A Lunch, Two Movies, An Interview, A Dinner and A Supper

I KNOW I should put the photos of my weekend getaway real soon, but I need to blog about today before it slips away from my rusty mind.

I was out of the house from 11am right up to 10pm with Dennis, Joshua, Mel and Mun Teng(for an hour only during lunch). One lunch, One dinner, Two movies, an interview that I had to do for R.age and a yamcha session to top it all up.

We spent most of the day at Mutiara Damansara, eating at The Curve and watching movies at Cineleisure. So fun man! Too bad Mun Teng couldn’t join us as she had to sit for some exams. We watched The Shooter and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The first one was damn good the second one sucked(I fell asleep when Leonardo and Rapheal were fighting. And Leonardo lost. His sword got cut off. He was then kidnapped. And was taken in as one of the monsters by the immortal lord. You want somemore spoilers?:P)

The Shooter was damn educating too. And who would’ve thought any human could last that long with so many wounds on his body and NOT get any infection? And DIY saline drip, napalm bombs that can be made out of things you can buy from a supermarket, home surgery etc. That guy is a god. And the sniper stuff was really cool too!

But we had fun disturbing the two boys la. At The Curve, we walked past two smoking hot chics and it was SO obvious that any hot blooded male will turn to stare.. and no doubt when we looked to the right, the both of them were looking. BWahhahaha. So I said loudly making sure that the hot chics could hear, “BOYS~!! Eyes on the road!!” Good prank to play on boys wei. Damn fun.

Also, another silly thing that happened was after yamchaing at Tanjung. I saw two cats busy making kittens outside a shop lot and watched intently. I was all set to take a video or a photo of the fornicating felines. Arms all crossed and full of concentration somemore! Then there was one dude who casually strolled past and I shouted out, “Oooi!! wooi!!” as he was walking damn near the cats and sure enough the cats were scared away.

Then the guy turned around and gave me the “sorry!!” hand gesture. I didn’t respond but turned around to the rest and started laughing and slapping my thighs, screeching, “WAHHAHAHHA HE ACTUALLY RAISED HIS HAND UP TO SAY SORRY TO ME FOR DISTURBING MY CAT FUCKING WATCHING! BWAHAHAHHAHAA!!”

I didn’t mean to embarrass the poor guy but it was damn funny la.

Oh yeah! I was supposed to include the pic below in the previous blog entry. Before exams, my eyebrows were unruly and all my life I’ve had less than beautiful eyes to speak of. So anyway, good thing my photoshop skills are improving. And the white furry bits you see to the left of the pictures is Angel’s fur. I was camwhoring with her. ..But the point is: I gave myself double eyelids wei! Congratulate me, quick!

Looks damn real yes? I’m open to criticism. About my skills. But since exams are over, you can kutuk me also la. No problem.

l-r: Jolene the bitchy wife and Dennis the submissive husband.

Lunch at Asia Cafe was very much needed. Great company and delicious fettuccine carbonara.

l-r: Mun Teng, Mel and Josh.

Mel with Josh’s Dopod and Josh with Mel’s Ipod. Hey, pod…and pod. Pod Pod. *smiles to self for being so clever*(if you’re not laughing, it’s an inside joke.)

While waiting for me to bathe and change before heading down to The Curve, these three friends of mine depicted the EXACT image of the people of my generation. All techie and oblivious to their surroundings. This is how they ‘catch up’.

l-r: Dennis with some eyes kindly donated by me and my photoshop elements 5.0 since he closed his, Mel, Josh and myself outside Cineleisure. It was Mel’s first time there.

Dinner at Sakae Sushi did the trick for my Sushi eating hiatus. I love my Beef Udon. It’s ALMOST as good as my Vietnamese beef noodles. The best ever if of course the one I ate in Vietnam. Nothing can match it man.

I popped by the bowling alley to interview the team behind Tumpang.com for R.age. Digital recorder, laptop and notepad all in hand. I had to tell them that I’m not a real reporter and that yes, I’m doing my bit for the publication for the money. hohoho. It’s good money but tough work. Some nights you just go blank in front of the computer for hours and only manage to spew words at like 3am when you’ve been sitting in front of the computer since 9pm.

