Colorsbead – How Do You Like Your Beaded Charm Bracelet?

I received a tiny little parcel from Joey, who runs a blogshop called Colorsbead, a Monday or two ago. Coincidentally, Joey also happens to be Poh Yee’s niece. Yeah, Poh Yee (my classmate) has a niece who is old enough to run a blog shop! 😀

This is one of my favourite wrapping paper materials!

Inside the box was a whole selection of beads you could choose from! The idea is to string it altogether with the chain that comes together and wear it as a funky yet whimsical charm bracelet of sorts!

You’ve seen many other charms, but have you seen a charm bracelet with various charm-like beads to be strung through? These remind me of lanterns by the way.

This is too cute!! A kitten with a whole through its body.

The dangly range would be great for those who still prefer their charm bracelets to swing with every move.

This is one of my favourite charm/bead from the whole box! A rocking horse! Ahh!!

Something more….post-modern?

These ones are nice too. Like what jewelry can escape some blings eh?

She gave me a silver chain for my little project here! Over at her blog, there are plenty more colours and materials to choose from! A pink leather strap caught my eyes.. >__>

After stringing through all the beads!

There is a hook-button-something for you to attach one end of the bracelet to the other. I don’t really know how to explain but when it is your hands, you will have a rough idea how it’ll work.

Since I was alone, I couldn’t ask anyone to do the clasp for me. Oh well, but you get the idea!

Love how the colours go together. Love how there is no set category for this piece of jewelry.

Poor horse!

If you would like to see more of her beads and bracelets, head on over to Colorsbeads! You don’t have to go OTT like me and maybe opt for something sweeter (pink leather strap, NOW!). Enjoy:)