Fresh Pickings From The Blogosphere!

I usually cast my net far and wide. But trust me, my selections are usually quite good. It’s so hard to get hooked onto a good blog these days. Having to sift through so many mediocre ones, it’s really hard to find the gemstones which can induce a form of addiction in you.

Unfortunately, three blogs did it for me at a very very bad time. (Module 3 exams next week! Noooo..!)
The last time I found good blogs was more than half a year ago.. so you can just imagine how excited I am about wanting to share my findings with you! Let me know what you think of them.:)

I was googling for ‘girls things’ and ‘glitter graphics’. Very 15-16year-old-girl-blogger habits, I know. But I’m quite taken with those little square icons that flash and glitter with artsy fartsy graphics of beautiful models with sparkling eyes, colourful branded stuff, chocolate and various other aesthetic things! I was led to this page though: Posie Get’s Cozy

She’s a lady named Alicia Paulson. I think she is from the US and she is so damn good at designing. She makes the cutest things with her hands and her style is very vintage, crocheted and girly. Think Cuppacakes style! Quirky and colourful.

One particular product of hers’ that has captivated me is collages inspired by blogs. I couldn’t really find the post about how blogs have inspired her to make these collages but in my opinion, I think it is because of the way how blogs are bits and pieces of a person’s life all in one website. Same concept!:)

It seems to me like she just pasted bits and pieces of things onto a coloured cardboard and voila! A wall deco!

She also has a website selling all her products. Damn cute lah! Go to to see more of her creations.

And here’s one of a familiar face from across the Causeway! Rosalyn is a DJ in Singapore and I only knew about her after watching Girls Out Loud(can find on Youtube..), a quirky and different Singaporean TV show which she and Xiaxue hosted together. I like Ross’ style and zest for life, and especially the star tattoo on her right arm. I’ve never been a fan of tattoos but i just found that one so special. You must watch the episode where the girls learn how to do exotic dances at Crazy Horse. The way her star tattoo looked under the lighting at that Crazy Horse place looked so damn cool.

She’s got poise and she’s so damn articulate.(things I’ve observed from watching Girls Out Loud la.) For a blog hosted on the radio’s website, she gets pretty personal and makes it very much her own. Which is why it’s so interesting. Sometimes you just need that amount of loudness and cheer in your life for the boring days while you slog away at your assignments. I escape from work via her blog. You should too.:) (At least until I’ve found better blogs after reading all her archives.)

Somewhere closer to home, there seems to be a cheeky replacement for that one void in our blogosphere.(We miss you, Jay!!) A friend sent this link to me. Well written, wide vocab, witty, naughty… there’s a young gay doctor in Malacca that you all must love! I was stuck reading his archives on Sunday when I really should’ve been covering more of my syllabus. Sigh. rocks!

What is with me and gay blogs? I think I’m a fag hag blogder. I learnt the term fag hag(Women who love gay men..mostly used to criticize women who like ‘gay men as best friends’) from Jay…or one of my chicklits.. I can’t quite remember. But there’s something about smart gay men that I love . They are very articulate, funny and creative.

Now it’s back to the books for me. If you’re wondering why I sound so cheerful and hippity-skippity in today’s entry, blame it on Alicia Paulson. The way she blogs is so infectious!

Happy procrastinating! My time is up. *turns 90 degrees away from ironing board where laptop is and faces piles and piles of notes.*