Being A Tourist In Sungai Petani/Beautiful Sunsets/Angela’s Birthday/AIMST Sports Carnival/Meeting Justin Tiew

*Blings/crystal stickers are up on!!

When Chee Kiang came up to Kedah to see me, we finally decided to explore Sungai Petani. Yeap. After three years. Having a car definitely fueled the process but yeap, after three years. I should be ashamed of myself.

Our first stop was the Merbok waterfalls. I’ve heard that horny couples go there to fornicate as there are condoms strewn about. I don’t know, my friends tell me wan. When I went there I saw an old underwear though.

It’s almost like we’re driving up to some highlands.

I think it’s more of a water catchment plant than a waterfall. It’s too pathetic to be a waterfall. Not to mention gross.

That’s Lie Yuen walking down for a closer look. Very nice meh to bergolek-golek on the rocks? Sex on the rocks hahaha. I wouldn’t want fish spa where fishes don’t belong or get rock burns(you know, like carpet burns? Geditgedit? *forces joke on you*). Or make the headlines: “Naked couple found at the riverbank.”

Would you bathe in that, honestly? The water might look clear, but it’s not like it’s a gushing waterfall, more like a trickling pipe. Eurghh.

Chee Kiang seems to have no problem exploring a little bit more.

I went down anyway. I did try my best not to touch the water but I got soaked right up to my thighs.

Hahaha the guy looks like he is dead.

The water is actually quite beautiful despite where it comes from. What pissed us off were some kids and their parents nearby who were washing their hand with shampoo and washing their cars as well!

A little bit of fauna.

Ehehe, pembiasan cahaya. Lie Yuen and Cze-Yin look like they have elephantitis in this picture.

Urgh…;probably some vendors washing their chairs.

Chee Kiang said I should send this photo to The Star.

After that, we went to a place which was mentioned over and over in our history books : Lembah Bujang!

The day before our ‘big adventure’, Chee Kiang was googling about Merbok(the area where Sungai Petani is located in) and it actually has a very extensive history! It stretches back to the neolitic times!! This is why Lembah Bujang has all these ancient ruins of temples and it is also the home of many archaeological sites. The Merbok river was used for trading and it is the same river that I drive over every morning!

They are not exactly majestic ruins but just bits and pieces from the ancient times.

For all you know they snapped it off a pillar somewhere in Putrajaya.

I’m trying very hard to be impressed.

Nice. Bricks on bricks. This is apparently a temple(Candi) and a bronze Buddha statue was once placed in the middle.

Of all the temples, I think this was the nicest. But it looks like the people back then were pretty much midgets.

This is me getting sidetracked by some petai hanging from a tree.

Me and my boy with them temples.

We found some strange fruits on the floor. it reminds me of those sesame balls that are usually served during dimsum.

Chee Kiang tried squashing some.

Wahh…… pieces of ceramics. Wooo..

Okay I have to admit that this one is pretty impressive. I actually took a photo of one of the Batu Bersurats and the writing on it is damn cute. Like a giant face that is super ugly. I forgot to edit so yeah, moving on.

I don’t know if the sampans are able to be seen clearly but they are the ‘Perahu Sagor’ that traders used back in the ancient times. Many were found marooned at the sides of the Merbok river.

What trip of Sungai Petani would be complete without going up Gunung Jerai? I couldn’t possibly graduate and leave Sungai Petani without going up the mountain that I stare at wonder each and everyday. I’ve always loved how the clouds envelope the tip of the mountain and the lone yellow light that flickers at the top of the mountain at night.

I drove up, he drove down. It was actually quite cooling up there!

The place was under renovation. There is actually a holiday resort there which was said to be pretty shabby.

As you can see, with the new additions, we might even stay there for a night.

Ya whatever. We walked pass it.

Mist! Can you see it?

Shabby as it is, the view is really really awesome. Paddy fields stretch into the horizon and clouds form a fluffy layer above the greens.

That’s Pulau Bunting with its white elephant bridge. Satu lagi Projek Barisan Nasional..

=) Chee Kiang is currently in Romania now. Partying(according to him, the Pharmacy Student Conference that he is attending is 20% conference and 80% party) away with future pharmacists from all over the world. There was even one night where everybody traded alcohol beverages from their homeland. He had Korean Beer, Slovenian Beer, Spanish Beer, Finnish Beer, Denmark beer..etc.

