Fresh Pickings From The Blogosphere!

I usually cast my net far and wide. But trust me, my selections are usually quite good. It’s so hard to get hooked onto a good blog these days. Having to sift through so many mediocre ones, it’s really hard to find the gemstones which can induce a form of addiction in you.

Unfortunately, three blogs did it for me at a very very bad time. (Module 3 exams next week! Noooo..!)
The last time I found good blogs was more than half a year ago.. so you can just imagine how excited I am about wanting to share my findings with you! Let me know what you think of them.:)

I was googling for ‘girls things’ and ‘glitter graphics’. Very 15-16year-old-girl-blogger habits, I know. But I’m quite taken with those little square icons that flash and glitter with artsy fartsy graphics of beautiful models with sparkling eyes, colourful branded stuff, chocolate and various other aesthetic things! I was led to this page though: Posie Get’s Cozy

She’s a lady named Alicia Paulson. I think she is from the US and she is so damn good at designing. She makes the cutest things with her hands and her style is very vintage, crocheted and girly. Think Cuppacakes style! Quirky and colourful.

One particular product of hers’ that has captivated me is collages inspired by blogs. I couldn’t really find the post about how blogs have inspired her to make these collages but in my opinion, I think it is because of the way how blogs are bits and pieces of a person’s life all in one website. Same concept!:)

It seems to me like she just pasted bits and pieces of things onto a coloured cardboard and voila! A wall deco!

She also has a website selling all her products. Damn cute lah! Go to to see more of her creations.

And here’s one of a familiar face from across the Causeway! Rosalyn is a DJ in Singapore and I only knew about her after watching Girls Out Loud(can find on Youtube..), a quirky and different Singaporean TV show which she and Xiaxue hosted together. I like Ross’ style and zest for life, and especially the star tattoo on her right arm. I’ve never been a fan of tattoos but i just found that one so special. You must watch the episode where the girls learn how to do exotic dances at Crazy Horse. The way her star tattoo looked under the lighting at that Crazy Horse place looked so damn cool.

She’s got poise and she’s so damn articulate.(things I’ve observed from watching Girls Out Loud la.) For a blog hosted on the radio’s website, she gets pretty personal and makes it very much her own. Which is why it’s so interesting. Sometimes you just need that amount of loudness and cheer in your life for the boring days while you slog away at your assignments. I escape from work via her blog. You should too.:) (At least until I’ve found better blogs after reading all her archives.)

Somewhere closer to home, there seems to be a cheeky replacement for that one void in our blogosphere.(We miss you, Jay!!) A friend sent this link to me. Well written, wide vocab, witty, naughty… there’s a young gay doctor in Malacca that you all must love! I was stuck reading his archives on Sunday when I really should’ve been covering more of my syllabus. Sigh. rocks!

What is with me and gay blogs? I think I’m a fag hag blogder. I learnt the term fag hag(Women who love gay men..mostly used to criticize women who like ‘gay men as best friends’) from Jay…or one of my chicklits.. I can’t quite remember. But there’s something about smart gay men that I love . They are very articulate, funny and creative.

Now it’s back to the books for me. If you’re wondering why I sound so cheerful and hippity-skippity in today’s entry, blame it on Alicia Paulson. The way she blogs is so infectious!

Happy procrastinating! My time is up. *turns 90 degrees away from ironing board where laptop is and faces piles and piles of notes.*

The Lonely Durian Eater, The Denture Story and The Loan Shark Face

One thing good about having a husband is so that you’ll always have someone to open your durians for you.

Girls like me who live miles away from her father and her boyfriend and is too paiseh to call her male classmates to help her open durian(also because she wants to eat it all) will face such difficulties in life.

Damn durian cost me RM9 by the way. I know it’s expensive. But I believe no fruits should cost more than RM1.

It was so depressing as I hacked away at the durian half heartedly because I had no freakin’ idea how to go about it. I asked the stupid durian man to help me open it but he only made some shallow cuts on the durian. It doesn’t help that I’m damn scared of the thorns as well. Haih.

I nearly wanted to give up already. Lie Yuen can attest to that as she was the one who heard my moanings and groanings. YOU would be sad too. RM9 wei!

I raised the knife from above head level and brought it down to the thorny fruit at full speed – as if murdering an enemy! Thwak! Yet the durian won’t open up. )#*#$

But after many minutes of hacking(green thorns all over the floor) the damn durian, I managed to pry open the stupid(but delicious) fruit.

The place was a mess and I had to get rid of the durian skin. Since both my housemates hate durians, I should be considerate enough to bring the skins to the dumpster as soon as I was done.

I started my durian eating career at the age of 2 plus. The adults(immediate paternal family) would sit at the table and lay a piece of newspaper for me to sit on the floor to eat. They’d put a few durians on a plate for me and I’d be sitting there enjoying my durian while the adults had a good session at the table. At that time Mervyn was probably still an infant or still in my mother’s womb but he HATES durians.(and prawns too. Might as well add that while I’m at it.)

