Videoblog: Killing Cockroach

I was halfway studying when I looked up and saw a cockroach on the wall next to my bed. Damn horrifying man. I only had one chance to ensure that the cockroach was dead. Because if I hit it softly, it could either:

a) Fly around my room
b) Fall on my bed and crawl everywhere
c) Fall into the space between my bed and the wall, onto the floor and crawl somewhere else, thus scaring the shit out of me for the rest of the night.

I managed to kill it with one blow, but not without alot of drama of course. 😉

I Hate Rubber Dams

One of the most tedious things that I have to do before starting on the treatments is the application of the rubber dam. It easily takes up about 15-20 minutes. Imagine all the time wasted.@)#(U*@#&^#$. Imagine this, metal rubber dam clamps flying all over the place like metallic butterfliies because it springs away from the rubber dam clamps forceps. Curses can be heard from the other classmates and you can see other students punching more holes into the green rubber dam after tearing their previous ones.

You have to slowly select the appropriate clamp for the teeth and this takes up quite alot of time too. Sometimes the rubber dam clamp positioned on the tooth will snap back and you’ll find it at the other end of the room.

Then when you finally get the rubber dam to go around the selected tooth held down by the rubber dam clamp, you pull your hair out in frustration again as the metal clamp snaps back into position and flies out of the mouth, clanging on the floor.

I’ll stick to wads of cotton in the future to absorb moisture. Grrrrr.

Anyway, this short post is my quota of procrastination for the day:

On Friday, we were thought how to do restorations for Class III and Class V cavities. Class III cavities are cavities on the approximal sites of the tooth. Class V are cavities near the cervical region of the tooth(towards your root, on the side of the tooth that faces your lips – the labial aspect).

I suck so bad at doing the Class III cavities because it’s damn difficult to have a good look at the back of the lower anterior teeth with a mouth mirror when the rubber dam is pressing back up on your mouth mirror. Grr. All the more reason not to use rubber dams when I am working next time. I mean I know I should.. but..:\…cotton wools are more convenient. ;\

And here I am, applying the phosphoric acid for the acid etching process. This improves mechanical retention of the composites(used for restorative purposes!)

Ok! Look! look! Quite proud of this one, can you see the Class V cavity I made in the cervical region?

And here I am, adding the composite by increments. Oklah, learning how to manipulate the extremely viscous material. Think toffee candy type of consistency.

Cool picture of me doing my lightcuring. Not bad right, the other hand is taking a photo. Wahaha.:P

And when Lie Yuen was free, she came over to help me take a photo of myself ‘at work’.

After polishing the surface of the composite with a stone bur.. this is the effect! I’m quite happy with the turn out. But it’s of course relatively easier to do than the stupid approximal cavity. I didn’t take a photo of the approximal one because confirm damn fail one.

And while studying, I finished making the hearts and stars from the coloured strips I bought eons ago.

Procrastinating makes you do pointless but beautiful things like uploading visually pleasing photos scoured from other websites. Here’s one of the cupcakes design from Everytime I look at my phone, I feel the need to buy these babies more and more. 🙂 I’ve downloaded a whole lot of photos from too. Hehe. Makes good wallpapers.

Why I Love Blogging (yes, it has something to do with the Quest For The Earring Towers)

Just when I thought my world was crashing..

..and by crashing I mean finding out that my camera doesn’t support 2GB sd card AFTER I’ve put an order on eBay for a RM63 2Gb SD card from a well respected trader and my charger doesn’t want to charge my camera’s battery(and we all know life has no meaning for me anymore if I don’t have my camera at hand).

After some long internet-less hours at school, I came home to look up the latest specifications for my Lumix FX8 and YES! They DO support 2Gb! I had to contact the eBay trader, Jeric, that I’m not buying two 1GB SD cards anymore. I did try to cheer him up by saying I’ll tell my friends about the promotion that he has for his SD cards! Rm55 for 1GB SD cards! Go to his eBay account now for good and reliable buys!(or so his 300+feedbacks say). The guy runs a computer store in Penang.
A trip to the camera shop at Tesco Sg. Petani and my charger was cured! Turns out that the adaptor/sockets-what-do-you-call-them-the-thing-you-plug-your-electronic-items-into at home was faulty and all the charger needed was a healthier one. SO NOTHING WRONG!! YAY! No need to spend RM185 on a new battery or RM100 on a new charger! Yayyy!