Oh look, trying to be Cameron Highlands.

Imagine being stranded there at night.

The road is only wide enough for one car to pass. So, becareful if you drive up Gunung Jerai.

We’ve always agreed that the sunsets at Sungai Petani yield the most beautiful colours. Especially during April. Somehow the sunsets are prettier.

This was taken in Penang when I sent Chee Kiang back to his grandmother’s house. damn nice right? 😀

Right after our Cameron Highlands Trip, we celebrated Angela’s birthday at Old Town. Old Town is probably the best thing to ever happen to Sungai Petani. Here’s Chee Wen opening Angela’s cake at high speed.

My favourite kind of cake. Mmmm.

Jimmy showing us why he needs more cake.

I’m sure other girls will kill me if I pull this one on them, but Angela is probably the most patient and gentle person in our class. No prizes for guessing who is the most impatient and ganas person in class.

Happy Belated Birthday, Angela!

And this is the night where we thought that the North Zone Sports Carnival which was held our university would rake in like 900 students to watch the games and thus bought enough fruits to feed 900 people. Our of four events, the only event held at AIMST was the badminton game and even so, you think people would bother to turn up? 🙁 ARGH. We were our best customers.

We had Honeydew, watermelon, papaya and banana ice blended. Not all together lah, it’s a combination of any two fruits, with nata de coco and ice.

To cut a long story short, my ice shaver died half way and I officiated my mum’s juicer and it worked amazingly well!! A post about my attempt at making honeydew milk shake will be up soon!

SEE! Grrrrr. Had to give so many fruits away at the end of the carnival.

Xin Yi and Chee Wen were pleased to find that the Papaya has a starry-inside.

Even the tip of the papaya is star-shaped! Reminds me of Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction.

Xin Yi and I on the first day of the event. All the carrying and shifting is not fun at all. 🙁

That’s our beautiful signboard that Jimmy, Sett, Chee Wen, Ee Chia etc etc made. So creative right! The tooth is made by papier-marche on a wiremesh. They cleverly used a tub of soil to hold the stick which holds the toth.

l-r: Chee Wen, Sett and myself.

Jimmy was a real neat freak – in a good way of course. If we didn’t have him around we would definitely have a tough time with the whole arrangement and all our attempts at maintaining a hygienic environment(note the plastic gloves) would go out the window.

Friday morning’s shift!

Oooh! Ooh! I’m sure I have friends who know this guy up there, right next to me. He is Justin Tiew and we have plenty of mutual friends together. He is actually my step cousin – his step dad is my dad’s cousin. A few chinese new years ago (when his Step Dad was still alive, he passed away last year), I think it was back in 2004, his step dad told me that his step son, Justin is studying in Taylor’s College, A-Levels as well. So I was on this mission to find out who this step cousin of mine is.

I don’t know what made me do this, but once when my class and another class were crossing paths between classes along the corridor, I saw this guy and my instinct told me, “This is Justin”. I tilted my hip towards him, and with two hands doing the gun-shape thingie like some loserish wannabe western fellow trying to say, “Yo!” and said, “You’re Justin right?” (hip tilt, gun hands – all in one swift motion).

And the guy was like, “No?!” and hurried along. Damn shy man.

I gave up on my quest to search for Justin Tiew. I did hear his name here and there throughout college but have never met the fella. We even worked on the same editorial team but never met. He designed the cover for that year’s A-level yearbook.

No one would have guessed where we finally met.

On Kennysia’s tagboard. -__- (that was my first and last time tagging there okay. At least I don’t use it as a chatroom.)

And so during my first year in dentistry, he finally added me on MSN. After many clashing schedules throughout the years, we finally met recently in Sungai Petani where his father’s family resides.

So this is the story of my step cousin whom I met for the first time in my life.

I’ll wrap this post up with a photo of an over elated Ah Thong celebrating his 23rd birthday! 😀

Shopping For A Boy IS Painful

I was pleasantly surprise to know that Soon Seng, a friend from my school days, is also growing to be a rather active Nuffnanger. Hence, I decided to give him something nice to commemorate the occasion.

This is a starkingly obvious post about the Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest. The both of us pakated to do this together. So go see his post and be blown away, he really is a photoshop maestro and I think he did magic with whatever video editing software he has. My jaw literally dropped.

The idea is to get a present for a fellow Nuffnanger from Realmart and then blog about it. Realmart is RealRewards’ New Online Store – where RealRewards’ members can purchase their items using their accumulated points.

