That Evening In Luna Bar

A couple of weeks ago, Chee Kiang and I were talking about Luna Bar and thought it’d be lovely to spend one evening there!

Since cover charge is only after 9pm, I thought it’d be great if we could save up on cover charge(RM50!! siao ar!) and go just before sunset! 😀 Can save money and watch sunset somemore!

The view at dusk!

The swimming pool in the middle of Luna Bar. It was not exactly the epitome of tranquility because there were hotel guests in it previously.

One of us with the view of the city as a backdrop just before sundown! We couldn’t see a proper sunset because it was too cloudy!

I WISH I had set my camera to its night function mode..arghhh..stupid stupid me. Or else you’d be dazzled with amazing photos.

Another in the alcove at night!

Can you see KL tower?:D One of the better photos among the sucky ones!

The brightest one I have of the twin towers, the rest were just too dark. WHY OH WHY. I bring a nicer camera there and this happens. But oh well…:) This trip to Luna Bar was not for photography…hehe. 😉

With night vision, I would’ve been able to capture Genting which was glowing yellow in the distance as the mist around it was illuminated in yellow as well.

The obligatory camwhoring in the beautiful toilets.

Chee Kiang helped me to snap some shots from inside the gents’.

Urinals with the prettiest visions.

One of the water features around the bar.


We went up to the mezzanine floor which allowed us a more spectacular view. The view was not obstructed by walls and you could see the edge of the city. We were pointing excitedly at Genting Highlands(it was really clear that night) and suddenly we heard some cackle from a distance. Then Chee Kiang said, “Eh! Fireworks!!”

WOW!!! It was amazing enough to be watching a skyline, but a fireworks display to add to the effect? It was so pretty! We saw the balls of lights shoot up and then shimmer down to the ground again. We thought it was some Christmas/New Year rehearsal. But I’ve always been a sucker for fireworks so I was just mesmerised!

Apparently, it was Yeoh Tiong Lay’s 50th Anniversary of something with the likes of the King and Queen, Badawi and Jimmy Choo(!!!!) gracing the event. It was a Russel Watson’s concert, or so Su-Hsien(who attended the event with her father and sent me the picture of the fireworks above) said to me on MSN later that night when I was raving about Luna Bar and the fireworks.

Thank you, YTL for the magic!:)

All in all, we had a great time in Luna Bar. Just sitting around and talking;) and watching the view together.:) And on Sunday, it was exactly a year that we’ve been together.

Not many people that night as well as compared to the first time I went there.