Those Six Days In Singapore

I’m finally able to feel sleepy at 1am. Good to know I’m back to normal human standards. I’ve been told before by a friend that my blog dies the moment I go on holiday. I can’t help it! I’m caught up with too many things and believe, every night my Photoshop programme is opened and I edit a few photos, get distracted, and eventually feel too sleepy to continue. I never get to the part where I upload the photos onto Flickr and then log on to WordPress.

I’ve had my days filled with many things for the past few days, like a very productive solo shopping trip( I actually set out to buy ONE study lamp, but came home with two formal shirts, two skirts, one long pants and two casual tank tops), restocking on stickers, bringing my Aunty Judy and Uncle Terry who are back from the UK to Petaling Street and Low Yat(and NOT lose my way when I come home.), doing a write-up for R.age on my dad’s Toastmasters Club’s event and the rest of the time, arranging my stickers. I’m fidgeting like mad because I want to buy sandwich bags to put my stickers in. I want to buy it like now NOW NOW. I’m like that, when I have an idea, which usually involves experimenting with creativity, I want it to be immediate and would usually lose sleep over it. I’m sick of using files as they are very bulky. Plastic bags are quite handy at the moment but need to make the stickers look presentable right?

Speaking of stickers, I’ve updated the blog so please go and see the new padded stickers that I’ve uploaded. Gotta love em stickers that you can press-press!

I didn’t really take many photos while I was in Singapore on the first two days but by the last day, I somehow accumulated over a hundred photos. And they are ALL up here! As usual. 😛

On Friday night, we made plans to have dinner with Abby, Sher Lyn and Victor! Dinner was at The Coffee Club, Clarke Quay and so out came the camera.

I’ve heard of this bar for ages, from Chee Kiang of course. The entire bar is modeled after a hospital theme. Though the chair Chee Kiang is sitting on is more of a barber/old fashioned dental chair than anything. And by the way? Blowjobs as in the drink. Don’t be like my Aunty Susie who started freaking out in the Facebook photo comments.

I tried one slutty pose before this, sort of like it is me who is administering the blowjobs. However, damn super fail as I looked like a (fully stuffed)beanbag with my face printed on its material.

I walked pass the patrons of the bar and said, “WAH!! Haha, so cute one! Wheelchairs!” then immediately silenced myself and whispered to Chee Kiang, “Oh shit…. is it a handicapped people gathering? Uh-ohh!!” It was actually the chairs used at The Clinic. Innovative huh?

Myself and Sher Lyn! I’ve not seen her in many many years! The occasional bump around Subang doesn’t count as much as a good ol’ sit down accompanied with a nice long chat. I can still remember Mel and I going with her to watch Westlife back in 1999. She was taller than me then!

As she is currently doing an internship in Singapore, she has pretty much made her mark in the lion city. Quite the social butterfly, this girl!

Chee Kiang and Sher Lyn have actually known each other since they were five years old as their grandmothers used to chit chat. They were neighbours after all. Chee Kiang told me that the two of them were married (all the more convenient to play the husband-wife roles during their masak-masak sessions) and then after awhile she divorced him. Where does the 5 years old Sher Lyn learn these things?! Chee Kiang seems to get married quite a bit. I made him my husband in 2001 (before anything started between us. I think that got him hooked. teeheehee..) after an incident that broke both our hearts-which involved people who were only temporarily relevant to us then. 🙂

I don’t know what Chee Kiang had.. something chocolatey, dear? I know mine had some alcohol in it. Chocolate blended with strawberry or something like that.

l-r: Abby, Me, Victor. All these kids who jumped ship.. tsk tsk. Victor is from SMK Subang Utama, my senior who is one year above me.

Bonding over dessert. Hehe.

After dinner, we adjourned to The Clinic where the boys got themselves some blowjobs. Each blowjob costs SGD14!! When we went back to the hostel, Jon Siow(who is currently Chee Kiang’s neighbour) said, “I COULD’VE GIVEN YOU A BLOWJOB FOC!!” It sounded sooooooo wrong…hahaha. But this Jon has a pension for good food and knows how to make mean concoctions from the booze which they keep in their hostel.