We’re both of course, trying to win the prizes that are up for grabs.

So here’s my futile attempt:

On a sunny Sunday afternoon at McDonalds SS15 Drive-Thru, Jolene and Soon Seng met up for drinks to catch up on old times. Jolene was in a generous mood.

Jolene loves how Soon Seng’s face looked so excited.
Jolene suggested that since his girlfriend, Joyce, is back home in Negeri Sembilan, it’s best if she gets him a Victorinox Overnight Essentials Kit. He would need it when he goes over to visit her. It’s also quite discreet, rather than a suitcase where her parents might raise eyebrows. Then he can continue to be a good boy and just stay until quite late so that her parents can say, “Aiyah Soon Seng, just stay over late already..too late to drive back to KL.” Then he can be all, “YAYY!” and whips out his Victorinox Overnight Essentials Kit and will be all set to borrow Uncle’s pyjamas.

But then Soon Seng, as Jolene has never known him to be, was a tad materialistic. The RM135 present was too insignificant for him.

Jolene had a sudden bright idea. The PERFECT gift. A sleeping bag would be good when there’s a loving girlfriend staying miles away from you, also equally awesome when that loving girlfriend and you have a fight. (but according to Soon Seng, they barely fight.) If her house doesn’t have enough mattress for you, you can impress the parents by saying, “It’s okay lah Aunty, thanks Uncle, but I can sleep in the hall lah. No problem one. See, I got my sleeping bag!”

But it wasn’t Soon Seng’s idea of a real gift from a friend who owes him many years of presents.

But Soon Seng wanted something practical. And practicality to him is the Apple Ipod Classic 80GB in Black. He would rather listen to an endless supply of music and watch all the videos in the world than work on impressing his future in laws.

But Jolene is quite stingy by nature and gave it a second thought. She probably won’t fork out RM939 for Soon Seng since he has never given her anything before.

Jolene, as usual, had another bright idea. A Remote Controlled Robot would be such a great gift! All boys love Robots, right? Plus, this robot walks, dances, grooves, delivers karate chops(lol the website say one) and even picks up and throws objects. It’ll be very handy for Soon Seng. Might be able to help him out in his daily activities.

But perhaps he has been exposed to the possibilities that the technology in Japan can offer..hence the fussiness.

Jolene giggled at the thought of giving Soon Seng the Osim iGalLop. Everybody could do with a go on the Osim iGalLop. It helps to distress, work those hip muscles, trims the waist, work up a sweat, entice men by gyrating hips…etc.

Soon Seng will not fall for Jolene’s lame jokes.

Soon Seng’s skin is rather thick and still expects a present from Jolene after everything.

Jolene never knew that even shopping for a guy online is as bad as shopping for boys offline.

Jolene wanted to get Soon Seng something classy. She chanced upon the Burberry Brit For Men EDT Spray and thought that it’ll be perfect. Everyone loves perfume right? It’s the easiest gift to get!

However, it didn’t go as planned as Soon Seng took her suggestions to heart and made plans to bathe more that night.

Jolene knows that as a boy, Soon Seng probably loves cars. So she finally decided, “Aiyah, okaylah, just get him this.”

It was a Lamborghini! Of course Soon Seng was happy.

Soon Seng look overly grateful and probably a little bit paiseh about the extent of my gift. I’m a very giving person at times.

Jolene hopes she made it clear to Soon Seng that it’s a Bburago Lamborghini Murcielago Model Car, though.

The Love Letter That I Wrote At 13

It’s 3am and I’m almost done packing for my entire month worth of holiday. I hate the packing process so much, ugh. Hamster cages are cleaned and ready for boarding. Clothes are selected. Edible leftovers are thrown away. Floors are swept. Ahahaha, just kidding about the last part.

I want to share with all of you something I wrote to this long time crush of mine when I was 13 years old! It was my second love letter to him after the one I sent to him in form 1 went unreplied. Found it in my box of letters/cards while clearing up and it was fun to walk down memory lane. When I made a photocopy of the letter, I KNEW that there would come a day where I would want to reread my silliness. So here’s a little something for all of you to read while I drive back to Subang on Saturday morning. Perhaps I’ll paste my juvenile poems(that were mostly written with a broken heart) next time too! Used to have a whole book full of sad love poems.

