April Yim Is The Goddess Of Polymer Clay Earrings

With such a fun invite, how could anyone resist the temptation to camwhore with such yummy and adorable looking polymer clay earrings?

April is probably one of the most creative people I know. Esther and I drove to Monash on Saturday morning to meet April and her beautiful beautiful earrings!
I’m sure you all know how much I love earrings..so obviously I had to jump in on the fun and camwhore with her wonderful creations!!

Some of the polymer clay even have glitter. AMAZING!!! Did I mention that she injected scents into her clay earrings?? She has about 20 different scents and they all smell really good. Reminded me off my primary school sweet smelling erasers.

First up, a pair of snowmen just in time for Christmas!

Rubber duckie~!

Esther puts on a purple chinese lantern.

Colourful lollipop!

A piece of a very intricate birthday cake.

A lemon meringue pie(or did I forget its real name?) on April.


April showcases a dice. The dots glow in the dark and the red is dotted with tiny glitter.

An actual oreo miniature!!

This is Sex On The Beach on Esther. It is from the cocktail range that April came up with.

Jack’ O lantern. Wrong timing though!

Birthday longetivity paus right??:) April’s mother made these.

Such a cute moo-moo hanging from my ears!

A trying-to-be-artsy pic of Esther with the candy canes. Brilliant combination of colours.


A pencil! The colours were very real.

Esther with a penguin.

Blueberry cheesecake I think! With scent!!


Chocolate chip cookies.. I think she injected vanilla scent into these.

I bought these from her. Some christmas-y cakes.

The range of cocktails! From front to back: Sex On The Beach, Cosmopolitan, Bloody Mary, Vodka Lime. I might’ve mixed up the middles ones.

Chocolate chip ice-cream!!

I bought these as they were really pretty. Bubblegum icecream with multi colored imitation swarovski(sp?) crystals with honey dew scent.

For more of April’s one of a kind earrings, go to her catalogue and start salivating!! She even makes hand phone straps, keychains and pendants now! The going rate for her earrings are RM8 per pair! For something so cute AND scented, I think I’ll need more.

Pity I couldn’t attend the Sunday’s Earring Camwhore Session Cum Blog Meet thing they had.

That Evening In Luna Bar

A couple of weeks ago, Chee Kiang and I were talking about Luna Bar and thought it’d be lovely to spend one evening there!

Since cover charge is only after 9pm, I thought it’d be great if we could save up on cover charge(RM50!! siao ar!) and go just before sunset! 😀 Can save money and watch sunset somemore!

The view at dusk!

The swimming pool in the middle of Luna Bar. It was not exactly the epitome of tranquility because there were hotel guests in it previously.

One of us with the view of the city as a backdrop just before sundown! We couldn’t see a proper sunset because it was too cloudy!

I WISH I had set my camera to its night function mode..arghhh..stupid stupid me. Or else you’d be dazzled with amazing photos.

Another in the alcove at night!

Can you see KL tower?:D One of the better photos among the sucky ones!

The brightest one I have of the twin towers, the rest were just too dark. WHY OH WHY. I bring a nicer camera there and this happens. But oh well…:) This trip to Luna Bar was not for photography…hehe. 😉

With night vision, I would’ve been able to capture Genting which was glowing yellow in the distance as the mist around it was illuminated in yellow as well.

The obligatory camwhoring in the beautiful toilets.

Chee Kiang helped me to snap some shots from inside the gents’.

Urinals with the prettiest visions.

One of the water features around the bar.


We went up to the mezzanine floor which allowed us a more spectacular view. The view was not obstructed by walls and you could see the edge of the city. We were pointing excitedly at Genting Highlands(it was really clear that night) and suddenly we heard some cackle from a distance. Then Chee Kiang said, “Eh! Fireworks!!”

WOW!!! It was amazing enough to be watching a skyline, but a fireworks display to add to the effect? It was so pretty! We saw the balls of lights shoot up and then shimmer down to the ground again. We thought it was some Christmas/New Year rehearsal. But I’ve always been a sucker for fireworks so I was just mesmerised!

Apparently, it was Yeoh Tiong Lay’s 50th Anniversary of something with the likes of the King and Queen, Badawi and Jimmy Choo(!!!!) gracing the event. It was a Russel Watson’s concert, or so Su-Hsien(who attended the event with her father and sent me the picture of the fireworks above) said to me on MSN later that night when I was raving about Luna Bar and the fireworks.