And also, after being upset for more than a year, Tesco Sg. Petani has finally made my day by deciding to stock up on Rice Crispies! I no longer have to ask my mum to buy for me five boxes of the crunchy cereals(only applies if it’s in milk and sugar) everytime I go back to Subang! Me loveeee Rice Crispies!

Life rocks now!

Life rocks more. Read below.

Perhaps one of the very reasons why I love blogging so much. The information comes to you!

But I guess some other people had a tougher day..

The furniture shop in Taman Ria, a place where we always have our lunch, caught fire last night.

Must’ve been quite a fire. Some more almost everything in there is wooden. 🙁 Poor thing.

Imagine the losses..

Damn scary. Luckily it’s not an enclosed area.

I suppose they were trying to see what they could salvage.

Dominoes effect caused by fire?

Lie Yuen said most of the time, furniture shop owners who are not doing too well will torch their own shops so that they can claim the insurance and then open another shop or another business.

Luckily I managed to save one cupboard back in Sept 06.:P Can’t imagine my poor (very functional)cupboard catching fire if I didn’t buy it back then.

Other Sources For Earring Tower/I Need A Maid/R.Age Blogging/Restoring Cavities

Funny that the blogging bug only hits me hard when exams are around the corner. Don’t worry about me, this is how I relax and I’ve already set aside what I need to study tonight and have been ticking off topics from a study list that I printed out weeks ago.

I need to tell the few of you who have expressed interest in purchasing the earring tower from my classmate’s sister’s boyfriend’s mum that she’s not selling anymore. So sad. 🙁 I was actually contemplating buying a lot from that shop in Sungai Petani which ironically, stocks up from shops in KL. -_-

So I thought I might as well come back to look at the shops before buying those in bulks(for those of you who want). I remember April saying that Nichii Fashion City sells some. But that’s like in one of her blog posts back in 2005.

It’s thoughts like these that keeps me going during the exam season. In my quest to find the earring towers, I have a clear idea of where I’ll be hitting come mid april(when I have my holidays). I’m gonna go to the area around Petaling Street/Central Market. I’m going to walk into all the quaint little shops in the area because I know they stock the weirdest and coolest things. I just need to open my eyes wider to see if I can get any treasures.

I’ve only ever driven by those areas and for years I’ve wanted to get on my legs and trawl the entire area and just lose myself checking out little knick knacks in those old shops in the small alleys.

Another area to hit would be Jalan Hang Tuah. Apparently Lala boutiques get their stocks from there and you have to buy in bulk, but I’m always up for a treasure hunt so that’ll be good.

And the last stop would probably be Jalan Tun Razak(issit?) where Nichii Fashion City is located. But there’s no LRT around that area so I’ll need the car. Sigh.

Oh well, I just can’t wait to pretend to be a treasure hunting bargaining tourist during the holidays!:)

Another great holiday plan of mine is to make an appointment with A Cut Above Academy to get my hair chopped(just a bit) and rebonded! Mun Teng got her’s done there for only RM120 and her hair was waist length. Mine would probably be waist length too once I’ve rebonded them. I mean I’ll miss the natural curls that I usually get when I wake up in the morning or after I’ve had a good afternoon nap… but I think I won’t miss the way my hair is sprawled all over my shoulder thus creating a damn messy look. Rebonded hair, here I come! Don’t you guys dare talk me out of it. For years I’ve been considering this… now that I have the guts, I’m going through with it.

We’re thinking of getting the owners to cut down the Papaya tree outside our house. It’s so gross. Papayas that drop to the ground are left to rot and then after a few months, there’ll be nothing left because the rotten papaya probably turned into gas after so long. Which is good.

