My Housemates Are At War

Housemates problems again. I can’t believe I did not blog about this soon enough.

I’m not allowed to say exactly which of my housemates had a screaming fit with Vinnie, but it was a show worth watching. Housemate X was peeved at the way Vinnie came up with a million and one excuses to avoid doing their dentistry project. On the first day she said she had to cut her hair, her hair was still long the following day. On the second occasion, she said that she had a flat tyre. We heard that she was shopping in the one and only go-able shopping mall in Sungai Petani.

Housemate X really wanted to sound Vinnie. She smsed me and told me that she was really really angry already. So I dared her to come downstairs and tell Vinnie off. She was scared.

Then I trash talked her and I think she got pretty worked up because she came downstairs and spoke in a very aggressive tone to Vinnie. After awhile, the tone of the argument rised and I got excited and took out my recorder.

Vinnie, not pleased, followed Housemate X up the stairs and into her room to fight back. She kept saying, “I DON’T LIKE THE WAY YOU TALK TO ME. YOU’RE ONLY THE ASSISTANT, NOT THE HEAD. WHY ARE YOU TALKING TO ME LIKE THIS?”

I could not possibly miss this for the world. There was finally a showdown to this entire situation. So I went upstairs on the pretext of “calming down the fight”, but not before pressing the on button on my recorder. Hahaha. This is the first time in my life I’ve seen a proper catfight. Yeah!




Vinnie crossed her arm and shook her head, “SACRIFICE IS A GREEAAT WORD.”

I know I’m mean but I was damn amused because they’ve hated each other since day 1. I sat down on the floor and threw in the occasional, “hey, chill lah, don’t fight lah, calm down wei…eh, don’t lah..” but most of the time I was just looking at them intently. They were really screaming!

At one point they looked at me and I did a hand motion of “hey, calm down, calm down,” but nearly did the hand motion for “carry on!!” ..LOL

They fought for a grand record of 14 minutes. I’m also amazed that throughout the entire argument not ONE curse word was uttered. It ended with the both of them swearing never to talk to one another again. I was waiting for the grand finale of a slamming door but Vinnie did no such thing. Haih, wasted.

I told Housemate X that I recorded it and thought she’d laugh along. But I think I nearly got pummelled to death by her and so my 14 minutes worth of catfight was deleted. 🙁

Not only that. Narjit who is Vinnie’s room mate is really hating Vinnie now. They are full blown enemies. They’ve progressed from not talking to calling each other names. Narjit has not succumbed to name calling yet though.

One morning, Vinnie woke up earlier than Narjit and put her towel in the toilet to “chup” the space. And since their bathroom has no hot water, she boiled hot water to bathe with later. Narjit woke up and asked her, “If you’re not going to bathe first, I’m going to bathe,”. Then Vinnie looked up from her boiling kettle and gave a bitchy and resounding, “No!”.

Obviously Narjit was pissed right, so Narjit just went into the bathroom, ignoring Vinnie. As Narjit was undressing, Vinnie kicked the bathroom door open(they have a faulty lock) and said, “Bitch!!”

Wah lau wei.

Narjit was nearly in tears. She can’t fight back because she’s afraid that Vinnie will blackmail her by telling her parents about her having a boyfriend.

The two girls are starting to separate their items in their room. Vinnie has always been using one of Narjit’s cloth to line her table. She returned it to Narjit and Narjit saw a pink highlighter mark on it. She told Vinnie, “You better wash this off before giving it to me I tell you,”

Vinnie threw it in the dustbin and said, “Bitch.”

Wtf!! My household problems. Haha. We haven’t seen Vinnie in days, rumours has it is that she has moved out. But I doubt so. 🙁

She still drives at the speed of a snail and causes traffic jams in Sg. Petani.

That aside, I’ll be going to Vietnam on Saturday and will only return on the 27th! Yay!!

I’ll try to look for a dog meat stall and take a photo of it. I will paste it in Angel’s room to remind her what happens to dogs who do not listen to their owners.

It’ll be a well deserved break:) One psychology presentation, one dentistry project, one physiology test… all over for now!

But it was a good week.:) Chee Kiang came to visit me in Kedah before going to see his grandmother in Penang.

Seems like all boyfriends from KL came up this week. To quote Yan Rui, “Why suddenly all the KL boyfriends come up eh?”

Lydia’s bf Tek Jian(sp?) who lives in KL and studies in UK came up to see her for a few days and even Vinnie went off to frolick with her USJ6 boyfriend. Whoever that is. Hmph.

We even threw a Winter Solstice Party at our hostel and invited almost the entire class. Pictures won’t be up so soon.

Celebrating Wuan Phing’s 20th Birthday!
l-r: Me, Cze-Yin, Yan Rui, Narjit, Lishen, Wuan Phing, Xiong Khee, Lie Yuen, Tek Jian, Lydia

So nice right the effect of the candles!

This group was assigned to do Kedah as their case. They were to collect information about the dental services in Kedah and put it up on a poster.

Another group’s project.

Tell me that my group’s poster is an ingenious one! We cut the districts out and put them back together as little cards with flaps in the shape of the districts.


I finally found the reason why my room has so many cockroaches. I hung this on the kitchen’s window.

When we’re bored…..

Courtesy of Jamie. And I have hairy legs.ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Our completed work!

Must pose somemore.

L-r: Me, Lydia
Camwhoring while waiting for the lecturer to conduct another round of blood tests on us.

l-r: Jimmy, Maxis and Chuan Hong

Me pan hiau…… I look pregnant here right? It’s the contour of my posture I’m telling you!!

l-r: Jimmy, Maxis

Ah Thong sleeping or mocking me(I was in that posture minutes before the picture was taken due to excruciating period pains).