooler about blogs, another opportunity would come a-knocking and I can happily accept it.

But allow me to vent a little for now.. that’s the only way for me to put this behind me. Shed a little silly tears, talk to myself in the car and soon I’ll forget about it. Just something temporary. At least we have representatives out there now, that’s something to celebrate!

As for now, I have resumed vegetating in front of the television indulging in chinese shows. Double chins are coming back to haunt me but I cannot go swimming because Auntie Hong is here. Auntie Hong has been less bitchy this time around thanks to evening primrose oil. It seriously works!

The dog is trying to lift my fingers away from the keyboard, failing to do so she tramples all over the LOWEFjndfp–9o234n… Sometimes she is just so annoying.

Oh look, Friends is on Starworld. *scratches butt*. Just kidding.

Have to go help mum with dinner and don’t worry, I did not scratch my butt. It’s just a metaphor to paint a better picture of my laziness for you.

KL Stayover Day 2: My First Time Being Tipsy

Hsien was the first to go to bed at nearly 6am. Chien and I were waiting for our hairs to dry so we stayed up a little bit more chatting. The both of us crawled into bed at about 6.30am but somehow I couldn’t sleep as I was distracted by the brightening sky. I’ve always wanted to witness a sunrise and with a view like this, how could I not snap a couple of pictures?

This is the first pic, taken at about 6.45am.

At about 7am. It turns out there the sun was being obscured by the clouds the entire day. Giving up, I crept back into bed.

Chien’s Mum fetched Esther and Mel who were staying on Friday to join us in KL but upon arriving at the hotel, the three of us were still sleeping like pigs. Esther and Mel just sat there and commented about our sleeping positions and analyzing us in detail.

I have a feeling today will be a Bad Hair Day. 🙁

Since Chien had to settle some stuffs, the girls and I spent the early part of the afternoon being educated about the proper ways to wear a bra. Oprah Winfrey is capable of magic. We also learnt that I’ve been wearing chicken fillets to enhance my cleavage all these while.

Today we were due at Sungei Wang for a shopping trip, hardly any photos because I believe I’ve taken enough pictures of Sg. Wang.

While waiting for Chien to return, we did a bout of camwhoring with the lovely view. Hair’s abit messy though.

l-r: Esther, Hsien and Mel.

Hsien and I.

This time around the shopping trip wasn’t all that great but I did manage to get two tops and a nice slinky skirt. Love slinky skirts.

We lost Chien for the better half of the trip but found her again in time to hit the designer shops. We kept cracking lame jokes at the designer shops. We were screaming at each other not to touch the dresses because we believed they would crumble into a pile of ash at the touch of our filthy fingers. Heehee. But we were not loud enough for Chien to hear because then she wouldn’t want us anywhere near her.

Once again, the drive back to the hotel was a horrendous KL type. I honestly don’t know how people manage to face the traffic day in day out. I’d just die. It was still entertaining watching Chien getting all frustrated not knowing exactly where she’s going. And we have Hsien who is known for her anal ways when it comes to scary driving.

Chien and Hsien were squabbling all the way and Hsien getting huffy. Mel, Esther and I were laughing so hard but we were trying to lighten up the mood by stupidly singing nursery rhymes at the top of our voices. Hehe, I won’t poke any more fun at Hsien’s inane reactions towards scary driving because she gets sensitive about it. Bleh. I must teach this woman to laugh at herself from time to time. I love you, though. I love you Lim Su-Hsien. Me loves you. *blow, blow*. Don’t burn yeah!

Went back to the hotel room to find another cute message from Chien’s mum. Hee hee, so cute!! We forgot to boil water again, apparently. Chien said it’s because she told her mum that I took a pic of the earlier one, her mum drew a bigger one this time to humour me.

We made reservations for The Ivy at Asia Heritage Row but I had to go for the Stila party before that. It is so damn convenient because the thing was held DIRECTLY opposite the hotel. What a wonderful coincidence. The event was held at Bliss The Lounge.

Chien kindly curled my hair for me.

Chien said I looked like a grandmother in this pic. 🙁

Hm, the top of my head is so flat, bleh. But thanks Chien!!

l-r: Fuzz, Leech, Mel and me.
Leech won the grand prize ok?? THE GRAND PRIZE. She’s my senior from school and she’s also an ardent contest participant. Sniff sniff, she gets the RM500 Stila cosmetics, RM500 Melinda Looi dress, date with the Midnight Bloom Gentleman AND the perfume!! And all I got was a crummy invite to the party.