Tumpang.com is a site which helps people to connect with other people who want to buy a similiar thing so that they can buy that particular item in bulks. You know bulk buying can yield cheaper prices right? That’s the concept of Tumpang.com la. Anyway, I’d write more, but I want to reserve that for a later post or maybe focus more on the article!

top l-r: Li Choong, Jason, Raymond, Christina, Adi
bottom l-r: Jefrey and Me.

And this is mamak porn. Courtesy of Melody Song and Jolene Lai. You’re welcome.

I’m Home and I Rebonded My Hair and I Talked To A Clown For The First Time In My Life

First things first: My darling Lam Chee Kiang has a new blog because he hates the way NUS’ internet connection makes his blogspot blog all laggy and stuff. Now he’s a wordpress convert. He’ll blog and be blessed. Go shower him with some comments, like coloured rice on a newly wedded couple okay?

It’s always the case. When I’m back home, I can hardly find time to sit down and edit my gazillion photos and blog as often as when I am studying for exams. Heh.

Over the weekend, I went to Kuala Selangor and Bukit Tinggi for my family’s company trip. With my new 2GB SD card in hand, I actually came back with 1Gb worth of photos. What the hell right. One weekend only somemore. With my 256mb SD card, I used to scrimp on photo quality, fearing that it’ll take up space. The liberty of being able to shoot in automode again! (5mb per photo).

Well, since it’s 3.30am and I’ve only JUST finished editting the photos, I’ll post it up tomorrow or.. some other time. I’ll get to it la.

After our dentistry paper(which wasn’t too bad!), Lie Yuen and I made a mad rush to the bus stop hoping to get the earliest bus possible. See what a good friend she is; helping me to carry my bag while I returned some books to the library.

Unfortunately, we had to wait one whole hour for the next bus. Ugh!! And we realised that we could actually kill time by catching up on some tv shows.

This is the view from our table. I’ve never used my laptop in such a place before. There’s a first time for everything!

The glare of the sun was too bright though. We must’ve looked rather weird to the other people around us.

After that, I went to chase the pigeons to get shots of them flying in mid air. The damn bus had yet to arrive at that time.

All I had to do was stomp my feet to get this shot.

To cut a long story short, 4 and a half hours bus ride, Plaza Rakyat LRT station, Masjid Jamek LRT station, KL Sentral, KTM back to Subang….ugh. And I was greeted by the ever so familiar sight of traffic jam in my hometown while waiting for my mum to come get me.

It rained, I think. Oh, if only I had a better macro function!

On Monday, I decided enough was enough. I went to A Cut Above Academy at Sunway Pyramid to finally rebond my hair!

To those of you who have been away from home or Pyramid too long: See what they’re doing to the concourse area right up to the tip of the pyramid! 🙁

Upon entering the area, I had to pay Rm162 at the counter even before the trainee stylists managed to assess the length of my hair. I was quoted that amount through the phone and they like took my word for it. RM162 is unbelievably cheap for rebonding. I enquired about their prices..RM12 for a hair cut(usual price is Rm40+), RM55 for treatment (usual price is RM200++) and hair extensions are RM10 per piece. I forgot to ask how much they charge for colouring. But dangg! Don’t you think it’s cheap? I wonder why I still draw excited glees from friends whenever I tell them about the wonders of A Cut Above Academy. I can’t believe a gem like that is still so hidden from the majority of girls my age. Tsk tsk.

The only draw back is the hours that they spend on your hair since they are still students after all. Do make sure that your schedule is damn clear before attempting to get your hair done at the academy. Appointments must be made in advance. Here’s their number: 03-56356666. Appointments can only be done on weekdays ya!

Yes, yes, it might be a little risky to get your hair done by a noob hair stylist, but nothing can go very wrong as they’ve got an ‘educator’ who supervises their work. If anything should go wrong, the educator will touch up and work his magic. By the way, the male educators there are HOT!!!! I was treated to eye candies left right front and center for the entire four hours that I was there. The underdeveloped eye candies are still skinny boys fresh out of school. Any self respecting 20 year old girl knows that its always best to oggle the seasoned mid 20s men. With just the right amount of wear and tear. Mmm. Hahah.

