Shopping For NS And Some Sidetracks.

My earring collection now stands at a figure of 80 pairs. I have only twenty more to buy before I hit my aim of 100 pairs!!

With all the stalls selling 3 pairs for RM10, that goal won’t be a long way to go.

RM15 from Kama. I *thought* I found really cheap chandelier earrings. It’s beautiful, but I was wrong about the price.

Mel talked me into buying these. LONG and BEAUTIFUL.

Even though the earrings I bought were a tad more than what I’d usually spend on accessories, I still love it. But nothing could beat the euphoria I felt when I came across this stall in Mid Valley selling THREE for RM10 chandelier earrings. I bought six pairs. Yup. Six.

I like the duo coloured beads at the top.

Turqoise earrings!!

Silver is always pretty in sharper designs.

I like the colour combination of the beads.

Something unique, but it still belongs to the funky category and most of my earrings are funky. I wonder what’s my next earring fetish? Before this, the crazier the earring is, the more I want it.

I didn’t know they had pink diamentes hanging from it as well.

My earring collection on a corkboard!!! I know I am mad, but I am not as mad as
April who bought an earring tower to keep all her earrings.

I’ve bought quite a few things to bring to NS! My dad asked me if I am going for a party or what. Apparently everything I buy I use NS as an excuse. Not true. It’s sensible items. I’m not talking about the earrings of course. 😉

Four pairs of good track pants from Reject Shop..altogether they only cost about RM109.00. One of them was 50% off. Compared to the RM89.90 baby blue tracks I saw at Giordano.

Murky green!

Flaming red ones..!

These are the most comfortable ones of the lot and they are the fuzzy kind.

YIKES I LOOK SO FAT HERE. It’s the same one as the murky green tracks, except it’s in pastel red.

They are all comfy and it’s such a bargain.

Some necessities. Hehe.

More necessities. Pink glittery hairband to push up my hair when I wash my face!! .. Ok, maybe I’m using NS as an excuse to buy things. Hm.

My Climacool shoes were stolen a couple of months back and I do not have good sport shoes. Correction, I do not have any sport shoes. I’ve been stuffing tissue paper into my dad’s old Power shoes and wearing it for lab sessions in college. Walking up the college stairs in oversized shoes took some practice.

Got this Power ones from the shoe warehouse shop in Subang Parade a week ago. I think that’s where one of my readers whose name is Warren saw me. Next time, you should say hello even though I “looked pissed”. I was not pissed. Hehehe.

By the way, RM39.00 for pink sport shoes is definitely a good buy. If someone actually steals them during NS, it’s not as heart breaking as losing RM300 shoes. My brother insists Power is a kid’s brand. Whatever, I like it and that’s that.