Just to paint a better image of my surroundings, I spent the first two years of my life living in my dad’s childhood home in Seksyen 18 Petaling Jaya. It’s situated right next to the KTM tracks. I like adding random information about myself whenever I can. I know nobody cares. Oh well. ;\

Bland.. blah. It only tastes fantastic after festering in the fridge for awhile. Mmm!

So much hard work. *backache*. But the taste of the durian skin after being in the fridge for 24 hours, oh god..oh god…ohhh…~

Alright, enough about durians. I’ve done the final bit of my dentures already. I used the whitening powder today to give the dentures a shiny surface. Proud to say that my dentures were the envy of my classmates(ahem, don’t jealous!) because it was damn bloody shiny. You could even check your reflection on the gums.

Let me educate you guys a little bit about occlusions:

This is a Class 3 Malocclusion.

This is an orang cacat tak sedar diri occlusion(kinda obvious that I don’t know what it is:P). Actually my teeth are slightly like that. SLIGHTLY only. Blame it on either:

1) Chewing too much on one side as a child(I was afraid my milk teeth would fall off on my right side, hence)
2) Sleeping on one side as an infant, thus impeding the growth of my jaws on one side.;(
3) Knocked on something as a child.(theory offered by my orthodontist who happily calls me, “Ahh, the lady with the crooked face,”. 🙁 )

This is an expression of approval and general satisfaction.

This expression shows doubt and concern.

This expression is of a person who is falling down sideways from the cliff.

An expression of someone screaming as he falls down from aforementioned cliff.

This is what we would call, a dislocated jaw. Heh.

It’s only during exam season that I can think of the stupidest things to do. 🙁

I didn’t wash my hair for more than 24 hours, and after clipping up in a clip for the entire day, this was the effect.

It was so full of gunk that it could stand away from my forehead. So disgusting right?

I thought I resembled Chapman To. Damn fugly lah his fringe. He is cute in a sor kua kua way though.

Or even Anita Mui’s 1980’s look?

I’ve seen more similiar pictures, but this will do.:)

But I thought that my current state of ugly hairness(not like it’s fantastic on other days, but at least it’s not embarrassingly ugly) would resemble a rogue or even a loan shark/Tai Yi Long more!

This is my imitation of a rogue. Or a crazy woman? I don’t know, you choose.

Haha.. the tai yi long series starts here.
*big mafia loan shark turns head to look at pathetic gambler*

“Lei mat sui?!” asks the Big Mafia Loan Shark rudely of the pathetic gambler. *translation: Who the f*ck are you?(in that tone la. not the exact translation)

“Orh.. cheh chin hai mai…….” says the Big Mafia Loan Shark who is actually quite understanding and wants to “help” the pathetic gambler. *translation: want to borrow money issit..

“Ngo tong lei gong ah, yi gor lei ng chun si wan chin leh, lei chun pei kun choi la!” warned the Big Mafia Loan Shark. The gambler shivers with fear. *translation: I’m telling you, if you do not pay up on time, please prepare a coffin.

“HA!?? MOU CHIN WAN?! CHOK SEI AR!?!!” screams the Big Mafia Loan Shark at the poor pathetic gambler. *translation: WHAT?? NO MONEY TO RETURN TO ME? WANNA DIE AR?

And then imagine the big mafia loan shark going up to the poor pathetic gambler and he says…

“….April Fool!!!!”


Anyway, while I’m in the mood to make faces, here are a few more:

This is my portrayal of an eunuch. “Lei-lei-lei….*SIGH*”, a phrase usually said by exasperated eunuchs to someone who is annoying them. *translation: Y-y-you-you…..*SIGH*

Now.. do you think I can copy Ed Bighead’s look? Damn fucking ugly, but I’ll try my best.

I didn’t think it was humanly possible too.

But I managed. 😀 (plus the ugly hair so goes with the part of Ed Bighead too! Great Success!)

Anyway, don’t flame me ya! I’ll flame myself first.


.. *phew*.:) Now that’s better! The last time someone flamed me about my looks, I failed my biochemistry paper. Heh. But that’s because I picked a fight with her thus resulting in me checking for updates every few minutes hence, the failure. But I tak tahan insults one ya. So don’t spoil my mood. Exam next week. KEEP ME HAPPY:D Insult me the week after. No problem!

Oh, oh, 🙂 I’m the featured blogger for for the month of April. Terima Kasih Tim dan Ming. Manyak sayangs!

Ordering Food Improves My Mandarin/Brenda’s Birthday Dinner/My Dentures Are Almost Complete/Happy Birthday Mun Teng!