They called my hair virgin hair! And they had a little hairstylist conspiratorial giggle when I told them that the last time any chemicals touched my hair was way back in 2004 when I coloured my hair brown.

The entire place had easels holding up pieces of mahjong paper teaching the students the proper hairstyling techniques.

And if they were not attending to any customers, they were practicing on the mannequins.

Blow dry, apply chemical, rinse, blow dry, cut, wash, blow dry..what a vicious cycle.

Man! I have waist length hair now! Woohoo!!

After rebonding my hair, I decided that the day was still early and headed to SS15 to get my eyebrows threaded. I’m not really that great at shaping my eyebrows.. so it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

Only RM8 wei! Akash Beauty Centre is just above the Buy Sell Trade shop. Damn affordable man.

Thought I’d celebrate with a bit of a camwhoring before getting into my car. Forgive the very un-Jolene smile(and the puffy eyelids while you’re at it). There were alot of people around and bored drivers seating inside double parked cars along the way. They did stare at me you know. Imagine if I pan cute or gave a big monkey grin. I actually know how to feel embarrassed! *gasp horror shock!*

Sorry la ha, been contemplating to straighten my hair ever since I was in form4.

Quite mafan though, I’m not allowed to tie my hair, wash my hair or even tuck my hair behind my ears for the next few days.

At least my hair looks healthier now.

Sorry la, the mood took over. 🙁 Not my fault. 🙁

Alright, since I tak sabar share this video with you, I’ll post it here instead of posting it together with my weekend getaway blog entry. Don’t mind the front bit of the video.. I forgot to turn the camera upright while filming. Do turn your volume up yeah, as it is afterall a conversation between the clown and us.

My cousin Jacqueline and I met a funny clown at Bukit Tinggi’s French Village. She wanted balloons so we walked towards the clown and he was calling out to the children around him to come closer to get ballons from him. They must’ve been scared of him as they didn’t really respond to him.

Then the clown emo you know. He was like, “So children these days don’t play with clowns anymore huh? Nowadays all children play PSP, don’t want clown anymore. So clown no job.” while shrugging very pitifully. LOL. He’s just so sarcastic!
We went up to him and I asked him if adults can take balloon too. After two balloons and many minutes later, he predicted that I’m from Subang because I got the “Subang style”(Whatever in the world is that???!) and after learning that my cousin works at Citibank, he said that he once went for an interview there. A clown who probably has a finance degree.

LOL but one thing though, observe the purple teddy bear he made for me. He threw it on the floor nonchalantly before attempting to make a blue one because it ‘broke’.

His superior walked by later with the purple bear in his hands and then the clown sounded all annoyed and went, “Tsk, why the children simply throw one?” hahaha. He himself throw go and blame the children pulak. THEN the blue bear that I had had something that I thought was a rather long tail. I can’t believe, I, Jolene Lai, failed to see the very obvious. I mean the blue bear and the ‘failed’ purple bear is twisted in the same way. They both have very “long tails”.

Please take note of what his superior said about the bear towards the very very very end of the video. I love you all. Kthx bye. Enjoy the video. 4.11am. Sleep.

We All Deserve Happy Endings

She reaches out with her fingers,
To lightly graze your hands.
She looks into your eyes,
Hoping to find so many things and more.

You found yourself giving in,
Times together with the wrong person,
The guilt eats inside you,
It’s not fair to her.

Let her go and let her go,
Find it in you to let the first one go,
Realise that years have passed,
If nothing has happened, nothing will happen for you.

Nonchalance is an art,
Most girls have polished to perfection.
You are but a guy,
Who is easily deceived by my kind.

You might not see the tears,
You might not know for sure,
You could’ve done something good,
but you might have broken her heart.

Wouldn’t the world be a better place,
Free of emotions from the past,
The ability to love again,
To love with your entire heart.

To feel the chase of a young pursuit,
To tighten those knots in your stomach once more,
Oh how those feelings are missed,
You know that better than anyone else.

“You might never realise, and the others might never see,
but one day, I believe, you would be a brilliant father,
much better than you ever thought you would.
Just a pity, not hers.”
– one of my favourite Singaporean bloggers.

How can you bring life into this world,
not knowing how to love,
How can you turn a blind eye,
Against something of your own.

