Mika/Virginia Tech/Crazy Man at Mamak/Exploring the Area Around Petaling Street/Lunch at Kim Gary/Mamak At Sri Melur

I’m hooked on Mika. Can’t stop playing Grace Kelly and Lollipop on my VLC player. Just when I thought I’ve acknowledged an artiste as a musical genius, the real music connoisseurs burst my bubble when I sent them the songs. I shall not name any names. But Su-Hsien(classical music lover. warning, warning.), Chee Kiang(he loves all music) and Brenda(her taste is very R n B )said they were so so. 🙁 But Mervyn and Mel think he is wicked! I think so too! Or do I love bubblegum pop too much that I am so disillusioned from the lack of bubblegum pop in the past decade that I lap up everything Mika has to offer and rave about how great a musician he is? *caresses old Moffatts, Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, Westlife and 911 posters*

Looks wise he is a cross between Josh Groban and Clint Moffatt. However, with the song Lollipop and the little girl in the Grace Kelly video gives me abit of Michael Jackson paedo vibes. But I love the way he pronounces P! Sounds like a bubble bursting. “I could be hurtful, I could be purple, I could be anything you like.” and especially, “Sucking too hard on your lollipop, oh love’s gonna get you down,”.

While I’m going on about things from the media, I can’t believe I only knew about the Virginia Tech news today!! It was during lunch with Suet Li, Weng Lum and Julie at Pyramid that I finally heard it. So embarrassing okay!

We were talking about Weng Lum and Suet Li who will be going over to the US for part time work and to study, respectively. Then they were joking and hoped that the Americans won’t be scared of them just because they are Asian. Then they were joking and said that they should wear a t-shirt that says, “I’m not Korean.”.. (btw, if there are any koreans or Korean lovers..shit die wei, there must be alot of Korean lovers out there with the Kdramas and all… it’s just a joke between friends. No offense okay? Come Jolene hughug and kiskiss. Muah muah. I give you t-shirt that says “I’m not a Jolene” to make you feel better. The t-shirt will make people be more comfortable around you one, very good t-shirt.)

So I laughed along la. But the joke got repeated a few times. So poor Jolene realised that she can’t put on an act any longer and asked, “Eh what’s the joke about Koreans la? I don’t get it.”

“There, the virgina tech korean dude who carried out a massacre! You don’t know meh?” they said, eyes wide.

Sorry lah, my father takes the newspaper to work and I didn’t have the time to surf the net. ;( I felt like a down right recluse.

Like any other major news that I hear about, I will trawl every corner of the web about the news. Now I know more than everyone else. 🙂

It’s quite disturbing and extremely depressing. Felt very very disturbed when I saw the photos of the victims and the stories of their heroic attempts to stop the gunman.

but there’s a thought in my head though.

When the authorities broke the news to Cho Seung-Hui’s family.. how do you think they phrased it? Did they tell them, “I’m sorry, but your son died. He was involved in a massacre.” or “Your son was involved in a massacre. I’m sorry to inform you that he commited suicide.”

Which came first? Food for thought.

In other news about crazy people, I was having supper with Mun Teng and Mel at Sri Melur just now. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw this middle aged man, slightly on the chubby side, leaning on his car door. The car was parked like next to our table but another table was right in front of his car. It seemed like one of the mamak dudes was asking him to go away, like shooing him. Then you could see that the man looked like he wasn’t really very normal. He had that spaced out look most crazy people have.

I was like, “Damn, is that guy crazy? I hope he won’t bang his car into us man. Like out of crazy rage or something,”.

Then the guy got into the car and started the engine. He drove slowly to the front. He came closer and closer to the raised cement level and then just banged the chairs at the table in front of his car! So scary wei! I was like looking at his car going nearer and nearer to the chairs. I was so scared I went to hide behind a pillar. But Mel and Mun Teng were still so calm. Then he reversed and banged into a stationary Mercedes. He drove to the front abit and just drove out of a T-junction without braking for the oncoming cars. Damn scary wei, don’t know how come he is allowed to drive.

And of course, here are the photos from the last two days:

Mel and I were waiting for Suet Li to come out of her house before we drove down to KL on Thursday.

I’m so happy I managed to drive down to KL(Petaling Street area) without much trouble! My first time driving to KL smoothly. Usually must get lost at least 45 minutes. It’s so obviously gonna happen that I would have to allocate time for getting lost when planning my journey.

Alright, we reached the area around Petaling Street and were waiting for Lie Yuen and Ching Yee who would be joining us on our little expedition on that day.

McDonalds for lunch!
L-r: Mel, Suet, Ching Yee, Lie Yuen and myself.

Mel and Lie Yuen. My two best friends meeting for the first time! Awwww!