Thank you, YTL for the magic!:)

All in all, we had a great time in Luna Bar. Just sitting around and talking;) and watching the view together.:) And on Sunday, it was exactly a year that we’ve been together.

Not many people that night as well as compared to the first time I went there.

Why So Many Adventures? Enough lah!

Maybe I should start believing that my recent series of unfortunate events is REALLY because of the Ikea mirror that I broke on my first day in Kedah. So yeah, do anticipate 7 more years worth of ranting.

I don’t know why I keep getting myself into unnecessary adventures.

The bus this time was quite comfortable but it SO DOES NOT HELP when there’s a family screaming behind you. There is a 6 year old boy(who is evil) and an 8 year old girl with a 1 year old baby. Plus a very uneducated Hokkien/cantonese mother and an equally uneducated Hokkien/Cantonese grandmother.

The kids were screaming and running up and down the aisle and their mother had an EVEN louder voice asking them to be quiet. “Mou chou larrr…cheng kan mummy ta lei gah!!”(Don’t be noisy or else mummy will beat you!) she kept treatening for the entire bus to here. The kids were annoyng but she’s worse. You know the type of pasar type of chinese aunty who speak without breathing through their nose? That type lah!

I wanted to turn around and say, “Aunty, oi ngo pong lei ta hui dei mou?”(Aunty, would you like me to help you hit them?). But I only managed to do some turn-around-and-glare motions.

She kept screaming at her kids and I wanted to scream at her to shut the fuck up. She was saying stupid things to her kids lah and was like bragging for the entire bus to here.

At one point when I was about to turn around and say something, the conversation got quite touching. She was talking to her 3 year old son in cantonese, “When school opens on the 3rd…you must be a good boy and study hard. Listen to the teacher and write alot of words(?!). Score well or else you wash toilets or pick up rubbish……. you do well in your exams then I buy you a toy, okay?” It’s like the conversation meant SO much to her(and she also had to speak in her amplified voice).

But it was in vain because the little boy whined, “Mummy, ngo teng ng tou ar, ngo ge yi chai sak chor!”(Mum! I can’t hear anything because my ears are blocked!). We were going through some highlands at that time. Couldn’t help not laughing. Padan muka!!

Then she was DAMN annoying okay. She covered her kids with a jacket and asked, “Hai mai ng tong jor leh?”(Not cold already right?). Her kids didn’t answer her. She persisted, “Hai mai?”(right?) No answer. “Hai mai ar?” Still no answer. “Wei, hai mai ar?” Zilch.

For fuck’s sake woman, obviously your kids are already asleep and YOU wanted them to sleep so badly(she was pleading them to sleep initially) and yet she wants them to answer all her no brainer questions.

Another time, her kids were banging against my chair because they thought it’d be fun and when they lost their balance they grabbed onto my hair.

I tell you…

I arrived at pudu at 9pm. Since my dad has a company annual dinner to attend, he could not pick me up. So that he would not worry, I told him my friend’s father will send me to KL Sentral and I’ll take a KTM from there. But me being me, I did not want to trouble my friend and quite pai seh to ask also lah. So I asked him where the nearest LRT station was..

I walked straight up and by passed Petaling Street, contemplated if I should drop by for a bit of shopping but did not want to go home from KL ALONE too late. Plus my backpack and laptop bag was too bulky. I did look like a backpacker though. So I continued walking searching in vain for the LRT. I heard a rumbling noise above my head and looked up! It was an LRT!! I followed the tracks blindly and soon the roads started to get quieter and quieter.

I was not looking at where I was going because my head was just looking up at the tracks right? So I banged into this old Indian guy. You know the type who has shabby clothes, white long beard and a really really tired look. He looked like a beggar lah. But he could’ve easily been a frail old man. Whatever. Then he said, “AIyoo! Maaf lah! Ini mata(points at his eyes) sudah tak baik, rosak Ooo, maaf tak nampak ahh!!”. I looked into his weird looking eyes and said, “Tak apa.” and made a dash to the other end of the street. I was literally RUNNING away from him. I’ve heard of cases where you look at some weird stranger’s eyes and then you kena black magic and give the person everything you have.

As for me, I had my laptop and cash and cards and stuff with me. Now that’s more important than kena-ing from some hamsap lou. Sorry lah, materialistic:D Haha, or rather it’s more believable that I’d get robbed off material items first before the prospect of being snuck to some nearby bush.