Poor Chee Kiang started to choke on the whipcream-Kahlua mixture.

Victor decided to do it properly and got it done for him on the chair.

He did pay SGD14 after all. Might as well make the most of it. -_-

Stretches his dollar, this guy.

Sher Lyn and Victor! They don’t really remember each other as Sher Lyn left SMK Subang Utama in the middle of form2 but I did take a group photo sometime in form one and the both of them were in the photo. I had to send the both of them the photo they took those many years ago.

Muahahhaa they’ll kill me:

l-r: Yen Kok Yuen, Nicholas Chew, Victor(Chin), Sher Lyn, Mel.

One of the ways the drinks were served was in IV packs. You know, like when a patient is on the drip, getting saline into their veins? Yeah. We were getting our cocktails that way. Not cheap okay, SGD50. Try one time enough. Never again! (Unless we don’t have to pay for it ourselves lah). But before you shake your head and go, “Tsk, tsk. These kids don’t know the value of money…” We shared the drink among four of us okay! Kiamsiap but at least we don’t spend SGD50 each! Mad ar!

Chee Kiang feeling grossed out as Victor drinks hungrily from the IV pack.

Again, the best of the worst of many many slutty photos attempts. Why I got no talent why.

One more of Sher Lyn before she goes off to her hundred and one obligations.

We had fun with the wheelchair too. But we got told off by the manager for fooling around. Damn shy wei.

A nicer photo of the three of us.

This is how it’ll be when we are old. Me layaning the old man.

Chee Kiang had to work on a Saturday, can you believe it?! I felt like a tai tai whose husband was hardly at home. Poor guy is doing his internship, which pays him SGD5 a day! Hahahaha. Poor interns.

So I spent my Saturday morning visiting Abby at her rented HDB apartment.

Very cosy room she got there! I represent the girls to check on her living conditions and now the other 10 of us Dahlings can heave a sigh of relief to see that she’s managing herself well over there.

She has nice shelves. She joined two single beds together and placed a queen sized mattress over it. Damn ingenious right!

The reading area/dining area is rather spacious and is bathed in natural light.

The kitchen is sooo long too!

The living room!

Just three girls and these are the amount of shoes that they have altogether. -___- But I’m one to talk. I’ve got two racks full of shoes back in Kedah and am eyeing Cze-Yin’s rack which only houses three pairs of shoes. A pair of trainers, black heels and court shoes. Slippers put aside.

Took a photo with Abby before I left. Since when Abby became vain? *gasp* She was on the phone with Phaik Wah.

A semi clear photo of Abby. Silly girl. No make up still pretty what. See I so beautiful. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 I like to tell jokes, ya.

At noon, I went over to the polyclinic where Chee Kiang was interning at. This is my working man. Rowrrrrrr!! *tears at office clothes*

Working man needs his sleep so I went online while he slept. Jon came in to get rid of the bacteria from the entire floor, he was spraying Glades in every room. We could taste Glades in our mouths by the time he was done.

Chee Kiang giggles as Jon continues to kacau him.

Jon hopes that Glades is not poisonous after spraying almost a quarter of the can all over Chee Kiang.

And when he finally got sufficient rest, we went out for dinner at Holland Village. Camwhored while waiting for him to get his passport. He wanted to see if he could use his Malaysian passport to get the “Pay In Ringgit” price which is something that the tourism board is using to lure Malaysian tourists.

The only passably nice photo among dozens of horrific ones.

There my boy runs.

While waiting for him to run over to me.

Half-hearted attempt at taking photos. So shaky. Shaky means it’s a sign. A sign to change to a new camera. Hahaha. Hope I’m kidding. I ain’t got the cash to spare.

We had steak, so we skimped on the drinks. I loooove the steak at Hog’s Breath, and he remembered!! 🙂

The wonderful delicious MEDIUM-RARE steak. YumM.

After that, it was over to Suntec City where Chee Kiang’s friends from Radiopulze, NUS’ own radiostation, were hosting the Singapore Street Festival. All these are DJs, you know!