I love this candid shot of Ching Yee and Suet. Suet Li damn funny, she was saying that it’s been ages since she last came here. Last time when she was 10 years old, none of the Ah Beng peddlars cared to disturb her. Yesterday she kept getting smoochie noises and cat calls(whistles? whatever) left and right. One of the funniest and most original comment was, “Leng lui! Sai ng sai gom leng ar?!” in a scolding tone. LOL LOL. For the super bananas, it means Pretty Girl, must you be so pretty ar? Sheesh. I wonder, would they dare to kacau tourists?

l-r: Ching Yee and Suet.

So poor thing must take photo alone.

Horrendous clothings were everywhere. This butterfly sequinned top has no back. Just in front only. Don’t know how they wear one. It’s so freaking ugly you just have no idea WHO would actually buy it AND wear it. I mean I would buy it as part of my Halloween costume… but those who seriously need it….. I’m very curious to know.

Yay, good way of including your friends in your camwhoring moments.

The entire area was full of wholesale shops. They sold ALOT of things. Clothes, accessories, soft toys, etc.

KL on foot. Well, sort of.

Look!! A wholesale soft toy shop! So many cute and different looking soft toys.

And there were alot of bags that will soon appear in stalls all over Malaysia.

There were hundreds of handphone danglies to look at.

Such a waste of space but they are just so cute. Maybe they only look cute when there are alot of them.

A tissue box that I wouldn’t mind having.

The soft toys were about half Suet’s size! I would love a BIG soft toy. Time is running out, age is catching up with me. Found a few more grey hairs the other day at the salon. But RM100+++ for something so …. unfunctional is so damn pointless.

Ahah! We found it! Beautiful little decorative miniature furnitures which can be used to hang your jewelry.

The white one looks very Victorian.

This one too.

A accessories wholesale shop.

You get to see so many old fashioned things around that area.

l-r: Ching Yee, Lie Yuen, Suet, Mel and myself. We were on our way to Nichii Fashion City!

SUCCESS!! We didn’t even lose our way, though it was almost by luck that we found our way there. Impressive. Very impressive.

I don’t think I’ll ever know how to get to the opposite side of the road by car. I always always only pass by the area in the direction of the oncoming traffic.

My favourite word! What’s yours?

My hair is well behaved, my skin is okay, my eyebrows are trimmed, my driving skills have improved(though we must try and forget about the part where I cut from the right lane all the way to the left lane within a span of 2 seconds, less than 100m from the highway exit, okay girls?) … life is good.

Desperate shoppers, can even enter via the backgate.

Only Suet Li so nice, she damn layan.

What a beautiful sight.

I love doing this when I’m at Nichii. I love copying whatever the mannequins wearing and trying to see how I look in that particular outfit. I bought the three quarter pants!

Mel and Suet bought the same top.

I love the jacket! But I’m too fat for the jacket to look the way it should. Very nice one, tie to the side one..very trench-coat. Though it is obviously not a trench coat.

Suet Li is SO damn indecisive okay! So is Mel and Lie Yuen. Haha. We had to convince Suet Li that some of the selections were ugly. Must say we full of disgust or else she won’t believe you one.

l-r: Ching Yee, Mel and Lie Yuen.

Okay, report time.

I BOUGHT MY EARRING TOWERS. None of you bothered to ask me to buy for you. Cis.
The earring towers were RM32 each. The entire shop was at 50% off that’s why so cheap. And the necklace hanger was RM22.

And glow in the dark stickers from that gift shop.

After KL, Mel and I went to Amour in Taipan. Cheap clothes and one of the few lala shops that caters to girls my size. So happy. I’m wearing a size M for their bottoms. But none of their button tops fit me. My chest needs to be trimmed down. I’ll need help with the chisel.
I love these smart-casual short pants. So easy! No need to wear jeans all the time. Price of pants is Rm36.

And this slinky top was about Rm30. Sakit perut I after sucking in so hard for this photo. So sad;(

Then the next day, I treated Suet Li and Weng Lum to lunch at Kim Gary. It’s damn long overdue, like since December. Since they helped me to be the characters in one of my R.age articles(the one about guys wearing pink), I thought it was only fair that I bought them lunch/dinner since I was getting cold hard cash for writing the article.

But since Weng Lum was taking so long, we had some fun camwhoring. So embarrassing, but nevermind lah.

My expression damn fail but she looks so cute in this one!

Normal smiley picture.

This is our fake smile photo. Suet Li’s fake smile fail. The smile cannot reach your eyes one. I suppose she can’t help it if she has happy eyes.

Pan cute.

Me being disgusted at the digit-less pose. You know, like how Doraemon has no fingers. Apparently she learnt it from Audrey!

And finally they arrived!
L-r: Julie, Weng Lum, Myself and Suet.

At night, it was Sri melur for yamcha with Mel, Mun Teng and Kwo Kuang. Now, that’s the largest biggest most humongous piece of Roti Tissue ever!! It was so big okay, like half my size! Very unhygienic..but oh well, food is good is food is good is food.

Manyak panjang oh, bang!