My Dentures Bit Me

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Second term of my fourth year has started and so far it’s been 8 to 5 EVERY SINGLE DAY! On one hand, I’m really glad that they’re upping our clinical sessions but at the same time, I kind of miss this thing I used to do called sleeping.

I’m almost like a real working adult. There’s a strange bubbling sense of pride. It’s like I’m WITH IT, you know? Except there’s no money to motivate me. Can’t wait to work for real.

I remember having this talk with Karthik the other day while in the MRT. Working people are always telling us, “Enjoy uni! It’s the best time of your life!” We’ll agree to that on some levels but I think money trumps everything. When you’re studying, you just don’t know when’s your next regular disposable income. When you’re in uni, holding your hands out for moolah from the parents becomes increasingly difficult as you age.

Whatever free time I have during school hours, I would be stuck in the dental technology lab doing attempting to do this set of dentures for my patient. I’m going crazy with the hours I have to put up in the lab (I went in at 9 today and only left at 5. And I only managed to SET the teeth. I didn’t even get to finish the damn dentures.) and I got into a few accidents throughout my sessions there. :\

The bunsen bunner there serves the purpose of heating the wax knife for you to cut, shape and adjust the dentures. At one point, I was chatting with one of the dental tech lecturers and absent mindedly picking up a wax knife to smoothen my dentures, only to scream “FUCK!!!!!!” and dropped the wax, well, a hot wax knife. I was holding on to the end that I was heating up only seconds ago. And by heating, I meant smoke was coming out from that end. My fingers still kind of hurt now. 🙁

The other mishap was when I was ALSO chatting to the dental tech lecturer and then SNAP! The dentures clamped shut on my third finger, causing one side of the nail to break and poke into my nail bed. Don’t mess with dentures man. They bite.


You know how sometimes a high ranking lecturer comes in for a chat and you want to be polite and all?

Yeap. Not that fun when you have wax dripping down your fingers… and still trying to maintain the conversation without so much as squinting.

When I was last in the dental tech lab, things were still very primitive then. Most of our equipments were found in Tesco (stove, paint scraper, table dustpan). Here’s one of the very modern additions to the dental tech lab. A high powered air thingie that blows real hard at dusty surfaces. Really good when we’re trimming our acrylic stuff. The air is so strong that when I use it (to harden my molten wax actually), four chairs away, Wuan Phing said, “eh, cold lah Jolene!”

The pressure is really strong. Can be used for other things too. 😉

By the way, the pics were taken with my LG IceCream KF350. Not bad eh?