I kept walking and walking and slowly there were only two to three people at a particular street walking with me. And they were all men. Very scary.

Finally ended at Masjid Jamek and KL Sentral and Subang KTM was not too bad to get to.

But the thought of getting lost in the city at night with a backpack and a laptop was just too daunting. I won’t do it again lah!

Photos from Kedah:

Xiong Khee trying to kill the cockroach with her ball of plasticine. Damn cool photo right?

Me catapulting cockroaches.

My sleeping diciples.

p/s: Over the weekend: Camwhored with April earrings, Laksa lunch at Hsien’s place and Luna Bar with Chee Kiang. 🙂 Blog post coming soon. Too tired to post.

Shit Puddles Along the Way

It’s not like me to post so few and far in between.

I’ve been on this wild good chase for The Internet Connection. It’s great that the only help I needed from my father to apply for a phone line and streamyx was his permission, supplementary card and IC number. Other than that, I did everything myself. I even walked three rows of shops during my lunch break to the TMnet centre to apply for a -thank god- phone line.

since I was doubtful about my area actually having Streamyx, I decided to use the Tmnet prepaid plan, which is quite an ingenious idea that I never knew existed! The only thing wrong with it is the rates. I mean RM20 and you can’t even use it for more than 15 hours. That’s like, not even a day. I have formed a complex with streamyx and it is irreversible. You know like an enzyme-substrate complex? Haha.

But I decided that RM30 for a starter pack was okay, albeit a little steep. But whatever it takes to fill the void, I’ll do it. I even bought a RM20 top up card. So, fine, after they installed the phone line the following day, I immediately punched the given username and password in and waited for that nostalgic screech from the conventional modem. It was like magic when MSN and Explorer could run. I was so happy!!

There were instructions on the Prepaid card to register, and I thought, “Huh? Why register? I’m online already liao what.”

After half an hour, the connection timed out.

Nonchalantly, I tried to re-connect.

After 12176624 redials, my heart fell to my stomach.NO INTERNET!!! NoOOOoo.

You know the feeling when you anticipate something so bad and it comes and then it crumbles in your own hands because you are so so so so stupid?

I should have gone to the given website to register my account. If I did, I would not have to save this blog entry in my computer before uploading it onto my blog tomorrow(thursday). If I had the internet, I can say things like, “The biggest joke of today would be the mistaken identity of the ear squatting chinese woman. It’s just so funny how all the efforts to strengthen ties with China wasn’t even really required in the first place. What about the chinese translators placed at the airport? LOL”

But I can’t. So, I don’t get to participate in the hype of yesterday’s news. 🙁

Hence, I connected to the uni’s local area network and completed the activation, gave myself a pat on the back and left the card with all its details in the anatomy hall(where I went online).

I thought I was able to go online without a worry already.

I came home, had trouble again, called up the hotline and they were very nice about it. They even asked me for my serial number and card number …and guess what? I found out that I lost the card. NOOOOOoO!!!!!!!!!

The shit stirring event of the day would definitely be me bumping into our good friend Mr. Security Guard. You know how I usually get reprimanded for what I wear before I ENTER the campus? See, this temporary campus has a main campus facing a row of shoplots(where the cafeteria and my other classes are located) and I was walking along the shoplots area making a trip from my lecture hall to the generic lab above the cafeteria. I won’t try to defend myself this time because what I wore was a white sleeveless top with straps so thin I’m amazed it is even visible to the naked eye..but anyway…the new twist of events to the entire securityguard-my clothes-me chronicles is that he reprimanded me OUTSIDE of the campus. I know it’s still campus grounds but NOT ONCE has it happened before for a guard to stop someone OUTSIDE the campus. Oh god.

He just gave a sigh and said, “ID.”

I was like, “But sir, my coat and ID is upstairs.”

I’ve decided to take on another approach. I was freaking bitchy the previous time, it’s time to berbodek.

“I don’t want to talk to you about your dress code already. Just give me your ID.” he huffed.

So after alot of wheedling and begging, he let me off the hook for ‘one last time’.

I said my thanks, promised that I will always my jacket and called him an asshole shit face fucking monkey bedebah under my breath as I turned away.

As soon as I got back to the Generic Lab(where the wonderful wonderful internet connection is), I emerged from my jacket like a true rebellious butterfly. Ahh! For god’s sake this is Malaysia not fucking Alaska. Will the damn security guard pay for my rash medication? I don’t think so.

