I Could’ve Gone To Hong Kong

Look what appeared on my sidebar this week! Just what I need in 4 years’ time! 🙂 Perhaps one of the most convenient ways to settle those long depressing ordeals with the government when you need to do mundane things like renewing your driving licenses, paying your summons and more. Go check out the rest of their services! This gives me more excuses to be a little bit more bastardish on the road(even more than I already am!) and just pay the summons online without my parents knowing! 😀 ….. Okay, no, I’m a really good girl and I obey all the rules. Just that it’ll be damn convenient to renew my driving license when the time comes.

Before we proceed with my post, do my quiz okay and see how well you know me! Yes, I finally succumbed from peer pressure after seeing it on the blogs of these three infectious people: Mervyn, Suet Li and Tze Ching

You also do one lah!

I warned Chee Kiang not to take my quiz because I will be really sad if he gets very low marks. And also, he can not possibly get a right answer for question 10. There is no right answer for him. No matter what he answers also surely die one.

So I came back to Kedah after my one week holiday thinking, “Oh it’s the beginning of module 4, let’s clean my room, let’s rest for awhile before hell starts all over again,”. But no! I went to school at 9.30am to find out that a class has been cancelled(which we took advantage of and did some grocery shopping at Tesco!). Then nevermind, we came back to the uni and received an announcement that they were going to let us have Thursday off, the following Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off! Arghhh!!!

So we thought, good lah, maybe we’ll have more time to prepare for our dental dinner which was supposed to be on the 30th. Then apparently, we can’t do it on that date for don’t know what reason. So we checked again with the hotel to see if it’s possible to do it at a later date but Nooooooo it’s fully booked for the entire May.

Well guess what then? Dental dinner is off for now.

But you know what’s the biggest disappointment of all?

Months back, my aunty, grandma and mum made plans to go to Hong Kong and I wanted to go along because I thought that it coincided with my holidays. I was prepared to skip a few days of classes from the 26th of April up to the 30th of April for the Hong Kong trip. But I cancelled my plans BECAUSE the dental dinner was supposed to be during that time.

And now. It’s. cancelled. until. further. notice.

I am missing out on a trip to Hong Kong because of this.

And as if the wound is not painful enough, I am GIVEN a one week holiday two days after my ONE week real term break. You know, I have holidays, which COINCIDES with the Hong Kong trip. Mum tried calling the agency but as expected, it was too late to do anything. I really feel like crying.

I’ve been wanting to go to Hong Kong again ever since I left Hong Kong back in 2002. At that time I didn’t know how to appreciate the sights better. But I really really really love Hong Kong. I like the terrains in Hong Kong, you know like how it’s not flat at all but the roads slope up and down(which must be quite a bitch to walk on) and disappear into corners and stuff. You can call it TVB influences but I’m still besotted with the beauty of the way Hong Kong is built.

I love the way the flats are cramped up next to each other and how the signboards hang perpendicular to their shop front and overlap each other. There is no where else in the world that looks like Hong Kong. I love the dimsum breakfasts in Hong Kong and especially Victoria Peak. I really love Hong Kong.

Okay, maybe I also want to go there and stalk my favourite TVB stars..

🙁 I stuck to my decision to go for the dental dinner despite it being postponed time and time again(the date has been changed alot) because I was involved in a few performances.

I just feel so fucking sad lah. 🙁 Esther, remember how you and I made plans to work and save money so we can go to Hong Kong and tour the TVB studios? It was such a lovely dream, where we’d laugh at ourselves because the dreams that we plan together NEVER work out. But now I have the chance to go and I can’t go. 🙁

I’m coming home for the 7 days.

On Saturday night, we hung out at Mel’s place and just sat around being stupid. We were talking about teeth(I wonder why!) and I had to take a look at Mun Teng’s teeth because she said she has not been to the dentist in ages. For the record, she’s got perfectly beautiful teeth. 🙂 I had to use my handphone to shine into her mouth as it was rather dark! Innovative, huh?

AHAHA this photo damn cute. It’s like she’s praying to me or something.

The camerawoman got bored and started abusing the camera.

Can’t believe Mun Teng actually bothered to layan me…-__-

I massaged the bruises that she obtained from playing volleyball at Port Dickson. The woman is crazy. She likes people to rub her bruise because she enjoys the pain.

Looks damn painful right!

Had abit of fun with photoshop.

My bus rides have always been a gamble. This time, I was sitting directly under a cold cold aircon vent. It was blowing cold air at me and I had to think of a way to feel more comfortable. I ripped a page from my magazine, folded it and stuck it in the vent!

Survival in the wild you know. Girly mags are very useful!

Practical classes started again and it’s partial dentures this time. ugh. Dentures again. Here we are, back to square one, softening the wax.

And then we adapt it to the dental cast.

The holes are there for us to insert acrylic into it to function as stoppers. It prevents the special tray from getting too close to the teeth. The special tray must be separated from the impression surface by about 2mm. The impression material makes up the 2mm spacing.

We have to mix acrylic again to make the tray.

Inserting acrylic into the stopper holes.

Evening out the acrylic before adapting it to the model.

Looks so soft and fluffy right? It looks like sugar. Mmm.

After a few minutes, it becomes extremely hard. This is mine! Quite successful, I should say. I forgot to attach the stoppers though. Oh well.

You can almost see through the tray. Which means that I didn’t screw up too much! Yay!

Very proud of my tray ma! Compared to the first one I did.. that was a disaster.

See how it looks like.. it’s slightly clear. Just the way I like it!