Looking back, it was a very nice experience for a young girl like me. Though this boy never reciprocated my feelings for him, he certainly stirred up emotions that were all firsts for me! First tears, first confessions, first stomach clench, first racing heartbeat, first shy glance, first walk home. The makings of a Sweet Valley Twins book.

With Chee Kiang, it’s a whole other world of firsts. 🙂 More important and meaningful firsts. 🙂 I’ve repeated our story over and over, so have something else for a change!



Dear JT,

I don’t know I chose to write to you, instead of him. (not Chee Kiang, hahaha, he came into my life a year later.) Maybe because you’ve been in my heart longer than he has. Maybe because he turned me down faster than you could. I don’t know why I had the guts to write to you although I know I’ve tried once and never received a reply. Do you remember when that was? I do. 18 November 1999. 🙂

I don’t know if I still like you. I don’t know why I chose to like him. (god, I can’t remember who I was crushing on at that time. Getting old already..) Maybe I was bored? Maybe I wanted to know if I’m really unable to get any guy I want? I guess I found out.

What I’m gonna say and ask may have been repeated a dozen times. But I really want to tell you more since next year would be your last year in school. You said something to me the other day online that I’ve been dying to hear all along.

You said you missed me. You seemed so nice. You sounded exactly like I’ve imagined you to be. Just then. You were so sweet, so sincere. I guess I fell for the image of the person I put in my dreams. I fell for the man I’ve built in my imagination. You wouldn’t know how much I used to cry for you.

Till this day, I’m still kicking myself for not breaking down in front of your eyes the day you told me you were with another. I was wailing by the time you left. I remember you touched my shoulder when you left. I thought something was wrong with me to have you treat me that way.

I thought I was wrong from inside out. I thought you never wanted me to be part of your life. But right now, I feel very discontented when you walk pass me, while looking in another direction. In another way.

Maybe you really didn’t see me at all, or maybe you did. Who knows?

The first day I saw you, 16 Jan 1999. My 12th birthday!

The first time you talked to me, 8 October 1999. 8 means something to me since then. And that is why I chose it as my volleyball jersey number. I believe I was very lucky on that day. If you have really liked a person as much as I have, you would understand what I mean. You would understand better if you never got that person too.

Okay, I can admit to you that since the day you told me you were with Kshin, I was very very very sad. Eventually I got on with my life and I forgot all about you. It was until I told this other boy that I like him (ah yes, now I remember. the guy who got together with the girl that chee kiang likes. Which was how our story began.). And as you know, he didn’t feel the same.

When you broke my heart, for many nights I just laid in my bed and cried and cried. When no one was around.

These days, I jump back in bed to cry because what my heart always desires won’t be obtained. (seriously, Jolene lai at 13 years old. Please shoot yourself.). So If you can read my mind you would know that right now I’m in a daze whether to bring my heart back to you because of all the things that happened before. But if you could get yourself to make me yours, you would know that I will really, really want you a lot. (I think I meant to say ‘love’, but it was too big a word for me at that age.)

You may think that you don’t know me at all and that I have huge mood swings. But I know you! Things can change, cant it? 🙂 There’s always a turning back in whatever you do. You can fix wrong and you can make right. (sounds like a motivational book from here onwards….)

Sometimes I think you’re weird….sometimes I think you’re…….desirable….Ya…that!

I always see something special in the person I like though it is always oblivious to the people I share my stories with. Before you leave for college, I would like to complete a couple of my dreams. And that is up to you to fulfill.

I would love to have you walk me home a few more times before the year ends and at least write me a letter.

Sometimes I feel you think that I keep forcing you. Maybe I do. You tell me! (no kidding..)

This may sound stupid but I once visualized your wedding. I saw myself with a fake smile on and a broken heart inside. Am I scaring you? 🙂

If ever you would want me or ask me to be with you, I’d just float through the clouds.

I’d want you to treat me like a real woman. (13 only la wei wtf wtf wtf bulu pun takde!)

(okay, i’m leaving the next line out. My conservative 21 year old brain cannot take the next line. Damn geli wei.)

Have affection for me and a desire to be with me. I don’t want you to be neglecting me.

If you’re wondering, why the sudden spill of words: Our conversation the other day which consisted of words that I’ve been dying to hear….and my knack for not getting what my heart needs. I cried for him, I cried for you, I cried for me. I like crying. It makes me feel better. But I think a pour of emotion is better than crying alone hence this letter to you.

