My Weekend Getaway To Kuala Selangor, Bukit Tinggi and Genting Highlands.

Alright, the photos from my weekend getaway to Kuala Selangor, Bukit Tinggi and Genting are finally up.

Before launching into the obligatory captioning of my photos, let me have abit of a say.

I’m going down to the area around Petaling Street tomorrow to search for the earring towers. If anybody would like me to get it, please contact me at 012-6134395. I’m not allowed to put my handphone number up.. but I think just once won’t matter. I’ll remove it when I get back. I actually thought of a damn high tech way you girls and I can keep in touch(thru twitter or thru my blogspot blog or maybe even through MMS)… but totally forgot about it so we’ll just have to be old fashioned and contact through handphone.

Another cute thing that happened was in the car today with my brother after driving out of Subang Parade. I asked him if he would rather the only sibling that he has be a brother or a sister?

He said, “Brother.”
I was like, “Why??”
“Because brother can talk about gadgets with me..” he replied.
“I also can talk gadgets with you what. I really loooove the Pink Sony Vaio laptop.” I gushed.
“Precisely my point,” he rolled his eyes and we burst out laughing. Bwahaha.

“You leh?” he asked.
“I’d rather an older brother,” I said.
“Why?” he asked, sounding quite hurt.
“Coz he can bring home cute guy friends for me to oggle,” I said indignantly.
“Oh. sorry lor. :(” he apologized.
“Aiyoh, it’s not that your stocks aren’t all that good, just that it’s too pedophillic to be oggling boys your age,” I reasoned.
“LOL! Imagine if my friend told me, “Wei Shiung, please don’t leave me alone with your sister. She touches me in naughty places,” and we screeched with laughter.

Sheeesh. As if la I’m that hamsap.

l-r: Grandma, jacqueline’s Grandpa, Mum, Grandma’s maid, Aunty Doreen, Uncle Yew Pun and dad with his eyes closed.

This trip had very very few family members who came along. Mervyn was at home bonding with his new computer, Derek was having assignments, Aunty Ping had dance practice(as always), Cousin Hong Fei busy taking care of Kwee Fong who is heavily pregnant, Aunty Jenny was in Singapoer watching Phantom Of The Opera… and the rest I’m not too sure what they were up to.

Despite being at a seafood restaurant, we didn’t really eat that many seafood. But they were delicious dishes nonetheless.
This is sweet and sour chicken, I think.

Mixed vegetables. So tasty.

Yea, we had Stingray. My first time eating sting ray. Not bad! A mixture between chicken, fish and sotong.


And because I love my new 2Gb SD card so much, I can afford higher resolution photos. I used 3mb or 5mb to take this shot. So far away also can get such a good shot.

I’m not happy. Despite me motioning to him, he still refused to give me a funny pose. I prefer the farmers back in Penang who waved at my camera.

That’s alot of crabs.

You can almost hear him humming to himself.

After lunch, we went to visit this place which has lots of monkeys. Along the way, there were many leaves on the floor with nice rounded holes in it. It reminded me of cheese. That’s my cousin Jacqueline behind the leaf by the way.

We were driven up in a corny tram.

Dad and I.

My grandmother was lost in her own thoughts.

l-r: Aunty Doreen, Cousin Jacqueline and Uncle Yew Pun.

The monkeys were damn cute!! and they were not afraid of people at all. Damn tame already. But they were damn greedy alright.

They are so human-like.

It even knows how to hold the bag properly.

And of course the vendors nearby cash in on the whole thing by selling peanuts.

It’s so nice to see a monkey enjoying itself.

This monkey stole my mum’s bun.

You can just imagine the monkey going, “Mmmmmm dis iz good shit!”

The baby monkey so cute right?!? It looks like it is deep in thoughts or something.

Awww.. look at how the mother is so protective of the little baby monkey.

My uncle Yew Pun posing near the monkey, with the monkey giving him some kind of look. Hahahha.

I dared to go closer to the monkey. This time the baby monkey was curious to see who was the giant coming so close.

Emo monkey.

Doesn’t it look like the monkey’s waiting for some kind of public transport? Well, at least that’s what my dad thought.

See, monkeys were literally all over the floor.

Jahanam betul! Want to have sex also must bring babies along. Tsk tsk.

…or…is it……doing a very naughty thing…to its own kid? 🙁

See this baby monkey, looks alot like the Monkey God. Some more it’s changing colour from bright orange to grey. Eee, shy shy, big boy/girl still want mummy to sayang.

Okay this totally took the cake. it was do damnnnnn cute. I mean how often do you see monkeys carrying twins? And you have to love the cute mohawk hair style that them monkeys are sporting.

