That Awesome Camera Function On The Samsung i550

Aside from the wifi, my second favourite function of the Samsung i550 is the 3.0megapixel camera that comes with the phone.

Would you believe that it takes even better macro shots than my Lumix FX10?! (Lumix cameras, in my experience, have never been great with macro shots). This camera captures pictures in six different resolutions (320×240, 640×480, 800×600, 1152×864, 1600×1200, 2048×1536) and so you can just imagine how clear they turn out to be. You’ll see examples further down.

This is the tiny thing that produces surprisingly beautiful photos.

You have the option of switching between camera or video camera mode by flicking the trackball to the right or to the left. By flicking the track ball up and down, you’d be zooming in and out.

Here are the few options that come with the camera.

Under ‘Adjust’, there is an option called ‘Colour Tone’. It’s the usual sepia, black and white etc tint for your images.
I am using the normal mode here!

This is how I look underwater.

So the opposite of the colour of my skin is eerie blue.

The typical gaze-up-into-the-distance look that our grandparents do so well in the black and white photos.

Sepia is not too bad as well. But i think it was too yellow and not brown enough.

The phone also works as a magic wand..

Here are some photos that I’ve taken with the Samsung i550. I know I’m supposed to be bias towards the phone, but I’m not getting a single Ringgit for doing this so how can I be bias even if I wanted to? ( I love money btw )

Coincidentally, the first photo I took is of a five ringgit note! I wanted to demonstrate how cool the macro function is. Check out the scales on the Sultan’s(or agong, whatever) face. It’s THAT detailed. But I’m thinking the macro function might be fisheye-like as the corners of the macro shot looks blur.

This was taken at the SS18 Shell Station early one morning.

Another attempt to play with the macro function. I like taking photos of my fingers with macro functions to test out the macro-bility of the camera. New words, I create them.

This was taken when I went back to my aunt’s place to pack her stuff. Not bad right?

Against the sunlight with any random camera(without l33t skillz) you’d usually get tons of shadows.. but as most camera phones are only very basic digital cameras, it is pretty impressive to be able to see my cousin Jacqueline’s face clearly.

It’s as good as a point-n-shoot!

Capable of taking artistic shots of cousin brothers..

..and housemates’ brothers too.

Clear enough to see every feature of my face but with just the right amount of blurness so that the impurities of my face cannot be seen. (ok fine, i know the entire face is already impure to begin with..)

The failed sexy librarian look. Ta bole, ta bole…

Great for sneaking macro shots of pages from unborrowable library books.

Taking sepia shots of my pout. Another reason why the macro shot is awesome is how freaking embarrassingly clear my black heads are.

The shy look. Yeah I know, I also feel like slapping myself. Even though most of my camwhoring photos are not exactly stellar material, photos of myself have been sucking more as of late.

Don’t you love the colours? Another one of the stickers that I’ve yet to put up!

Since the camera phone makes me look like fairer than I usually am, many stars for the phone!

Good for checking for boogers too! (macro shot!)

Think some of us have seen this photo before! See how clear and red the blood looks? 🙂

When i buy my next phone, I will make sure that the camera meets the standards of the camera function on the Samsung i550.