It’s Too Soon To Be 2007.

2006 is just too fast. Is it just me or do everybody feel the same that as the 31st of December looms around the corner, you feel like you’re running out of time and that you have so much to accomplish yet you don’t think you ever will?

All I can remember about 2006 is studying, studying and more studying. Bus rides up and down from Kedah. Sitting in front of the computer in my room in Kedah, which was the one main factor that kept my sanity going.

2005 was definitely more eventful than 2006 because I finished my A-levels then, had my braces removed, had my first kiss:P, went for national service(which I diligently blogged about my every single day there), marched for Merdeka, went to kedah to do dentistry, became a housemate to 7 girls whom most are some of my best friends in my class now and started to learn what “putting effort” into my studies meant.

2006, now that I come to think of it is quite eventful on its own.

Since my course has a continuous assessment every 9 weeks and we have FOUR modules(which lasts for 9 weeks each), just imagine the amount of studying I have to do in this course. How am I supposed to build memories about the year 2006?

i moved out of the university rented home and moved in to another place with Lie Yuen and Lishen and over time, Lie Yuen became my bestest friend, housemate and classmate in Kedah. We talked so much and about EVERY single thing and we never run out of things to say to each other. We still have three and a half more years of that. 🙂

There were many many happy moments and milestones with my boyfriend this year than ever before. Though our time together are rushed and stolen, but we try to make the most out of every opportunity we get to see each other. We understand each other so much more and even started fighting.(which is supposed to be a good sign right?:P)
I love you dear.:) Here’s to many more years.

I’ve also never studied so much in my life before. Mostly it is because I know I want to become a dentist which will enable me to live a comfortable and stable life. And also the fear of having to repeat a WHOLE academic year does things to me that one can never phantom. Which also results in the borrowing of library books, which I actually read, as compared to back in Taylor’s when I only visited the library to kacau my friends. Hehe.

I failed one subject in my first year finals and had to sacrifice a 6 weeks break and had to go back during the holidays to resit my paper. I never want to go through that ever again.

Life in Taylor’s seemed like such a joke compared to now. I’m talking in academic terms. The SOCIAL life I have now compared to 2005 IS the biggest joke.

2006 robbed me off almost all my friends, throwing them far and wide all over the world. And it will probably stay this way forever because most of them will want PRs there.

2006 also became THE year where the 2006 Club was formed. Those who understand what I’m saying will faham-fahamlah.:P

It is also the year that blogging has finally brought me a whole new level of recognition(read: Money). Which I do admit spoils my groove, but I think nothing can spoil the way you blog if you know how to manipulate everything in your hands and it is only up to you to weave everything together and STILL make what you write interesting. It’s hard. But I’m trying my very best.

However, I believe every year comes with its own set of adventures, new characters, new aspirations, sad and happy memories alike and of course, another year closer to graduation will will then bring about a lifetime of taxpaying, children’s education funds(I know *someone* has already started saving for THAT!:P) and the ultimate goal that is retirement.

Have a happy 2007 everybody.:) We’ll have this talk again in a year’s time.