Fudging Up My First Order From One Woman’s Junk

Holyshit, latest FML moment:

Sent my first ever order from One Woman’s Junk by hand delivering it to a house in USJ 11. The buyer’s name shall be known as K.

Stopped outside the house, checked the number. Number 19. Check. Road? USJ11/xxD. I’m pretty sure it is.

The house and all its neighbors do not have door bells so I was knocking on their gates. I contemplated climbing into the houses to put the bag of clothes but I thought about my future and realize that it is not wise to stay in jail over one red dress and a green top.

So after knocking on like four houses, a little girl comes out of one of the houses. I explained my situation and asked if I could place the bag of clothes at her house and I would tell K to come collect it later in the evening. She first agrees then runs back out to say that her mummy don’t let. Ok lor. I then ask her maid for a plastic bag and she gives it to me to put the clothes in.

All wrapped up in a plastic bag, I then throw the plastic bag into house number 19, USJ 11/xD.

Satisfied with myself, I reaffirmed the address on my phone and my eyeballs almost popped out when I saw that it was actually 19, USJ 11/xB. B!!!

I stared forlornly at the plastic bag sitting in the garden of the wrong house and thought about foregoing that bag of clothes forever and returning RM58 to the poor K.

I then knocked on number 17 and a girl comes out. She looks like she’s about 16 or 17. I explain my situation to her and ask her if it’s okay for me to come in and borrow a broom and a chair to try to pick up the bag from her neighbour’s garden. She kindly let me in and when I placed the chair to the side of her wall, to my horror, the bag was beyond reachable. I contemplated putting one chair on this side of the wall, and trying to put another chair on the other side of the wall. The plan was to climb over. And perhaps fall and crack my skull.

I put the chair over to the other side of the wall… and because it was on the grass the chair hit the floor and then fell to its side. FML FML! I was freaking out by then. LOL.

So I told the girl that I would explain the situation to the girl who ordered the dress and could she please please get a hold of the bag for me the moment her neighbors got back. She cheerily said okay and promised me that she would do just that.

I then drive over to USJ 11/xB house no.19. There’s a nice big functioning door bell, with people in the house some more. I was about to vomit blood already. And my feet were getting fried under the afternoon sun.

I explained my situation to another young girl in the house who happens to be the cousin of K and to please remind K to collect the bag of clothes from house number 17 on USJ 11/xD. She said okay, totally understanding the whole story.

I then got into my car and quickly emailed K to tell her the story.

She was so sweet!!! After hearing my super FML story, she even said it made her day. So nice of her right?

But she had her own FML story too, though it had a happy ending:

“zomg you know what happened? I went to house no 17 xD, and the girl told me she forgot to take the parcel from house 19 3D. Then I ketuk ketuk the house gate and the houseowner came out, she said she came back home late and she didnt see any parcel. Then she said she will ask her niece when she comes back whether there was a parcel when the niece got back from work in the evening (the niece was out)

Then i gave her my hp num and drove back home. Just when I parked my car in my house porch the lady called me to say her nephew saw a plastic bag and a stool in the garden when he got home from work, he thought ppl anyhow throw rubbish in the garden and he THREW THE PLASTIC BAG AWAY. Into the huge bin at the end of the lorong summore, not the normal garbage can in each house.. So I started my car and drove back again, then had to go find for the bag in the huge rubbish bin! FML Betul. Thank goodness it was just on top! I brought scissors in the car, so i saw one nicely tied bag on top of a pile of rubbish and i just cut the top open and took the clothes out without touching the plastic bag. The bag is still there, the clothes are with me (yay!)

I shall forever remember this night as the night of my rubbish bin malfunction :D”

I really don’t know what to do with myself already..