Help Me With My NS Packing List

I know I should be done packing now but you can’t help procrastinating the unpleasant things in life such as homework, chores and duties as a country(wo)man.

I’m even procrastinating an NS related post that’s supposed to be abit on the silly side..we’ll just see if I’ll ever get around to do that.

The only thing that I’ve gotten around to do so far is bringing out the bags.

One suitcase and one duffel bag. And perhaps an assortment of smaller bags.

Filling up the forms have been amusing in a weird sort of way. Here’s why:

Yup. That’s the plan. Nothing spicy for me. 🙂 I’m just kidding. I’ll take the liquid paper later and change it to something more serious sounding but along those lines.

Weng Lum(who is going to Terengganu as his camp is there – poor guy) was asking me about the alcohol consumption part. I mean obviously when you live in the Klang Valley and you’re in your late teens, you’d have to have a bit of alcohol at one point or another. So I don’t know how to answer it as well. We’re both wondering if it’s alright to tell a lie. But since it is impossible to detect any traces of alcohol from weeks ago, I’m just going with, “Tidak”.
And I’ve actually been to a gynaecologist when I was 14 for something so embarassing but all I’m letting you know is that it involves mushrooms and it’s cleared now. Soooo…. “tidak” for that as well. By the way the last question is “Adakah Anda mengandung?” … ….. ….. Tempted to tick “ya”. So fun!

It’s quite confusing trying to pack for three months. God knows how my friends who go overseas for studies manage.(what, 3,4,5 years?)

However, I believe that whatever I bring must benefit my own well being.

Therefore, I came up with a system. I will name parts of my anatomy and list out its needs as this will allow me a clearer picture of what I need to take care of myself.

Hair brush
Comb – when hair is wet
Hair tie
Bobby pins
Chopstick – for bad hair days
Pelican Clips – to pin fringe away when washing face
Hair band – ditto
Butterfly clips – to pin fringe away during activities
Hair dryer

Eyes and eyebrows
Nail scissors – to trim eyebrows, it’s very handy
Modest looking eyeshadow – I’ll never know when I might need it!
Modest looking eyebrow pencil – I’ll never know when I might need it!
Modest looking eyeliner – I’ll never know when I might need it!

Modest looking foundation – I’ll never know when I might need it!

Mouth and lips
Modest looking liptint – In case we come out in the papers..
Mints – for fresh breath!

Earring sticks – to prevent ear holes from closing.
Ear digger (Yee Wat) – need to dig my ears for self satisfaction. aaaah.

Modest looking blusher – I’ll never know when I might need it!
Facial cleanser
Sunblock(with glitter!!) – Very important. Not the glitter part though.
Multi purpose glitter – I’ll never know when I might need it. Performances maybe?
Body shampoo
Loofah – part of my regime, yes, don’t roll your eyes.
eau de toilette – cannot be smelly okay!
Mosquito repellant
Burn spray

Sub topic: Clothes
Baby tees
Modest looking nice top – I’ll never know when I might need it!
Modest looking miniskirt – I’ll never know when I might need it!
Needle and thread
Sarong – to bathe in.

Sports bra

Nail clipper
Buffer – If I can’t paint my nails, I should at least make it look shiny.

Cibai wash – the term is derived from Melody who got it from her colleagues. Also known as Feminine Hygiene Wash. “We’ll do the writeup about the cibai wash,”.
Disposable panties
Sanitary Pads
Panty liners
Soap powder to wash panties
Pail – can also use for clothes
Marker to write scary curses on panties labels to scare away potential thieves.

Tissue paper

Power trainers
Flip flops
A pair of flats

Brain (Mental Stimulation/Piece of mind)
Handphone charger
Analog camera
Digital camera – will only bring after analog camera survives the first week.
Film for analog camera
Charger for digital camera
Yellow Highlighter
Liquid paper
Torchlight – to blog after Lights Out.
Alarm clock

Immune system
Menstrual pills
Evening primrose oil pills
Oral rehydration salts – just in case
Vitamin C

There! I think I’ve got it all. Do remind me if you think there’s anything else that I should be bringing along.

Things I want to bring but obviously can’t:
-My laptop (with wireless broadband connection provided by the camp. Har Dee Hah.). Don’t look at me like that, I am a city girl.
“You can take the girl out of the city, but you cannot take the city out of the girl,” – Carrie Bradshaw.
-All my earrings. It’s an eyecandy.
-My tv with astro (I know the camp has astro, but not everybody wants to watch TVB ok?)
-My aircon
-My waterheater (cold water in the morning might sound *doubtful pause* ..intriguing.)
-All my makeup. I feel more secure that way.
-My dog. She keeps me entertained when there is nothing to read in the toilet.
-My toiletbowl. I don’t trust public toilets.

I’m sure some of you might think, “Haiyoh, three months only. So emo for what?”

The point is, I am at a point in my life whereby post of my peers have ended their university foundation courses and are about to embark on overseas education. To be a PTS who have made good friends with alot of people who are a year older than you AND to be selected for national service is not a good thing.

By the way, a PTS(Penilaian Tahap Satu) kid means being a year younger than most of your peers as I skipped standard 4 in that government examination given to standard 3 kids. I was the first batch when it was introduced in 1996. So I consider myself more of a 19 year old than an 18 year old as my mentality has been adjusted to a 1986’s kid’s for 9 years now. Yeap. I only spent 5 years worth of education with people my own age, including my kindergarten years.

Within these three months, so many people will be leaving for UK, Australia and US.(some already left for India(Hi Nicholas!! I know you’ve been googling me again. There can’t be anybody else googling for Jolene Lai with an IP address from India) and Ukraine). It’s no fun seeing your friends go.

To leave at a time when the emo levels are not THAT high yet is perhaps a good thing.. but all the fun we’ll have together from now will be few and far in between and the past few weeks are probably the only real solid constant fun we’ll be having ever. From here on it’ll be reunions all the way ….weddings, kids’ birthdays, grandkid’s weddings, funerals..etc.

I know that there’s such a thing as holidays. But it’s not often that UK, Aussie and US holidays coincide neatly.

Alright! Now that I’ve got the packing list all cleared up, I shall start packing.

…Um. Maybe, tomorrow. Very late now.