We get free drinks! Some blue cocktail thingie with a lychee inside that Mel and I could not appreciate. Leech took the lychee/longan off me though!

The big hoo-hah. Nice though.

Mel and I doing what we do when we’re bored.

There goes my lychee/longan. Ngaum!:D

A view of the bar.

Mel met her friend from uni, Claudia.

Some nice Stila box glowing thingie at the corner of the room.

We had to leave by 9.45 and according to Leech, the thing didn’t even start until 10.30pm. It was supposed to end at 11pm. Malaysians.

A taxi stopped in the middle of the road during a red light and he beckoned us and offered us a ride to Asia Heritage Row for RM10. Mel and I ran helter skelter towards his taxi like mad women. I mean imagine two nicely dressed girls running and grabbing a taxi in the middle of a traffic jam. The mother fucker didn’t even turn into the Asia Heritage Row. Sheesh.

Here’s The Ivy, sorry for the crappy photo but I didn’t want to use a flash.

Mel and Esther.

l-r: Hsien, Chien and Me.

Mel, me, and esther.

Hsien and Chien.

My cumberland fish pie. Which made me abit sick. It’s not too bad, but you get jelak you know?

Esther looking pretty!

Hsien looks beautiful here! Chien looks cool. HAHAHA. ANd me, i just look spastic.

It took me a whole minute to figure out how the thing worked. Coooooooool…

After dinner we treated ourselves to some wine.

Learning, learning.

Before I knew it, I was at my 6th glass. According to them I had half the bottle. Somehow my glass just magically refilled by itself. I feel so bad. People, when I get my part time job, I’m treating you girls to wine. I’m not sure if I can say that I was officially smashed for the first time, but I did bump into a table and shocking the people at it and the girls held my hand as we walked to our car because I “kept tripping”. Didn’t lah, floor unstable! And I started crying while we were having an intimate conversation for no reason at all. Esther and I were saying the following day about how some people are damn talkative/damn quiet/damn angry/damn sleepy/start crying when they are drunk. Maybe I am the crying type!

Hsien and I.

Chun Guan, Ji Yang, Nigel and Kay Hong joined us at The Ivy for awhile before suggesting that we check out Bangsar. Chun Guan drove Chien’s car and I was just crying in the back of the car the whole way through. It’s just the tiny unhappiness of life that is so exaggerated with the help of a little alcohol, I suppose. I didn’t think Chien, Chun Guan and Esther noticed but when I got out of the car, Chun Guan asked, “Are you ok ar, Jolene?”

We arrived at Bangsar at two and everywhere was closed. So like the bunch of idiots that we always were, we stood around not knowing what to do. Stupid Ji Yang challenged me to walk in a straight line and I tried walking in a straight line at a high speed and slipped on someone’s vomit. UGHHHHH. Luckily I didn’t fall onto the puddle of puke. *box Ji Yang*

Us dumb-dumbs.

Us dumb-dumbs are camwhores too.

I cannot be left out. See my puffy eyes? Silly Jo. *shakes head*

We went back to the hotel at about 3am and I was still in a bit of a funk. I leaned against the wall of the elevator and there was this gweilo who was controlling the buttons and when all of us got in, the overload alarm went off. I grumpily said, “See? I’m TOO fat.” and then he actually replied and said, “Ah, no you’re alright!” and then he said, “So where you girls from?” And I grumpily spat again, “Ma-lay-sia!” and he laughed and said, “Oh alright, me too.” He had a nice deep voice though! He even said, “Goodnight ladies,” when we got off.

Mel said that I was smashed so I said that. I mean I wouldn’t have talked about how fat I was if there were other people in the lift. Don’t like to state the obvious.

Went to bed at 5am after chit-chatting.

The following day we went to KLCC so that Chien can get her nice flats. The indecisive woman.

But she’s happy, so we’re happy.

Camwhoring all the way home. My camera was getting warm.

Su-Mae and me. Chien said that her sister was scared of me because I kept disturbing her. I like disturbing kids because they are adorable. Nice girl, this one. Just extremely shy. Come, Aunty Jolene show you the ropes.

And there you have it, my stayover in KL. It was great fun.