I Think It’s Called Growing Up

Sometimes I think my mood and style of writing can be something I would call the Peter Petrelli effect.

When I get enthralled by an author, a blogger or even an article in some magazine somewhere, without realizing it, I will come to my blog and start writing in the same manner. But for now, it’s all me. Was at a blog 5 minutes ago, the first two lines inspired me, all wax lyrical and sing-song and then I zoned out. But I kid you not, sometimes it really happens!

So here I am after a loooooong hiatus. Even I get depressed looking at the number of times I’ve blogged in the whole of June.


But to my credit they’ve all been packed with photos so the blog doesn’t look too sad.

So what’s new with me?

You guessed it.

If you google, “Exams are coming”, I’ll probably be in the search results.

Sigh. So much for the 5 weeks holiday. No matter how long I’m given to study, things will never be different(or more diligent).

I had to come back for the last week or else I’ll never really study! Subang is evil.

So this is my study week aka No Bra for 7 Days Except When Jogging/Buying Groceries aka bed time at sunrise, dinner at midnight…the perfect screw-my-life-up-again recipe! My body actually tuned back to normal human hours when I was back home for the holidays. But I will striveee!! *shakes fist like Stewie Griffin*

OH AND DID I MENTION? I’m so addicted to Family Guy. I even bought a new external HDD so that I can download all six seasons and the Untold Story Of Stewie Griffin movie! Sometimes you must let yourself go when you watch the show. No point holding back and feeling uneasy while watching such a politically incorrect show. it’s a surprise how Seth Macfarlane(SO HOT) can get away with all the jokes. The show is so damn illogical that it makes Simpsons look realistic, even though they are yellow in colour.

Now, for some rant.

When I was driving back to Kedah, I received an SMS from this number: 0129022290.

Anon: Care to chat Ms. Jolene?

Me: Who is this

Anon: I am a person with 2 eye 2 ears and 1 nose

Me: Is this David Chiew again?! (one of those lamers on friendster and this was back in April 07 when my facebook profile only had 20 friends and I had my phone number on it and accidentally approved him thinking he was an ex-high school mate. I’ve taken it down after I couldn’t differentiate who were friends and who weren’t on my FB profile. Bad move anyway. This David guy messages me from time to time only to get verbally abused by me. By text of course.)

Anon: Who is David Chiew? Your admirer?

Me: Who are you

Anon: A nobody want to know somebody

Me: ok goodbye don’t waste my money. (I would use more harsh words but I don’t want my car to be scratched or worse things happening to me. I’m such a big girl now. *pats self on head*..)

Anon: Typical Malaysian haha ok my credit is free anyway.

I didn’t bother replying after that.

10 minutes later…

Anon: Hi…

Me: if you don’t tell me who you are i’ll block your number.

Anon: i where got chance to tell before can start you assume then u portrait your arrogance against me! what goes around comes around (Baboonese to English translation: I didn’t get a chance to tell you who I was before you assumed the worst of me and portrayed your arrogance towards me. What goes around comes around <– wtf? Oh, I get it. He wanted to be arrogant too.)

Me: Because anonymous smsing is so pathetic. This is my last sms, you’re not worth my time and money.

Anon: You think too highly of yourself. One advice: grow up, aunt. I’ll add you to block list too.

Me: Lol I’ve already grown up, don’t know about you. Smsing girls randomly is sad.

Anon: Ha ha I don’t sms ppl randomly i know who you are ! Assumption gets you no where with this type attitude. I bet you are low paid! So I you grow up Aunt.

So yeah, you can start sending those photos of your shit to his number. Disturbing people gets you no where!

I definitely don’t have my number up on the internet except that one time one whole year ago! (which was on Facebook and was locked). So whoever it is who gave my number to him……………………….. why are you so pathetic?!

I definitely do not have contacts and acquaintances aged 19 years old and below (save for family members).. so whoever it is is probably around my age or older. I cannot for the life of me imagine why anyone in his 20s would think that something like this is fun.

Even my rant is so toned down. What with me being this old woman now and all. *stretches back on chair and moves on*

After a reality check, I’ve decided to go on a whole new fat free diet. I even bought olive oil! That’s how far I’m taking this.

My mother gave me her crock(haha thanks Brenda) pot to take up to Kedah and for the past four days, I’ve been making soup for myself! It’s amazing! I’ve been cooking for four days in a row! At this rate, I’ll probably finally finish the cylinder of gas that my housemates and I bought back in year 1.

I feel like I’m all ready to be a mother now!

Here’s the run down of what my menu looked like for the past four days:

Day 1:

I started with dinner. For lunch I had a very small portion of rice ( like three spoons ) and a normal portion of vegetables.

I made soup: Fish balls, 3 pieces of ladies finger, lotus, chinese cabbage and some chicken fillet(no fats! Promise!)

I added two thirds of a tablespoon of salt into the soup!

Day 2:

Lunch: Drank the leftover soup.

Dinner: Chicken soup with fishballs and ladies fingers. A slice of steamed fish which I shared with Lie Yuen (who made salad for her dinner). A small portion of brussel sprouts with olive oil, garlic and soya sauce.

The chicken soup was from a pre-packed chinese herbal recipe thingie. I dumped it in, along with the fishballs and some cut up chicken fillet. Same amount of salt as the day before. Put it in the crop pot and leave it for four hours, and there you have it, soup!

As for the fish, I steamed it in the wok. I poured a bit of soya sauce over the fish and put some garlic on it. Though I should put ginger. Maybe next time. The gravy was water from the fish itself mixed with soya sauce. No oil involved!

Brussel sprouts! Love it! Garlic and olive oil goes in first, closely followed by the brussel sprouts and japanese tofu. A bit of soya sauce and some water.

Day 3:

Lunch: left over soup.

Dinner: Watercress soup with watercress(duh), lotus, cut up chicken fillet (for that soupy taste!), again a few ladies fingers(I bought a pack of 12. YOU tell me how I should cook 12 piececs of ladies fingers!). Two portions of sugar, one portion of salt. Minimal so no diabetes and no hypertenson.

I also made a dish of vegetables and mushrooms: Olive oil and garlic as always. I then throwed everything in: Snow peas, broccoli and oyster mushroom. Oyster sauce for taste!

Day 4:

Lunch: Left over soup

Dinner: The same kind of soup as the day before but with added fishballs! (Packet of 15.)

I made the same dish of vegetables and mushrooms because Lie Yuen liked it so much. (We cooked dinner together today.) I added Japanese tofu this time (Packet of 2). I threw in some onion slices too! Oyster sauce comes into play again.

I had steamed fish again (had to finish the last slice of fish) and this time we put a few slices of tomato, garlic and onions on the fish which was marinated with some salt and sugar. Some soya sauce and in it goes into the wok for 15 minutes or so. I love steaming this way, it’s less dubious than using a microwave. With the microwave, you never really know. It was really nice! Though if you take a spoonful of mushy tomato, onion, garlic and fish into your mouth, it kind of tastes like bread.

And NOT a single grain of rice! Woohoo!

In between there were fruits, a single can of Tuna and a cup of nestum, some cups of coffee for that midnight boost.

Lie Yuen and I have tried to incorporate jogging into our routine (it’ll become more constant after the exams) and we’d run around the perimeter of a nearby park for half an hour.

I really hope I can keep this up!

Strange how people feel the need to report their healthy habits for the world to see huh?

Time to hit the books! <– also strange how people feel the need to tell the world that they are hard working.

I really need to study. Only one more paper and year 3 is OVER!