How do you look at yourself every morning,
Knowing you’ve turned away,
From two people who need you to feel whole.
How can you live your life?
With the knowledge of what you’ve done.

How can your heart not melt,
At the smile that bares two sprouting teeth.
How can you not feel the warmth,
That coursed through when you touched.
How can you say you don’t want to be a part of it,
When you clearly need to be there.

how can you want to keep it a secret,
To the advantage of your future desires.
How can you be so casual about this,
How can you forget this when you are old.

She will appreciate everything that you have done,
When she learns to wipe your tears.
Life may be hard now, as you carry her on your back,
When she learns to walk, I’m sure she’ll do the same.

She only has you to count on in this unfamiliar world,
There is no need for that pillar of support made of mud,
Which crumbles with your heart,
Broken pieces, like glass abandoned on the ground.

A souvenir from an unpleasant past,
Can rouse such unconditional love.
Tiny hands wrapped around a finger,
She is everything but a mistake.


Believe it or not, this poem is about a boy, a girl, another girl, a single father, a single mother and two babies.
Two close friends, a stranger, two blogger friends and their (very much photographed)kids.

I’m so easily affected by other people’s drama. 🙁

On a lighter note, 24 hours from now and I’ll be back in Subang for a week! Yea! *does Soyabean dance*

Last paper tomorrow. Ganbate Jojobear!!

The Most Annoying Blog Post Eva!!!!!111oneone

For the past few days, Brenda, Lie Yuen and I were having a lot of fun listing out traits we find so very typical and annoying about the blogs we read online. We have to admit that we ARE guilty of some of the traits, but I thought it would’ve been fun to do one entire blog post to spoof all the annoying blogging traits. Don’t be offended ya if you see something familiar :) Learn to laugh at yourself, I also laugh at myself alot. :) (and after writing this, I shall continue with the textbooks, don’t scold me already!)

You know how some blogs must blog about every single detail, or even posting lyrics and then consider that as a post, or how they must take photo with EVERY single thing(uh-oh, that’s me.. ) or how they use chat/sms speak to write their entries? Let’s not forget the must pancute(the really trying to fish for compliments type, complete with ‘the angles’) type of photos too. Which reminds me, anybody saw that Myspace The Movie video on Youtube? “Dude, she’s got the angles!” lollolol.. Oh oh, and of course the third person reference and the inevitable creation of new words with that specific theme in your blog.

There’s this category of blogs called eat shit sleep type of blogging. It’s like you don’t really have anything good to blog about so you just talk about what you ate and EVERY single detail about your life. Which is mostly how it is. But the term ’shit sleep’ just seems to roll along naturally. Heh, the whole post kinda mocks that concept. Once again, don’t take it to heart if you think this is akin to your style. I’m also…sometimes…an eat shit sleep blogger. ;\ But it’s not necessarily a bad thing!

I’d colour the fonts if I could, but I’m just too lazy..;P and if I could add some annoying cursor with the equally annoying graphics, I would. Just that I don’t have time to go to such great lengths, so you guys will have to make do.

Before you start, press play on the player below. Without an annoying song automatically playing in the background of a blog, it won’t make the whole annoying blog post thing complete. Heh. Sorry lah, I always press the stop button on my explorer to shut the automatic music up. (The only song I ever liked from a blog is at Kai-Lin’s Blog)



Today Jojobear woke up and did nothing relli. I juz stone around lorz today. Spose 2 stardi wun… but haihzzzz, sienzzz.

I drank vitagen today lor. Quite nice….but abit too sweet for me.

Anybody rmbr the vitagen song ar?

V is for Vitagen! It’s good for your digestion!

Which remindz me hor, of alot of other nice songs about drinks n food leh! LOL LOL LOL! Found dis blog with lots of nice songs!

– Choki-choki, have some please. Choki-choki, for you and me!

– Minum Milo anda jadi, sihat dan kuat!

– Sweet, sour and salty… Nano-nano, Nano-nana, NANO-NANOOOO!!!

– Paddle-pop, WOW! Paddle-pop, YEAH! Super-duper yummy!

– Jualan hebat Parkson! Jualan Hebat Parkson!

