Goodbye For Now

Rightfully there should be a last post before I go, so here’s one.

I will try to enjoy myself so that the weeks will fly by and before you know it, I’m home and everything will be the same again. What the hell am I doing awake at 3.20am when I’m only 6 hours away from the departure time? Old habits die hard.

My brother has kindly offered to help me upload my letters(to him) up on my blog and he will be pimpin’ his blog a little while he’s at it. I’m forcing him to ping PPS for me too. If it gets too stressful(though I don’t know how it would get too stressful for him)for him, Esther will be called to save the day. If I am nice enough to my brother, he might even print out my comments and traffic report for me. Hee. I am sad, I know.

I’m done packing. Finally. Four bags. One luggage, one duffel bag, one backpack and one tote bag to carry foodstuff and foot wear. Ew, I know. But we have plastic bags for that purpose. OH! And a friggin pail. I’ll look so stupid tomorrow. Stupid but adorable. That’s the plan. By the way, my pail matches the whole army motive. It’s dirty green.:)

I called my Aunty Ping in Malacca and she kept laughing at the thought of me handling M-16s and she was like mimicing me, “EeeEee..The Gun Will BreAk MY NaiL lAh!” .. She asked me to bring loads of sunblock and I told her no worries, I have. When I told her that there is glitter in my sunblock, she burst out laughing. HAHA. I suppose I AM the epitome of the military life. *looks at bags doubtfully*.

If you guys ever want to write to me, you can send all your letters to

Lai Pei Shan,
Kem Temasya Rimba Templer, Gombak.
KM 20, Jalan Ipoh-Rawang,
48000, Rawang, Selangor.

or email My brother promises to check it.

FUCKEN HELL. The electricity just went off. Damn, now I am REALLY blogging with the torchlight on. Freaking scary ok! Lightning and all that.

Shit man, it’ll be so long before my fingers caress these keys again. I’ll be so deprived from the internet I’ll actually start typing on any surface at all.

Here’re a few more photos to last you for a week or so.

We met Rajes at Melur ..she was also there for breakfast!

l-r: Li Peng and Edison

l-r: Ying Quan and me

l-r: David and Esther

HAHAHAHA Can you spot Mr. Ang? So cute!!:)

l-r: Mel and Pn. Rajes

My half eaten Roti

Two eggs for me!

l-r: Me and Chien

l-r: Hsien and Mel

Harga saham jatuh menjunam lagi.

We went to Pyramid and Vjay was on duty at Waffle World.

Met up with Justin, Barry, Suet Li, Audrey and Daryl at Pizza Uno for dinner.

l-r: Justin and Me

l-r: Suet Li and Audrey

l-r: Justin, Me, Daryl

Family photo!!
l-r: Suet Li, Barry, Audrey

I just realised that I didn’t take a picture of my food. Well, I suppose you know the food is good when Jolene forgets to take a picture. 🙂

l-r: Aud and Me.

Be good, okay? I’ll be back. 🙂