I want to share my tears with you~ I want you to know how I feel and felt.

I guess I’ll end the letter here. Can you promise me that the least you would do is to actually write back? Do what your heart think is right. Feel what this letter makes it feel. Go with the flow. Don’t break this one promise.

I’ll be waiting,


WAHAHAHHAA. Ok, now I’ll burn the stupid photocopied letter. I wonder where I learned to be so emo. 😀 And not to mention LAME. Oh my god. Okay, I hope you all had a good laugh at some so-pathetic-can-die parts and will still be able to look at me the same way as before. I’m very cool one now okay.

Sticker Teasers/The June Babies/Post Exam Arcade Fun/Exercising In Class/Spilled Cornflakes/Batu Feringghi For DVDs

I blame TVB Dramas (I can now download off forums! Same night as when Astro On Demand airs them!! Same NIGHT as when Hong Kong airs their latest shows. I is rockingz. ), torrented series (SATC, Family Guy, How I Met Your Mother), classes but most of all the crazy amount of pictures that I am STILL editing. As I type this, I’m half way editing my Cameron Highland photos. Like when Firefox hangs, I’ll switch to Adobe and when Adobe hangs, switch back to Firefox. But this was before I reformatted my comp and I’ve upgraded my RAM! To 1gb!! My brother’s eyes popped out when I told him I got it for RM60 only. Some shop in Sungai Petani was having a promotion. I now have a super fast computer!

So tomorrow is the last day of year3 for all of us here! Everybody passed their exams, like last year. However, if you’re to be dubious about how my uni is so lenient as to let us just pass like that well I shouldn’t mention this but a few people from the current 1st year and 2nd year might have to repeat an entire year as they have failed too much. An ex classmate failed second year, we’re wondering if she will repeat second year. If so, it would be the second time she repeats an entire year. A student gets only two chances to repeat, but if he/she fails for a third year(different academic year) then it’s bye bye dentistry and a minimum of RM80k(four years spent at Uni. tsk.). Or worse, if the student fails at the end of the 5th year. Maximum profit for the uni. RM140k at least! Crazy.

I’ll be back for the entire month of August before going back to Uni on the 1st of September as a wiser, more matured, more diligent Year 4 senior. 🙂 But that probably won’t happen. Maybe for the 1st week where my make up is on and hair is blow dried then I’m back to being my bare face self with rags for hair. Just another day in the life of Jolene who can never wake up early enough to prepare for the entire day ahead. Will working life change me or will I still revert back to my don’t-give-a-fuck day in day out look?

Okay, on to the photos!


Since we’re on the topic of stickers, I shall not waste the opportunity to promote, publicize, pimp, peddle my sticky wares!

Back in Subang, I had a small stickers photoshoot. These are my Sandylion stickers which I have yet to put up on the blog.

These were up on the blog before! Here’s the link.

My pride and joy!! 🙂 Some are up, some are not yet up!

Deco tapes! I’ve not sold any, and am still trying to work out a code system to keep an inventory of these stickers.

Stickooo!! Almost sold out already. But I’ve already put in an order for 40+ Sticko stickers. Should be arriving in Subang in about a weeks’ time! I’m also importing A Touch Of Jolee’s and Sandylion Essentials. Those who are in the know will know how to squeal at the mention of those names. 🙂

Not up yet as well. 🙂

Here’s the link for this one.


I don’t think I’ve blogged about these yet. But almost all are sold out as it’s a hot favourite when I bring my sticker collection to meet other crazy sticker lovers. About three pieces left only.

When I came back from my 5 weeks’ break, the June babies (Maxis, Jimmy, Xin Yi and Josiah) celebrated their birthday. They do it together every year. This is Josiah and Angela by the way.

It was nice to see all of them after 5 weeks. L-r: Zhu Zen, Lie Yuen, Cze-Yin.

l-r: Ee Chean, Ah Thong, Chwan Horng, Sett.

A very nice photo of the loving couple. 🙂

Who da birthday boy!
l-r: Andy, Maxis, Jimmy

l-r: Sock Nee and Nien

Chee Wen has a new toy! I didn’t think that he would enjoy wielding a camera.

All the couples in my class got together in year 1 and they are still together and going strong!

Since nobody wanted to take a picture with me, I went solo.