As Li Shen keeps saying, “Ngo dei lei Kedah gom loi, sui gom lui,”(We come to Kedah so long, sueh so long). True lah!! Not a week goes by without anything to piss me off.:(

But I have to be thankful that my house’s feng shui is not as bad as my other classmates’ just down the road. For 4 consecutive weeks, each of the girls got dumped by their long term boyfriends one by one. Suddenly, 3 years, 4 years etc etc don’t mean a thing no more once long distance comes into the picture. I’ve got 4 decent single girls as friends. Anybody interested?

Bad luck aside, … OH. Who am I kidding. How can I forget to blog about this one incident over the weekend that made me and my classmates swear to scrub ourselves raw with pamelo leaves?(Non-chinese: Bathing with Pamelo leaves wards off bad luck).

It’s the mother of all bad lucks.

See, on Thursday night, we bought our bus tickets for 2.30pm on Sunday. When we reached Pudu on Sunday, a fierce old Chinese Uncle screamed, “ALOR SETAR!!! ALOR SETAR!!!!” at us. So we meekly followed him out of Pudu to a really nice looking bus and assumed that he was pissed at us because we were a little late. (We were there on time, for the record.) We made our way to the comfy seats at the back and put our extremely heavy bags(each one of us had a laptop each, it’s not funny) away. I rest my head on the head rest and waited for the engine to roar. Almost immediately, a conductor asked us to get out of the bus.

He told us that apparently the bus we were on was overbooked and that we had to wait till 4.30pm for the next bus. We were outraged!! We booked like three days in advance and we get this shit?! If there were no spaces left don’t sell to us lah right?? Anyway, Li Shen was the fierce one among us(I know all of you would have thought that I will always be the fiercest woman ever) and kept saying, “tak boleh tak boleh” to the bus driver. She claims that that’s the only Malay word she remembers from school. HAhah. But anyway, we finally gave in because the conductor said that it’s not his fault as his duty was to make sure that the buses flow in and out of Pudu properly.

We went back to Counter 47 to give the stupid ticket man a good piece of our mind. But it wasn’t the same guy and he kept saying that it wasn’t his fault and that he can’t do anything. Li Shen said, “If it’s not your fault then why are you sitting here?” Grrrr. No sense of teamwork, some bus companies.

We were already half dead because the bus dropped us outside of the platforms which was quite a long walk away from the station itself. Then we had to climb some stairs and CLIMB somemore stairs to get across the road. We went to KFC to chill and to wait for 4.30pm to come around. I don’t care liao, I look horrible whenever I hunch but this time, I was walking with a 90 degrees posture and my face upwards(in case I bang into people) with the most fucked up look I could ever muster. I WAS FURIOUS. You cannot imagine how heavy my bag was. It was so bad that all of us had aches the following day. Tsk tsk. I treated the girls to some snacks at KFC so that all of us will cool down a little more.

Then things started to look brighter. As always, after a fun weekend, my classmates will take my camera from me to scour through the many photos.

My single guy friends back home who appeared in my last photoblog would be happy to read this. Poh Yee, this classmate of mine, saw Kevin’s photo first and squealed at how cute he was. I insisted that he was not single, and belonged to a good friend of mine, Liss. But when she saw him again she kept asking if he was single. LOL. She was in denial!

Then I told her, “Haiya! I show you somemore! Very good one!!” and proceeded to show her somemore. She was satisfied with almost all my choices! LoL!!

I sounded like a pimp wei..hahaha.. “Gentlemanly, soft spoken etc etc..” I listed out their good points and their name and age. HAHAHA. Poh Yee’s eyes widened happily.

Among the lot, her favourite was E-Guy(she raved about you alot, E-Guy!), Chun Meng, Kwo Kuang and Joshua! From the single guys lah!

It was just so hilarious that my camera was like a brochure of cute guys for them to browse through and have their pick. LOL. They got so worked up arguing which guy was cuter than which guy and me sounding like a hamsap old pimp trying to market my imported gigolos, with the Ah-Beng VCD seller accent to boot. Hohohohoh.

Anyway, it was good fun to ease off the tension caused by the irresponsible Pudu bus people. Grr Grrr.

Maybe not everything is made of shit… the Streamyx people called me. Streamyx is coming in a week’s time!! Please pray that shit does not happen again.

Random photos again:

Camwhoring with Lydia..

We actually screamed for the last picture. LOL.

Some of the strange things we do for our dentistry projects. No different from geography classes.