Underage and Evil Brothers

Woke up at 7.00am yesterday just so that I can go for the stupid amali thing at god knows where. So yeah, waited at the freakin’ driving school for like 10 minutes alone..thank god for mp3 players and the Steward of Gondor.. Esther and Elizabeth arrived and Elizabeth said that the woman called her up yesterday and said that I was underage and would have to wait until I turn 17! #$)#(*$)#$Then the stupid driving school people came and said, “eik, I thought I told you not to come today?” I was like, “Uh! I did not receive a call yesterday,” then the lady said,” Well I called your house phone and left you a message,”… WHO LEAVES MESSAGES THESE DAYS?! .. then i said, “Um, prefably my handphone?!”

Bitch. So I called mum and she sounded sympathetic and all and just as I was to put the phone down, she said, “Okla, so you walk home k??” Shit.

Basically a very boring day unworthy of blogging but somehow these fingers say, “WHILE AWAY YOUR TIME JO..”… very well then. Spent the rest of that sleep deprived morning TRYING to watch Lord Of The Rings Part One. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.
It was good, I tried to watch it. But I cannot help it..my eyes kept fluttering shut.
Then this morning fucking brother WON’T go down to meet Aunty Vicki(Pn.Vignesvary) who was outside to return a pinafore that I thought her daughter could wear. I mean between a (fuckedup)GUY and a GIRL who had equal amounts of sleeping time and arised at about the same time, who is more presentable? who? WHO? WHO?! OF COURSE THE GUY GODDAMNIT..!!! So he and his prissy “I CAn’t Be SeEen DreSs LikE thaT..” pranced back to his room and experiencedly slammed his door .. then the choice was left with MUM or JO.. Mum’s boobs were more obvious (Info: Women don’t wear bras to bed). So it was Jo and Smelly Breath. WHY IS IT ALWAYS ME?!!? Isn’t a girl supposed to get her way ALL the time? prat of a brother!!

Went to Megamall for some christmas shopping. AND.. and.. College Clothes shopping..! But I couldn’t find presentable clothes there… all except padini served quite a nice range of clothings that I deemed suitable for my college attire. Bought a nice white button down top..(crisp, linen….yum), a pair of shorts(of course for home use only) and a nice pair of crops(capris). My mum actually didn’t mind me setting foot into Miss Selfridge but I couldn’t find anything nice there.

From now on, you guys are gonna get a daily(each entry) dosage of a Jolene’s cute guys’ pics. of course, they are mostly celebrities and will find a WAY to GEt a DIGI CAm..then I will be taking snapshots of random men on the streets.. and then I’ll need to hire a lawyer.

       Guy on the left:Steven Ma !! My celeb crush in 2001. B.D.L.(Before Douglas Lim)