April Yim Is The Goddess Of Polymer Clay Earrings

With such a fun invite, how could anyone resist the temptation to camwhore with such yummy and adorable looking polymer clay earrings?

April is probably one of the most creative people I know. Esther and I drove to Monash on Saturday morning to meet April and her beautiful beautiful earrings!
I’m sure you all know how much I love earrings..so obviously I had to jump in on the fun and camwhore with her wonderful creations!!

Some of the polymer clay even have glitter. AMAZING!!! Did I mention that she injected scents into her clay earrings?? She has about 20 different scents and they all smell really good. Reminded me off my primary school sweet smelling erasers.

First up, a pair of snowmen just in time for Christmas!

Rubber duckie~!

Esther puts on a purple chinese lantern.

Colourful lollipop!

A piece of a very intricate birthday cake.

A lemon meringue pie(or did I forget its real name?) on April.


April showcases a dice. The dots glow in the dark and the red is dotted with tiny glitter.

An actual oreo miniature!!

This is Sex On The Beach on Esther. It is from the cocktail range that April came up with.

Jack’ O lantern. Wrong timing though!

Birthday longetivity paus right??:) April’s mother made these.

Such a cute moo-moo hanging from my ears!

A trying-to-be-artsy pic of Esther with the candy canes. Brilliant combination of colours.


A pencil! The colours were very real.

Esther with a penguin.

Blueberry cheesecake I think! With scent!!


Chocolate chip cookies.. I think she injected vanilla scent into these.

I bought these from her. Some christmas-y cakes.

The range of cocktails! From front to back: Sex On The Beach, Cosmopolitan, Bloody Mary, Vodka Lime. I might’ve mixed up the middles ones.

Chocolate chip ice-cream!!

I bought these as they were really pretty. Bubblegum icecream with multi colored imitation swarovski(sp?) crystals with honey dew scent.

For more of April’s one of a kind earrings, go to her catalogue and start salivating!! She even makes hand phone straps, keychains and pendants now! The going rate for her earrings are RM8 per pair! For something so cute AND scented, I think I’ll need more.

Pity I couldn’t attend the Sunday’s Earring Camwhore Session Cum Blog Meet thing they had.