Why So Many Adventures? Enough lah!

Maybe I should start believing that my recent series of unfortunate events is REALLY because of the Ikea mirror that I broke on my first day in Kedah. So yeah, do anticipate 7 more years worth of ranting.

I don’t know why I keep getting myself into unnecessary adventures.

The bus this time was quite comfortable but it SO DOES NOT HELP when there’s a family screaming behind you. There is a 6 year old boy(who is evil) and an 8 year old girl with a 1 year old baby. Plus a very uneducated Hokkien/cantonese mother and an equally uneducated Hokkien/Cantonese grandmother.

The kids were screaming and running up and down the aisle and their mother had an EVEN louder voice asking them to be quiet. “Mou chou larrr…cheng kan mummy ta lei gah!!”(Don’t be noisy or else mummy will beat you!) she kept treatening for the entire bus to here. The kids were annoyng but she’s worse. You know the type of pasar type of chinese aunty who speak without breathing through their nose? That type lah!

I wanted to turn around and say, “Aunty, oi ngo pong lei ta hui dei mou?”(Aunty, would you like me to help you hit them?). But I only managed to do some turn-around-and-glare motions.

She kept screaming at her kids and I wanted to scream at her to shut the fuck up. She was saying stupid things to her kids lah and was like bragging for the entire bus to here.

At one point when I was about to turn around and say something, the conversation got quite touching. She was talking to her 3 year old son in cantonese, “When school opens on the 3rd…you must be a good boy and study hard. Listen to the teacher and write alot of words(?!). Score well or else you wash toilets or pick up rubbish……. you do well in your exams then I buy you a toy, okay?” It’s like the conversation meant SO much to her(and she also had to speak in her amplified voice).

But it was in vain because the little boy whined, “Mummy, ngo teng ng tou ar, ngo ge yi chai sak chor!”(Mum! I can’t hear anything because my ears are blocked!). We were going through some highlands at that time. Couldn’t help not laughing. Padan muka!!

Then she was DAMN annoying okay. She covered her kids with a jacket and asked, “Hai mai ng tong jor leh?”(Not cold already right?). Her kids didn’t answer her. She persisted, “Hai mai?”(right?) No answer. “Hai mai ar?” Still no answer. “Wei, hai mai ar?” Zilch.

For fuck’s sake woman, obviously your kids are already asleep and YOU wanted them to sleep so badly(she was pleading them to sleep initially) and yet she wants them to answer all her no brainer questions.

Another time, her kids were banging against my chair because they thought it’d be fun and when they lost their balance they grabbed onto my hair.

I tell you…

I arrived at pudu at 9pm. Since my dad has a company annual dinner to attend, he could not pick me up. So that he would not worry, I told him my friend’s father will send me to KL Sentral and I’ll take a KTM from there. But me being me, I did not want to trouble my friend and quite pai seh to ask also lah. So I asked him where the nearest LRT station was..

I walked straight up and by passed Petaling Street, contemplated if I should drop by for a bit of shopping but did not want to go home from KL ALONE too late. Plus my backpack and laptop bag was too bulky. I did look like a backpacker though. So I continued walking searching in vain for the LRT. I heard a rumbling noise above my head and looked up! It was an LRT!! I followed the tracks blindly and soon the roads started to get quieter and quieter.

I was not looking at where I was going because my head was just looking up at the tracks right? So I banged into this old Indian guy. You know the type who has shabby clothes, white long beard and a really really tired look. He looked like a beggar lah. But he could’ve easily been a frail old man. Whatever. Then he said, “AIyoo! Maaf lah! Ini mata(points at his eyes) sudah tak baik, rosak Ooo, maaf tak nampak ahh!!”. I looked into his weird looking eyes and said, “Tak apa.” and made a dash to the other end of the street. I was literally RUNNING away from him. I’ve heard of cases where you look at some weird stranger’s eyes and then you kena black magic and give the person everything you have.

As for me, I had my laptop and cash and cards and stuff with me. Now that’s more important than kena-ing from some hamsap lou. Sorry lah, materialistic:D Haha, or rather it’s more believable that I’d get robbed off material items first before the prospect of being snuck to some nearby bush.

I kept walking and walking and slowly there were only two to three people at a particular street walking with me. And they were all men. Very scary.

Finally ended at Masjid Jamek and KL Sentral and Subang KTM was not too bad to get to.

But the thought of getting lost in the city at night with a backpack and a laptop was just too daunting. I won’t do it again lah!

Photos from Kedah:

Xiong Khee trying to kill the cockroach with her ball of plasticine. Damn cool photo right?

Me catapulting cockroaches.

My sleeping diciples.

p/s: Over the weekend: Camwhored with April earrings, Laksa lunch at Hsien’s place and Luna Bar with Chee Kiang. 🙂 Blog post coming soon. Too tired to post.