Because Board Games Are Free

The holidays are meant to be enjoyed and so Esther, Eugin and I decided not to bum around the house. Armed with a couple of board games, we drove down to Kelana Jaya and rang David’s doorbell.

In the car Esther was saying, “Sigh, Jolene, when you go NS, who will do stupid things with me??”

So I am not THAT fat as the Monopoly board can still cover me.

David’s maid brought us Langsats/Lychee/Longanss to eat.

I was the only one eating it. In the words of Eugin, “EEEe.. Pig!” Hohoho.

Eugin fixing David’s guitar strings.

David stole the sign from Taylor’s College’s toilets and pasted it on his own.

After eating Langsats/Lychee/Longans, must wash hand. and camwhore.

Eugin and Esther

l-r: Eugin, Me and 1/4 Esther.

A nice one!

Esther, it’s only a game.

While waiting for David to bathe, we watched Southpark on his laptop. The last time Esther watched Southpark was at my house, about 5 years ago.

She was shocked beyond words. She had totally forgotten how evil the show was.

This is David. But he means well.

Eugin was being the rich bastard and eating up all the lands.

We watched Madagascar while we played Monopoly. The damn song is stuck in my head again. “I like ta move it move it, you like ta move it move it, we like ta, MOVE IT!” .. I can even do the dance steps now.

I will act coquettish for money.

David plays cheat while Eugin gets distracted by Madagascar.

l-r: me, Esther and David.

I was the only one without any properties after more than 10 rounds. How sad is that?

It’s bad enough that I was not getting any properties, I was having a bad streak of luck:

I had to spend 200 bucks to get out of jail.




And I’m in jail again. What the hell?

Me, raging.

Then Esther’s car ended up in jail as well. The only rational thing to do was to get my shoe to hump her car. 😀

However, Monopoly can get boring after awhile.

This is Eugin buat gaya with the swing and pond in David’s garden. The LIFE board game spoils the picture though.

What a lovely scenery.
l-r: Esther, David and me.

Having a dip in David’s pond. He was telling me that as a kid he would waddle around in the pool. He also mentioned the time when his brother Paul swung too hard on the swing and flew into the pond. Hahahaha.

He said there were kois… but I don’t see any.

Doing simple things like hanging out at each other’s places and playing silly things like monopoly is actually very enjoyable and most importantly they are free. Once in awhile, it’s surprising how fun things do not come with a price. We should do this often. 🙂