They get awesome invites to interview famous personalities when they come to Singapore. Very much like actual media people!

We wanted to go up on the hot air balloon but the flights were full that night. ( We did go the following day though!)

Wonder how they control the hot air balloon. There’s no hole at the bottom of the balloon for the hot air to go in. Hmmmm.

Before going to Clarke Quay again that night, he took me to a Cafe in Bugis. He said it reminded him off my Form Four pencilbox. 🙂 I was genuinely touched as he actually remembered my form four pencil box which was bought from Happy House. It was such a happy looking pencil box, so I shouldn’t be too surprised that he actually remembers it.

It’s more like Bang-On-The-Door kind of designs!

But still the quirky kind of doodling designs, nonetheless.

Didn’t get to try the food as we were only there for the ambiance. We DID drink lah. Where got so bad one.

At Clarke Quay, Nadine, Samantha(Nadine’s 16 year old sister), Sher Lyn, Chee Kiang and myself spent a couple of hours at Cafe Iguana telling each other awesome stories.

Myself and l-r: Nadine, Samantha and Sher Lyn.

Chee Kiang and I. <3

Ck and the ladies!

We ordered these Strawberry Margaritas which was probably half a litre each.

This is HOW big it was!

And the two of us shared this. By the time we were done with it, I could feel all the tell tale signs – stomach burning, head feeling heavy, mouth one step ahead of the brain.

Cheers! Not a very delicate way to hold the wine-er..jugs.

Lifting weights.

Could there be one litre there, actually?

Posing again while waiting for the taxi.

In the bus after lunch with Karthik! We went to a hawker place which they frequent a lot called Giza. The chicken rice there is the SMOOOOOTHEST I’ve EVER tasted and the rice is the yellow kind, you know? So hard to find those these days. The soup is really nice too. There was also a Bubble Tea shop in the area. Am I just jakun or is Bubble Milk Tea, as in the Teh Ais kind of tea, being sold EVERYWHERE? I don’t recall ever buying a brown tea with the flavour syrup at the bottom of the cup. A good shake and the syrup diffuses everywhere. I had Grape Milk Tea with those wonderful wonderful pearls. Thank god we found a shop in Sg. Petani selling bubble tea or else I wouldn’t be able to satistfy these cravings of mine.

On my last night, we HAD to go out for dinner again.

Bet you’re sick of seeing our faces.

As we entered the hot air balloon! Only RM23 for Malaysians, SGD23 for Singaporeans. Hohoho. Rocks to be Malaysian, sometimes.


Wouldn’t want to imagine myself going all the way down…

Chee Kiang and I, forty floors above the City of Singapore.

We were supposed to go on the flyer, but my lack of enthusiasm killed it for poor Chee Kiang. Promise we go on that one the next time, k dear?

The national library from where we were.

It’s a little bit like flying on a plane.

The skyscrapers stretch into the distance.

Nettings, in case people jump off the hot air balloon.

Such a beautiful sight. Twinkling golden lights below. *Sigh*

After we’ve come back down.

It’s not at all shaky.

Dinner was at this place called Max Brenner. They specialize in EVERYTHING chocolate.

Nice coffeehouse deco.

Cocoa powder out in the open!

The only drink to go with chocolates – water.

What you are looking at in the left hand side of the photo is the Suckao. It is a kind of chocolate milk drink which requires you to heat up the milk yourself and melt the chocolate pastilles to create your own chocolate milk!

Spooning the pastilles in.

Stir stir stir.

Test the flavour. If it’s good, start drinking!

We had waffles covered in chocolate syrup. Very very appetizing.

That’s the way to drink the Suckao. You wouldn’t have thought that the spoon is actually a straw as well. I’m thinking, Suckao as in “Suck Kau Kau?” Sure seems like it!

Throwing all of it into the little tealight burner.

Walking around the Esplanade after dinner. I’ll never understand art.

A pretty decent photo of the skyline with the aid of my gorilla pod and a random dustbin.