So long Jayelle

Jolene’s gone, and, uh… I’ve been put in charge of helping her update her blog while she’s gone. This will be the only post that will be fully written by me though, cos the rest will be through letters she’ll be sending to me. Man, that girl is one hard-core blogger. I’m her brother Luzzio by the way.

We left the house around 8.10 . My sister’s bus would be leaving around 9.30(or so it seems. It actually never left till 10 something. Bah, typical Malaysian attitude), so we were sort of in a rush. I asked Jolene if she wanted to be the one taking the pictures, since she was more familiar with the way the photos on her blog should be like. Sis declined, saying she was very nervous about NS and didn’t feel like taking pictures.

We arrived at about 8.40, and already all the buses were waiting in line to bring them 18-year olds for 3 months of ‘fun’.

Of course, when I started taking photos, her expression changed fully. Professional camwhorer. Heh.

At this point, my dad got a little angry. Jolene had packed a little too extremely, and her luggage consisted of the following:

1) Rolling plane travel luggage bag(black)
2) Pink sling bag, heavy with bathroom stuff.
3) Grey school like bag behind the shoulders
4) Green bag for other ‘essentials’.
5) One pail. For washing clothes.

5 things to carry. The most that other people had were only 3. Of course, it was a little humiliating, but it’s my sister’s knack for being like this that makes her so lovable =)

Poor girl was punished to carry all 5 things by herself.

There were so many people there! You had to practically push through a crowd of people just to get to the other side.

Alot of other people had a pail of the same color, so we decided to write her name on hers.

Registering at the counter. Couldn’t take a good pic, cause I wasn’t that comfortable with taking pics of total strangers.

Dad was still grumbling about her luggage. “One trainee take so much space in the bus? It wouldn’t be a very good impression la, girl! How are you going to take all those things by yourself all the way?”

Of course, dear old dad wasn’t one to let his daughter suffer, even if it was of her own mistake. He tipped the bus driver abit of cash to help her load the luggage(s) and also to unload.

Haha, you can see him pocketing the money in this picture.

“Cintai Malaysia” was the bus’ name. It’s one of those beat up old school buses which itch your butt when you sit on the chairs.

Good bye Jolene! Hugs were given all around, and I could see tears in my parents’ eyes. Dad’s was a little hard to spot, but mom’s was pretty easy. I’ve watched TVB chinese shows with her for over 4 years, and it’s become an instinct to know if she’s crying =p

We went back to the car, and dad decided to tail the bus all the way to Taman Templer where my sister’s NS camp was located. I groaned, but it’s useless to argue. Felt strange, without her sitting on her side of the backseat.

My parents went for Bakuteh at some chinese restaurant first before following the bus. Nothing that involves Jolene here, so I won’t blog about it. Of course, if you’re interested, you can check out my blog. 😉

*time skip*

Finally! After a gruelling 1 hour drive(bus was so friggin slow!), we’d reached the NS training camp. Except…it wasn’t so much of a camp.

Looked more like a school. We later concluded that it was an abandoned boarding school that the goverment re-used as an ‘NS’ camp. Cheap bastards.

Looks alot like SMKSU, the secondary school I’m currently in.

Parents: “Can we come in?”

We took awhile before reaching the assembly area. All the trainees were waiting to register themselves.

Found Jolene. By that time, the socialite had already made around 5 friends, a variety of Chinese and Malay ones. 

I felt a need to go to the toilet, so I decided it would be a good opportunity to take some pics around the area to show you guys what the place she’d be in for 3 months looked like. Easier for you to picture stuff for later entries, understand? =)

Hmm…with a closer look, it seems that the ‘assembly area’ is actually the canteen. Heh, this is where Jolene will be having her meals everyday, 6 times a day, 7 times a week, 4 times a month, for 3 months.

Finally found the toilet. Just a look from outside told me it wasn’t a very friendly place. ‘Kotor’.

But, SURPRISE! It actually looks clean! Wow, those must be expensive tiles, eh? I’m amazed, reall! What a nice looking toilet!

Even curtains for the showers. Hmm… of course, we all have to face…

…the Reality. The government can beautify the bathrooms as much as they want, but they’ll never change the attitude of Malaysians. All the cubicles were filled with ‘submarines’, and none were flushed. Sigh. Good luck Jo.

Kem? Kem what?

Ohh…cheh! Kem Rimba Templer issit? Don’t put so far la.

Scenery around was beautiful. The limestones made perfect backdrops for the place, giving it an isolated feel from civilization. I wouldnt mind having NS, actually, if the scene was really this good. But I laughed that thought of though, cos I remembered about-

-the toilets.

I have no idea how my sister is going to survive this.

It’s a 3-storey high course for heavy drilling(as in excercise la). Looks…hazardeous.

My parents decided it was time to leave, and let Jolene handle things by herself from here on. We gave each other hugs(again), and I bid my sis farewell. So long che, we’ll all miss you for the next 3 months T^T It’s really sad, not having my sis at home for 3 whole months… but I keep telling myself:

“When the cat’s away, the mouse gets to use her room”

Hehe, Luzzio, signing out.

*blog entries from here forth will be written by Jolene through letters*