– Good times, great taste, that’s why this is our place! Good times, great taste, at Mc-D-O-N-A-L-D-S, Mc-D-O-N-A-L-D-S… Good times, great taste, at McDonalds!

– Mee Maggi, cepat dimasak, sedap dimakan!

– I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a Toys R’ Us kid. There’s lots of toys in Toys R’ Us for us to play with!

– Let’s go to the zoo, there’s lots of things to do, and the food is finger lickin’ good!

– Seven five five two five two five, seven five five two five two five, seven five five two five two five, special delivery!

I luv jingles!! It makes me feel soooo goood!!!

Then stardi stardi di, i felt so hungweee… Jojobear poor tummy make grr grr soundz. Jojobear so sad…See Jojobear sad face.. –> (T_T) (_ _) (ToT) (TOT) (>,< ) ...... _|_ (_|_)(_\_)(_/_)(_|_) ( o)( o)
den I picked up the rubber, and rub rub rub rub rub rub… wah, so clean. LOL! I love my rubber so much! I shall call it a jober!

den i lift my head up and saw the clock. Wah, 3.30pm already. Sienz! Must cont stardying. Ganbate Jojobear!

Eeeee..Jojobear so dirty girl. Ystday coffee finish drinking di juz leave there lik dat. ewwwzzzzz. No wonder boi boi go singapore to study, dunwan jojobear di. Sob sob.

The chips tasted so good! Jojobear so happy.. let u c my chomping piccieZ..

i bite one…

den i bite one more..

den i bite one more..

den i bite one more hor..

…and 1 more! LOLLOL it is so deliciouz laaaaaaa…

Mmmm…..tell me you wan 1 2!

den my face itchy so i scratch lor.

What else did i do 2day u ask? Wellll…

I walked out of my room… so i put my right leg out 1st. LoL.

den i put it in the slipper.

I went to the fridge to eat choccies! Everybody luvs choccies dun they? Who don’t luv choccies is a crazy ass i tell u!

i washed a load of clothes 2day… Jojobear got clean clothes to wear. YayYyy…

but then when i went outside to hang my clothez.. i slipped and terjatuh. OWww! Pain man!! See my leg, poor Jojobear. Sniff sniff sniff. (actually this is Lie Yuen’s leg. I just needed more material for this stupid post. hahaha)

>.< !! I just <3 the smell of fresh clean bed sheets!!!!
I saw de fence so cute so i must camwhore wit it!

The car so cute too! Oopsie, Jojobear nen nen exposed di. U all dun so notti go save this photo hor!

The flower on the floor also so pretty!!

Postbox so red leh! Ang ar!!

Have you met Mr. Meter? SAY HELLO TO MR. METER!!!

old newz paper, paper lama.. hahahahhahaha.

Who cuteR? Jojobear or the bucket?

Eeee! The chair so cute!!!

My tiffin carrier rockzzzzzz.. I get my mealz in them. So deliciouss. mmm.

Ok..back to stardying! Jojobear so fat right?? Plz tell me I’m fat!! I’m so damn fat ya!!

Mebbe this angle makes me look cuter hor.

den stomach pain pain again..must b the chips frm dis aftnoon…. I saw de toilet… lik heaven lik dat to me..

But if i shit today like dat means tmr no nid to shit?

nvm!! I will try my best to shit 2day AND tmr!!! GANBATE JOJOBEAR!!!! >.<>,< ()_() (Don't be stupid guys, obviously I had my pants on when I took this shot. heheh)
After Jojobear poopoo, Jojobear brushed her teeth.

jojobear luv brushing her teeth. Eeee!

Den it wuz time 2 go 2 bed. Zzzzz.

n then i off de lightz.

Wow!! wat a day man! LOL LOL.

OKAY! I hereby tag 5 people:

1. Mimi
2. Lala
3. Ah Chong
4. Ah Yau
5. Puke-green Girl!

*this is a sponsored post.

Alright, time to bathe and return to the books. :D Hopefully none of you will kill me after this. All in the name of fun!
And those I “linked” in the “tag”, it’s to make it more authentic and fun la. Hahaha. Don’t have to take me seriously, but if you wanna come up with a version of your own, why not?:D