Nuffnang’s Mama Mia Premier In Penang?!?!


Awesome because Year 4 would have started by then and I can’t possibly come home on a Monday just to attend a movie screening? Instead, I get to drive over the Penang bridge and watch Mama Mia with the Penang bloggers!(If I win the tickets, I’ll give it to Lie Yuen! Brenda, you do your own post! :P)

The one reason that I want to watch Mama Mia badly is of course none other than the super talented Meryl Streep! Give her any role and she can transform it entirely into something that people will remember. Also, for Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth to sing? Such unlikely castings, all the more reasons for us to watch it.

Be it Lisa the suffering mother/shrink in Prime or the ice queen Miranda in Devil Wears Prada, you’ve got to love her. She commands respect for all her work on the silver screen and now she’s actually singing in a movie! I MUST WATCH THIS SHOW. Obviously if I don’t win the tickets I’ll still go and pay RM8(huhuhuhuhu) and watch it at the cinemas.

I love musicals so much. Some people find musicals boring but I loooooove them.

When I was little, it would be the disney ones. Now that I’m older, there’s Hairspray, Sweeney Todd, Enchanted ( recent times k)… all these happy clappy songs that makes you smile like an idiot at the silver screen when the entire cast comes out to dance. Except maybe Sweeney Todd (which Chee Kiang and I actually watched while propped on our elbows and tummies in bed), which was on repeat in my ipod for a few weeks. Oh, Across The Universe sucked for me. I walked out during the animated part. What stupidity #(E$#^$^#%. Musicals should NEVER be animated.

I remember after watching Sound Of Music when I was five, I would pretend to be Gretel climbing up the stairs singing, “The sun…has gone…to bed…and so must I….”. The most recent Sound Of Music re-enactment was done last Tueday at Neway where Dennis and I sang 16 Going on 17. We even did the whole running around the gazebo thing (Neway had a semi-circular seating arrangement) and Jiun Jeh shouting at Dennis in the background, “You’re 24!”

For me, I found Grease a little too long but I love all the songs!

I wonder if Cats will ever be adapted onto the big screen?

Before watching Mama Mia, I’ll probably do what I did for Across The Universe: Go on an ABBA binge. I’m sure I’ll end up liking the songs from the movie more. But knowing songs like I Have A Dream, Mama Mia, Moneymoneymoney would be good enough for now. CAN I PLEASE HAVE THE TICKETS? 😀

Check out the trailer. Meryl Streep looks so young with her long blonde curls. 🙂

Shhh secret… I actually watched all the High School Musical movies. Waiting for High School Musical: Graduation. Shh. Shy.