And the monkey’s head! Damn round right? And doesn’t it resemble those pink paus that you get during old people’s birthdays?


So cute la, each of them had their own baby. And they even take turns to babysit each other’s babies.

Looks like a pretty girl.

I was trying to make conversation with the monkeys.

My mum did a better job.

There’s alot of depth in the expression of this transitioning baby monkey.

Monkeys grow on trees, you know.

LOL! Suck until the tet tet also elongated already.

Sick. Just sick.

My mother was ACTUALLY talking to the monkey you know. She’s been hanging around Angel for too long. She talks to Angel alot. So if she sees anything cute, she’ll have to have a conversation with the animal/object.

Damn intelligent looking lah the monkey.

Jacq and I.

On Saturday night, we watched fireflies(that’s the whole idea of going all the way to Kuala Selangor.) No photos of the fireflies watching though as photos were not allowed and somemore it was so dark. But I’m telling you, the fireflies blinking away in the bushes is only so so. However, if you look at the star filled sky looming over the glittering bushes.. the beauty of it all is absolutely breathtaking. It’s like a million stars are visible in the quiet of the night along that river. Stars in the sky, stars on the ground. It reminds me of this drawing that I saw on deviant art once. A pilgrim girl was in a hood and she carried a basket to store the stars which she picked up from amidst the bushes and the ground. The stars were glowing faintly, as if they have lost their shine after falling to the earth. Below the painting was a caption that said, “Sometimes, stars die too.”

This is the view from our resort. Only RM163 a night. Not too bad!

It was chalet style too! It’s been too long since I’ve stayed at a chalet. Kinda miss playing with the fishes that would surround the area. I fed the fishes Haw Flakes.

Very rustic looking interior. I like this photo, it’s almost like a scene from one of those Malaysian indie movies.

Here’s a view of the other chalets from the one I was staying in.

Another photo which looks like a still from a movie. Coupled with the beautiful lighting from the sun. I love natural lighting!

AND UGH! Rotten lotus! Did any of you get the forwarded email with the rotten breasts? Ughhhh it looks just like that. Somemore the worms looked like that too! White with a black dot at the top. I think I’m going to vomit again.

And I kind of like this pic because of the sunlight at the upper left corner.

This kitten was damn cute, it was playing by itself all the time.

Before dinner, we went to check out the boats at the jetty.

That’s where we would go to see fireflies.

Walking along the traditional shops at Kuala Selangor, we saw many many old school things. Look at the colourful biscuits. SO MUCH OF COLOURING. UGh. The shades are so off from the original colourful biscuits and the blue colour shouldn’t even be there. And the shape is wrong too.

No. Gross. Ugh.

Okay, that’s just sick. I can’t take it.

My family reminiscing about old times.

I got dad to pose with some of the old fashioned houses.

Why do old things make beautiful photos?

Another traditional thing to do. Peeling ikan billis.

Seremban siew pau!

My grandma’s maid wanted alot of photos, so this is one of the many that she requested me to take. Thought I would include that stranger fisherboy.

Looks like a movie poster to me, if you ask me. *proud of self*=

The fishes that the boy managed to catch.

That’s where we had our dinner.

We had fishball soup!

And, I’m not sure..deer meat? I’m not going to embarrass myself by attempting to spell the other word that you use for deer meat which starts with the letter v.

A beautiful sunset. Took this shot while waiting for the other dishes to arrive.

So nice..

The fisherboy’s friends came to help him sort out which fishes should be kept and which should be thrown back into the sea.

I thought this looked rather nice.

Butterprawns are the bomb!

Calamari is good too!

Scallops. Very scant though.

I think it is called Asam fish.

Sweet sauce and crab! I thought it was curry at first. So difficult to eat crab la, I still have an injury on my thumb from eating the damn crabs.

The view of the chalet at night.

As we were walking into the fireflies area.

The next morning, we saw this cat sitting on the chair.

My cousin Jacqueline looking absolutely adorable before we headed up to Bukit Tinggi.

We fell asleep on each other and somemore I’m 3kgs heavier than her, I slammed into her every now and then as I dozed off.

In one of those trains they use to ferry visitors up to the Japanese Botanical garden.

So lame wei.

This is the start of many photos with the same theme. I call them the travelling photographer!

Here’s my mum looking at ease with nature.

The travelling photographer continues his hike.

The travelling photographer stops as soon as he sees something that catches his fancy.

Jacqie and I stopped to camwhore for abit. It’s an absolute must!

I’ve never seen cameras this big before! Dad was walking past them and I said loudly, “Dad! Walk faster, shy already!” since his DSLR was not much compared to those monsters.