Just for the heck of it, I made a video of me ordering food in mandarin. It’s one of the many ways that I try to improve my mandarin. Another method is to get my classmates to throw english words or phrases at me and I have to try to say it in mandarin. Not too bad leh! Quite impressive you know.

But don’t know why still so karat. Anyway, in the video, I spoke too fast. So here are the corrections:
1. In the beginning, I said, “Brenda weeeeee recording for me.” .. It’s Brenda will be recording for me.
2. As I’m done with the first part, I said “See how rok my mandarin is.” It is see how ‘teruk’ my mandarin is.
3. When I’m using the chopsticks to fiddle with my noodles, I said, “Orverything.”…I meant to say, “everything.”

… I must learn to think before I speak, and relax..and then speak calmly.

Here’s the video:

Would you believe it?? They are building a shopping mall called Lifestyle Mall right next to Tesco Sungai Petani! It’s going to have Secret Recipe, some korean makeup brand that can be found in One Utama but I can’t remember the name now, Poh Kong etc etc and other nice brands. YAY!

Since my bags are all over the place, I bought a nice pink box from the a.e.i.o.u range to store them in. Pretty and neat. Lie Yuen wanted to show you guys how petite she really is. Yes la yes la, I know already.

On Wednesday, we celebrated Brenda’s 22nd birthday! Old lady already!

L-r: Poh Yee, Nien, Brenda and Sock Nee.

L-r: Angela, Brenda, Pei Zhi, Xin Yi

L-r: Zhu Zen, Brenda, Me, Lie Yuen

Zhu Zen was very happy about her Tom Yam Fried Noodles.

Pei Zhi devouring her …laksa?

Since it was a happy day(Brenda is getting old!) we bought a bucket of Heineken to share and play some games(that didn’t materialize). I didn’t finish my glass though.. alcohol makes me nauseous.

Brenda and the long spaghetti.

I had the same dish too! It’s called Spaghetti Hot Plate.

Brenda turned 22 on the 28th of March. Silly girl. While starting to write our notes during class on that day, she asked me, “Eh what’s the date today ar?” before slapping herself on the forehead. Doh. Own birthday also can forget the date.

Since we were still quite hungry and wanted some cake, we didn’t attempt to smash her face into the cake. I’ve done it to Yijin before. Hahahhaa.

Brenda take candle out from cake also so cool one.

behind l-r: Poh Yee, Lie Yuen, Me, Zhu Zen
bottom l-r: Pei Zhi, Brenda, Xin Yi, Angela.

One group photo after the dinner.

The giant and the three ladies. (Camwhoring tip: Stand furthest away from the camera.)

On Friday, when we entered the dental technology lab to finish our dentures, we were damn happy to see that they’ve installed the AV equipments(so that everybody can see how the techniques are being done without crowding around the dental tech lecturer).

The tripod hangs from the ceiling. A video camera will be propped on the tripod.

There were three Plasma screens hanging from a few corners of the lab.

This picture looks kinda creepy in a Frankenstein kind of way. We were looking for our dentures which we soaked in water weeks ago.

Our beautiful dentures. l-r: Mine, Lie Yuen’s. Her gumwork is better than mine.

The second last step of the entire denture making procedure would be to polish it with pumice. The grey liquid is pumice mixed in water thus forming some kind of sludge.

I couldn’t believe the two guys. Desmond and Ebby actually wore their dentures… ewwww.

Lie Yuen looks like a horse baring its teeth, and I look like ….. _______________. Maybe you guys should fill in the blanks.

It’s THE 1st of April!! And it’s Mun Teng’s birthday too!

I’ve always wondered how her mum broke the news to the rest of the family about the birth of her first child.

“Eh, I gave birth today!” her mother probably said.

“Don’t lie! I won’t believe you!” said everyone else before running away to play more April Fool jokes on other people.

Hehehe, so it’s up to you to believe that it’s her birthday today. The poor girl would probably have a tough time telling other people that it is her birthday today.

Here’s a shoutout to one of my bestest friend in the whole wide world:

Happy birthday my dear Mun Teng! You’ll always be my favourite Angry Bear who has the voice of an angel, who doesn’t want to learn how to drive, who allowed me to experiment with makeup on her eyes when we were mere 13 year olds without any makeup knowledge(LOL!), who would slam your form3 textbooks on the table in the morning because you were groggy and angry before the 10.20 recess time, who would do spontaneous outings with me whenever I called on you, who always tumpang my car because you stay across the drain from my house, who got dark during volleyball days with me, who entertains KKB on MSN with your 5am talk shows when I am too busy to entertain his Viktor Chansky alter ego, who has the most beautiful eyelashes because of the correct mascara that you bought and of course, who will be my Rich Tai Tai friend someday, somehow in the future. 🙂

I love you babes! 21 years old already, big girl liao. Teng Jolene Wah.. (Listen to Jolene’s advice).