Shopping, Dinner and A Minor Booze Party

Blook opened in Subang Parade yesterday and they put on a bit of a show to wow the crowd. The turnout wasn’t that great, what with a few chairs lining the sides and a hideous stage to boot. Anyone who has been to Parade recently and has by passed the centre court would have seen the ugly rotating ‘flying bees’ buzzing around on the stage.

I don’t think that’s the image Blook is trying to portray though. Spastic nature and boho fashion so does not go together.

Their casual wears are nothing much to scream about but their wispy dresses are really nice though. Mostly cocktail dresses and dressy tops are their specialty. They should focus on that rather than the casual wear. I don’t quite like the casual wear. But yes, we saw loads of cropped cardigans.

See? Nice smock halter top. Not so nice capris. I’m guilty of owning a pair though. From FOS back in 1999.

A sweet paiseley dress. A nice combination of green and perhaps the frilly sleeves is an overkill. The scarf came with the door gifts.(No, I didn’t receive one, Mel did since she was representing Seventeen.)

OOOoh! Beautiful. Lovely cutting and all. However, the choice of prints is only average.

I’ve been meaning to photograph some of the beautiful accessories in this shop that has only recently opened in Parade. The place is called Kama and it’s located in that alley of boutiques near MPH.

Earrings galore!! RM10 for a pair. These usually cost RM30 plus plus because they are “authentic”.

Cute jewelry boxes with mirror motives.

OOOooo.. Mel bought this necklace and I think Chien has a pair of earrings like that. Don’t know if it’s a real stone or if they just uses a glass casing and crumpled glittery paper into it.

I was tempted to buy this one but Mel said that it’s simple to make.

Charm bracelets!!!!! But there are more to choose from the weekend bazaar there.

What’s a trip to Subang Parade without stopping at Uncle Lim’s?

Alicia and her nasi lemak. I love her chicken even though it’s spicy.

Mel looking gorgeous here.

And Esther as well. Hehe.

So does the egg shell. Uncle Lim’s serves the best half boiled eggs. It’s up there with the likes of Melur and Tanjung. Wish I could say the same about the other mamak in SS19. Can’t remember the name.

I bought earrings from Kama!! Here’s a sneak preview to my barrage of earrings. There’ll be more because I bought like 6 more at Midvalley today!

Wen Bin called for a dinner at night and so we met up at Salmon Steak.

l-r: Jia Jun, Wen Bin, Jiun Haw

l-r: Edison, Teng Choon, Chun Shiong

l-r: Chee Kiang, Me, Li Peng, Edison

Edison and Teng Choon

l-r: Sophia, Khek Tjian, David and Tze Leet.

Jiun Haw and Wei Loong

After the dinner, Chee Kiang and I went to Kota Kemuning for Daryl’s party. Loads of drinks. The occasion was his sister Joanne’s graduation. His parents are in UK for her graduation. Hahahaha.

We were walking around the huge house looking for Daryl.. and we found a toilet..and we found puppies!!!!! Besides his love for cars, Daryl loves dogs as well. He is a breeder.:) Ever since I’ve known him he has been joining all these dog shows and winning extra pocket money. He has 16 other dogs as well. By the way, the mother dog’s name is Bear Bear. So cute right?

The mother is snubbing Chee Kiang.

It has really sharp teeth for something so small.

Awwww!! It says sorry for biting.

L-r: Chee Kiang, Yi Wen’s Bf(sorry didn’t get his name) and Justin.

l-r: Chee Kiang, Me, Woon, Jamie, Pei Sze and Seow Yen.

Justin and Daryl. Damn cute man this picture!

Chee Kiang and Daryl’s .. er, boombox. He used his car to blast music. After awhile, something blew. My condolences, Daryl. Daryl and Justin love their cars so so so so much.

Nadine and me.

l-r: Yazliza, Nadine, Justin, Suzanna, Jonathan.