The house is so dirty that we(three students! *gasp*) are actually thinking of hiring a part time cleaner to come clean the entire place up. RM30-50 per visit. Say, 4 to 5 hours. That’s not too bad isn’t it?

I was just telling Chee Kiang that and I told him, “I don’t care, next time you and I will get a maid,”

“No! But the kids will do the chores! The oldest will be responsible for buying bread and the youngest is responsible for boiling water! They must wash their own plates after eating, we can do the rest. And when they reach their teenage years, they must wash their own toilets,” he said.

“Wah, didn’t know you’re quite the disciplinarian!” I said, laughing. Good lah. Syukur syukur. I can’t see myself ordering my kids around to do the housework because just the mere thought of doing house work sends me into spasms of laziness that can only be cured by climbing into bed.

“So who’s going to bathe the dog?” I asked.

“It’s going to be a family thing. We’ll do it together every week,”. Wah my darling so clever..

“Sure boh, just one time kua, then the mother will clean the dog alone for the rest of the dog’s life,” I predicted. It’ll definitely come true one lor I tell you.

“I’ll clean the aquarium lor,” he said.

“What?! Why are we having an aquarium? ewww. So smelly!” I must have my say in things as early as I can, yes?

LOL. The both of us then snapped back to reality. Better concentrate on finals(his) and module exams(mine) first.

I was just clicking around my blog. Was wondering if you guys have ever read my painstakingly written About Me page, About The Blog page and supplemented my non-blogging days by clicking on the link to my R.age blog entries?(malas to link, links can be found on my sidebar.)
So far I’ve got like 5-6 posts there amidst other r.age bloggers on duty. One post per week is the requirement and apparently I’m supposed to blog about topics that I haven’t already covered in my own blog.

I guess it’s fun because with my blog, I can’t cover as many grounds because the people in real life reads my blog. But with R.age, it reaches out to far off strangers who would not terasa when they read my entries there. And the people who read my blog don’t read my r.age entries as often as they’d like, so it’s a good thing. 🙂 I’m happy.

It’s also nice to receive messages from friends to tell me that my article came out(so far my entries have appeared every week, it’s almost as if I have a weekly column!) and to see my name in Youth2 as a ‘resident blogger’ in the little sidebar where they promote R.age’s weekly updates.

But of course, the happiest thing about writing for R.age is that I get paid RM50-100(depending on length) for every blog entry published. The least I’ll get is RM200, the most will be RM400. Yum!:D

I’ve no idea what to save up for. LOL. I seldom find myself not knowing what I need to buy. I have no wants at the moment. Very very strange. Do I want an iPod? No. Do I want a PDA? No. Do I want a DSLR? No.(damn heavy).

But I do want a pink Vaio laptop! Like the one 5xmom has! But it’ll take me approximately 10 months to save up to buy one. So forget it laa. And this laptop of mine is still functioning well……..just that it’s not pink. 🙁

Here are some photos from classes this week:

We did restorations for buccal and occlusal cavities. Nothing you’ve never seen before.

Here’s Jimmy, looking all professional-like.

Filling up the cavity with composite by increments and then light curing it. Too lazy to take photos of each step. Not like you guys would be interested also!

The end product with fissure sealant on top.

Lie Yuen loves her patient alot. He never talks when she’s working on him, he never scolds her, he never resists her attempts to stick all kinds of material in his mouth and he never shouts in pain when she makes a mistake.

What a mess. But oh so convenient! I think I’m beginning to know how to utilize the ridges on the tray. I balance my instruments there. I’m not sure if it’s correct, but I’ll know when my lecturer tells me off.

And the plasma tvs are up and working! So wonderful!:)

I just can’t get over the dangling tripod.

Have I told that I have two new best friends now?

The dental probe rocks!

And the mouth mirror too! At least I am learning to do dentistry with both hands now. (yesyes, let’s try to forget the fact that I only used one hand previously. Shh. shh. Have I just scared away all potential patients?)