The Day I Led Nuffnang’s Counterstrike Team To Its Impending Death

I’m guessing that those who didn’t attend Nuffnang’s Counterstrike Competition at the Samsung WCG would not have known that I was the girl that Nuffnang asked to join their Counterstrike team. The WCG(World Cyber Games) is hailed to be the olympics of computer games and apparently it was a honour to be there to witness the maestros in action but what do I know, I’m just a girl who likes fluffy, pink things.

After seeing me kill my own teammates during training, I’m sure they were having second thoughts but were too nice to say it to me.

I’m more of a Mario Bros kind of girl and have never even tried playing Counterstrike before! But for this competition, I downloaded Garena and Counterstrike 1.6! Played and played and got bored with the Malaysian rooms and I found myself battling it out with some Taiwanese players.

Along the way, I even told my guy friends about my participation and they were quick to give their opinions.

“Shoot the head!” said the wise Jimmy.

Kwo Kuang was so proud of me that he walked over to my house straight away when I told him I was participating in a CS competition and we played from 12am to 4am. My brother was upstairs at his own computer playing with us. My brother played a few rounds with me throughout my two weeks of preparation for the game. Kwo Kuang’s nickname was “Jolene’s Bodyguard”.

And so the big day arrived.

L-r: Nick, Myself, Yee Hou. I can hardly recognize Yee Hou here! This is the first time I’ve met Nick(and Robb too) officially and after meeting him at trainings, I’ve come to really like him. You’re a nice boy, Nicholas! *pats head*

Friends from SMK Subang Utama would probably be shock to know this, Wai Ping has just joined Nuffnang as their Marketing Assistant! So you’ll probably be seeing her around the blogosphere a lot. But I think you’re better off looking out for her english name, Pinky. Which is still a little hard on my tongue..I’ll stick with Wai Ping.
L-r: Wen Qi(who just started her music course at NUS), Tim, Nick, Yee Hou, Wai Ping and Robb.

Uhhuhuhu, why so blur!
Anyway, this is our Counterstrike team. As terrorists, our tactic was to “Stick together, team!” and as counter-terrorists, our tactic was to camp at certain spots. Yee Hou jaga-ed the bridge, I took care of the counter base (and failed miserably) while the other three rempuh masuk the tunnel with hand grenades.

I seem to know each and every girl (except for Esther..and that accountant girl who got some flowers..Michelle, I KNOW YOU:) Haven’t met you before though) personally before they went into Nuffnang to work. Wai Ping is my volleyball and Interact Club junior from high school! 🙂 One of my sweetest junior who always speaks happily to me. Melissa(Chong) came with her as well and SORRY MELISSA!! I totally forgot to whip out my camera. Our conversations were far too interesting. 🙂 Not that yours wasn’t, Wai Ping, hahahahaa.

Wen Qi who came back to Malaysia after one week’s worth of class to attend the Malaysian Youth Philharmonic Orchestra. Such a talented girl!

This is Robb briefing the other participants (there were more people!) about the competition.


Wen Qi tried to strike up a conversation with Wai Ping about Counterstrike to which Wai Ping immediately said, “OH so boring, I sleep first.”

“They say when you shoot the head the enemy will die immediately!” said Wen Qi who tried to teach Wai Ping about counterstrike.

“Okay, enough. Headache already,” Wai Ping said. So rude lah you Wai Ping. tsktsk.

The game was about to begin and the team leaders drew lots.

After a few rounds, we had our first casualty. Poor Nick lost his leg.

I was extremely impressed by the grandeur that computer games can garner!

There were many booths around the Midvalley Exhibition Center with games for us to play! I had a go at Mario Kart Wii after standing next to this guy for the longest time. I inched closer and closer, hoping that he would take the hint and pass the control to me. It’s so much harder than the Nintendo DS version which I am still very much addicted to. I played against a 6 year old boy and embarrassed myself. Not gonna go into details.

At the Samsung booth was where all the Nuffnang bloggers who entered the counterstrike competition battled it out.

Guitar Hero!! I’ve heard about the game so much, I never knew that it was actually a guitar that one would need to hold when playing the game. I didn’t take pictures of this other game but I think it’s called Super Dance Revolution or something. The gamers wore headphones with their heads really low and facing the keyboard(in deep concentration) and their hands flew across the keys as the screen showed some amazing super dance revolution skills. It’s a whole torrent of arrows going all sides and these gamers didn’t even have to look up from their keyboards!

For the first round of the Counterstrike competition, I’m proud to say that I managed at least five kills! I think we did better as Terrorists. Not too shabby as Counters too.. but this was till we went into the finals and battled and lost pitifully. Though Nuffnang allowed it, but in my opinion, they should really have limited it to bloggers only as the winning team comprised of only one blogger and the rest were the blogger’s friends.

She was damn good! I is shy. Pachau!

I stood behind each girl trying to see how they played. Come to think of it, it wouldn’t be of any use also lah as once we enter the game, not like one of the terrorist suddenly got boobs right? You won’t know who’s the girl and just shoot any enemy that you see anyway.

Even though during the finals, Yee Hou and Tim died before me and became backseat Counterstrike players (making me more kancheong and thus killing Nicholas and Robb lol), I enjoyed myself and would like to thank the Nuffnang boys for inviting me and tolerating me. Inilah akibatnya when you want to form a counterstrike team with the condition of having ONE girl on the team.

After playing Counterstrike for two weeks, I’ve learned:

…that running with a knife is faster than running with a gun.

….that I should press 5 to drop the bomb and left click to activate it. -_-

And that this the best gun to use as a counter terrorist and my favourite is the AK47 for the terrorist team.

It’s a wonder how I managed to carry on into the finals. Must be their l33t skillz.

The girls toilet very clean one.