I Am A Push Over

Every year in Taylor’s College, when a batch of students leave to make way for the next batch, the former will take advantage of the newbies and pedal our textbooks to them. Since the second intake for A-levels came in last Monday, Esther, Hsien, me and a few others threw our books into the car this morning and set up stall in the grounds of Taylor’s College.

Business was o-kay lah. I actually made RM250 from my books. I managed to sell them for more than half the price. My photocopied books(about 20 of them) are left untouched. So sad. Anybody want to buy? Going at RM5 regardless of titles. Email me for the titles.

There were some really cheeky customers who haggled with me. I asked for RM70 for a RM109 book that I have hardly used. Original, somemore. She said, “RM50 la..”
And I said, “Rm65…can lahh…. ” and then she said, “Aiyooooo… Rm 60 la… you so pretty.”.. and I stupidly said, “oklaaaaaaa..”. Now come to think of it, that was such a cheap shot. Calling me pretty and asking me for a low price. I was perhaps temporarily inflated and had no space for brain work.


Same goes for a few other books. I could have hit RM300 if only I wasn’t so soft. But what to do? If you want to get rid of your books..:( And after I sold the biological science books, another girl came up to me and saw the price list and said that those were very good prices and she would have bought them for RM80(as stated), not Rm65 like how I was so silly to give in to. CAN I PLEASE BANG MY HEAD ON THE WALL? I need to learn the art of haggling.

Boxes of photocopied books. Apparently earlier in the morning, a lady from Taylor’s College confisticated all the photocopied books that were displayed. So, better to play safe and hide them in a box. 🙂

My price list and my measely display.

The spot where we pedaled our books together.

Part of the crowd who were trying to take advantage of the newbies as well.

Esther and Charles

Very pitiful leh, nobody want to buy Chemistry Dictionary.(I know, wtf?)
Photo inspired by Kimberlycun. Though my muka kesian not as cute as her’s lah. Need more practice.

l-r: Soon Seng, Wei Xian, Me

l-r: Me, Eleanor, Chester

l-r: Esther, Kwo Kuang, Me. Forgive my boobs for looking obscenely huge. It’s not me, it’s the bra. It’s the scary bra.

l-r: Esther, Hsien, Tanya

Our books combined.

Kay Hong who is currently working as a HAHAHAHAHAAH, head HAHAHAHAHAHHAA publisher at HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAH Aus Ed HAHAHAHAHAHAH earning HAHAHAHAHAHHAA a shitload of money that can HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAA buy a 3G phone HAHAHAHAHHA came to disturb us. I asked him if he needs to get back to work and he said, “No need lah, now faxing things.” -_-;.

This is Kay Hong who managed to juggle three jobs back in 2002 at the same time: Focus Point, Holiday Villa and Sushi King(he got fired from Sushi King. Hahahaha). At the same time he even applied for a position at Miss Selfridge(“So can see leng lui!”)He was also working in Buy Sell Trade and would work for 1 hour to distribute flyers when he should be working for 5 hours. I love this guy, he really does the craziest things to entertain the people around him.

l-r: Kay Hong, Me, Esther

Waiting for customers. Amanda got that fluffy pen for me when she went to UK.

Hsien and her classmates.
l-r: Li Suen, Tanya, Hsien, Alicia and Galven.

Hsien and I

Li Suen and Kay Hong the hamsap


l-r: Eleanor, Shi Wei, Esther, Aileen and me.

Dhivia and i!

Kwo Kuang and I. Purposely one la the fella. Hmph.

Our measely stall.

Kat and Kok Weng. They’ve been together ever since they were in form2! Amazing man, that is half a decade okay??

After lunch, Esther and I went to Pyramid to join David, Li Peng, Edison, Jiun Haw and Tze Leet for a movie. We decided to watch The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. Ok-only lah, the show.

Decided to drop in on Siew Kin who is currently working in Adidas. Ehehehe, my god, he is so red, blending in with the wall and all.

I dropped one of my earrings underneath the seats after the movie. Thank god for handphones with lights.

Ooh! I’ve never done this before. Camwhoring underneath the chairs in TGV. Now, now, don’t shake your head at me. I know my hair is yucky here, shaddap.

The national service letter has finally arrived!!!!!!! I actually whooped happily when I saw it on the table.

I am…actually looking ..er forward to it. Er.. ehehhe. Strange hor?

Ended the night hanging out with Chien at Starbucks. Her treat. 😛 According to her, it’s her turn since I paid for her dinner during the PPS bash. Had to do something lah since they were so kind as to teman me to the bash. 🙂