From this angle, it almost looks like carps in the wild. My brother and I were wondering though if carps can still be found in the wild. You know, maybe in captivity, evolution did its thing and made them all vibrant orange and fat unlike their wild counterparts. Like wouldn’t bigger animals eat them up because of their obvious colours?

Roses! Japanese roses? I’m not sure. They shouldn’t even call it a Japanese Botanical Garden. What’s so japanese about the place except for the teahouses and the carps? The trees have malay names for goodness sake! I mean if it’s all plants from Japan then yes lah that’s amazing. But hello, Malaysian flora is not of interest to me.

The travelling photographer tries to capture the canopy high above him.

The travelling photography continues with his journey.

At one of those little resting huts, the roof had a hole in it. I found an angle that showed the biggest amount of sunlight and managed to get this shot. I love it.

Like a real trek. I hate trekking by the way. Did it once in Redang. Walked for almost 2km. Almost died. Never again. My Uncle Yew Pun was telling me about his trek up Mount Kinabalu. Climbing in the dark and reaching the peak by sunrise. That is pure endurance. I must kowtow.

See the hiaupor outside Colmar Tropicale, the French Village.

The french Village is not much la. Just one stretch of things looking like a real french village. Bukit Tinggi’s French Village has potential but needs to do something about its boringness.

The inside of Colmar Tropicale.

They were selling bubble guns everywhere. And I like the way the bubbles turned out in this photo. It’s almost like the bubbles in Disney’s Cinderella. Remember the part were Cinderella and the prince were dancing…? Or issit another scene where the mice were helping her with housework? I remember the bubbles were that colour and the images of the dancing couple/mice at work could be seen in the bubbles.

Wah really like castle!

They kept swans below the bridge.

Someswan’s getting a suntan.

I still had somemore Haw Flakes(didn’t manage to give it all to the fishes) so decided to give them to the black swans. They ate it you know! Some kid came along with a packet of Honeystar cereals, and they ate that too!

And if you throw the Haw Flake/Honeystar into the water, the swans will dip their heads into the water to retrieve the fallen food. And then get water droplets on its head, with the sunlight illuminating them looking like diamonds scattered all over.

Colourful windmills were on sale. And other paraphernalia that you shouldn’t waste your money on.

Dad took a photo of the clown. Damn funny la the clown’s pose! He asked my dad, “You’re a photographer?” my dad was like, “You’re a clown?”

Rabbit farm was not as fun as I expected it to be. Sick looking rabbits everywhere.

And somewere just too active.

but do check out my hair in this photo. Funny how the wind can just lift a few (oily)strands up. It’s like I have tentacles or something. Feelers?

Since I’ve been to Genting so many times with so many photos, might as well save you the predictable shots and just skip the whole Genting bit. We only arrived at 5pm and didn’t even play any rides.

BUTTT..BUTTTTTT.. this is a milestone.. I’ve finally managed to go into the casino! The First World one that is. Not the original one, but still!!

My grandma asked me to put on a coat because she reckoned that I wouldn’t be able to go in because according to her, I was ‘shabbily dressed’ in my baby t-shirt and jeans. But I would’ve looked like more of a kid if I donned my baby blue terry jacket with a bright pink flower stitched on the left chest pocket.

But anyway, I went in with a very bored expression. Trying my best to fool the guards you know.

Don’t know whether to be depressed that they didn’t ask me for my IC or to be happy.

But it was so fun to be able to look at the inside of the casino! I was oohing and aahing … and then got bored 5 minutes later.

Alot of disturbing looking characters all around. At the one-arm-bandit machines, there were many women seating with their legs up without their shoes looking like they owned the place. At the blackjack tables, old aunties were shouting “PIK CHURE! PIK CHURE!!” and looking every bit the big mafia boss.(Com’n, sunnies inside a casino? Please la.)

My grandma loves her roulette so much. Digital one somemore. And she has her system one whenever she comes up to Genting. She bets small and then she bets her losses so that she can win back what she lost. She won RM200 with the capital of RM200! Not too bad! And that was before she had dinner.

Since Dad, Mum, Jacq and I didn’t want to stay in Genting for the night as the two of them(Dad and Jacq that is. Mum and I could sleep till lunch time. Well, maybe just me. Mum wakes up early too.) had work to do on Monday, we went down to Gohtong Jaya to have dinner. One of the best place to have dinner, i tell you!
We saw shops selling old school toys.

No trip to one of the highlands is complete without buying fruits and vegetables back.

The bananas were smelling good!

But we all love durian. Dad and I and mum especially. Mmmmm..