Jimmy, Xin Yi and Josiah are 1986 babies. Maxis is the old man here at 23 years old.

I felt loved.

Of course, a group photo is always compulsory. But then, how many is too many?

I thought this was a pretty cool idea! The floating flower really does give a touch of class. Used here are ugly plastic/clothe flowers. Imagine if it’s a beautiful fresh rose in full bloom. Such a beautiful romantic glass of wine. 🙂

This photo can be used for the restaurants’ promotional brochures. Heh.

After our dentistry final paper, we went to Sunway Carnival in Penang for a movie. We had to kill some time before the movie (Get Smart! YES SEE HOW FAR BEHIND I AM WITH MY BLOG!!) and somehow ended up at the arcade. Brenda, Lie Yuen and I got separated from the rest but we had a smashing good time anyway!

Daytona back then was fun because “wahhhhhHhhH you so good at driving lah…wahhhhhhhhh I can’t wait to drive laa wei!! Damnn kau funnn!”.. and three girls who have been driving for about five years put RM1 into the slots and seriously, really played Daytona. It was quite fun lah.

And I managed to persuade Lie Yuen to play air hockey with me! The last time I played air hockey was when I was 11 years old with dad and the place was closing. Felt so sad because my game was cut short. 🙂

Orang tua tak sedar diri.

But they still look pretty in a car meant for kids.

Here I am doing my thang at one of the arcade thingies. I’m not pretending to be detached from arcades as I SWEAR I don’t frequent arcades. This was something like Dance Dance Revolution but with hands. That arcade in Sunway Carnival didn’t have DDR, can you believe it?!?!?!

I’ve always wanted to play DDR in public but I’ve never dared to do it. Over the years, I grew taller and now if I do pursue this unfinished dream of mine, I’ll only end up looking idiotic. “Wah why that Aunty so not shy go bounce bounce like that. eeeyer.” Yeap, most probable comment. Did I mention that when I went jogging at the park near my place, two kids who were clinging on to their gate called me “AuntYyyyy!!” ? Didn’t really do much for the ego. It also didn’t help that I was running circles around that park and had to pass their house each round and got called AUNTYYyyYy every single time. 🙁 Lie Yuen also got called Aunty. Wahahahaha.

I am actually quite good!

Another group pic. Our year book at the end of 5th year will be damn awesome.

I know we’re kinda Standard Six for always going out in a big group but that’s how it is in a university that is faaaar away from home. We’re each others’ family. 🙂

During one of our classes, Dr. Brindha made us do some exercises as a few of us were falling asleep.

Another random photo. That’s milk, cornflakes and sugar for you. Over a dusty dusty floor. 🙁 🙁 One can even get Audrey’s bad luck just by reading her blog!(which I was doing at the time of the incident.)

During one of our day offs, we headed to Penang and besides the usual like Queensbay, we drove all the way to Batu Feringghi! As for the clothes on sale, to each her own. =\

There were toys for sale as well.

Such a nice photo of Brenda, Lie Yuen and Narjit.

Then when it comes to me, I don’t get a nice clear one. 🙁 Why like that!

It’s like I’m wearing bubble goggles.

Some of the toys were kinda cute.

Many thongs for sale.

DVD galore!! Batu Feringghi is well known far and wide for being DVD heaven! RM4 per DVD!

Whereever there are stalls, there are sure to be accessories.

Brenda said that the stretch is the Petaling Street of Penang. Really..

salt and pepper shakes doing ballroom dancing.

These are one of those dangerous purchases which just entice you at the beginning and then you go home with a bunch of balls with light bulbs inside and go, “Wtf?!” Most of the time it’ll sit at the top of your cupboard with your stock of tissue rolls. True story. 🙁

Whale fuck dolphin fuck whale fuck dolphin fuck crocodile. Must say it out loud and damn fast. Brenda and I were laughing so hard.

The turtle looks really happy.

Crocodile then fucked loopy float that fucked whale who fucked crocodile jr who fucked sealion.

Colourful loopy doodoo. How lah to float with that?? And the heart is for protection.

so huggable!

Lie Yuen in the doodoo.

Only RM80! Three seasons of Family Guy (1,2 and 3) and five seasons of Sex and The City!! I’m so happy!! Each season has like 3-4 DVDs inside. 🙂 The amount of shows that the pirates have is really astounding. You name ANY obscure TV series also sure got one.

Alright, time for bed. 🙂 5am now.