The Dream Where My Dog Gets Preserved, My Computer Screen Becomes A Piece of Cheese and When I Got Turned Into Harry Potter.

I had another weird dream.

There was a new movie in town and it was all the rage. This movie was different from other movies and it functioned differently. It was an interactive movie. It was a movie that involved you.

This movie was held in Genting Highlands and was in the form of a castle which you could enter. It was of course, in the horror genre.

Lie Yuen, Brenda, Joe and I went but Joe being the only guy only followed from behind while the three of us girls huddled in a tight group and held on to each other when we entered the castle.

Inside the castle, there were so many different routes that you could take. Steps that were painted onto the wall which you could actually climb. Holes so small that only LOOKED small but you could go into at the end of a turret.

Suddenly I let go of the group and saw alot of ‘ghosts’ trying to scare other players. They looked like secondary school students who wanted to earn some extra cash over the holidays. Then suddenly a group of ‘male ghosts’ attacked us. And in the flurry of activities, I felt a hand purposefully swept across both my breasts and I was outraged. I saw the guy who did it and immediately screamed, “WHO THE FUCK TOUCHED MY BOOBS?” then I saw the guy looking scared and I grabbed him by his chin and peered into his face and spat, “IF YOU’RE CUTE, AT LEAST NEVER MIND!! ASSHOLE!”

… yeah I know, my weird dreams. Eh, don’t simply say it’s my subconcious wanting something extra. Ahem. Hahaha.

Inside the castle..or more like, in the centre of the castle was the whole machinery that made the entire thing worked. There were monsters all around, some with limbs and heads falling off while they go about their work and basically being very scary.

Then I saw my dean(this is getting weird) and needed to ask him for help on a very important matter. Chasing him was such a difficult task because he kept walking around being busy at high speed and I was trying to get past weird obstacles.

Suddenly, in the midst of the chase, I became Harry Potter. As in Daniel Radcliffe Harry Potter Harry Potter. But at this point, I was looking at the whole thing from a third person’s view.

Harry Potter was chasing my dean up and down flights of stairs. And these stairs were the type you found in factories .. meaning they were the steel type of staircases. Harry Potter couldn’t catch up with my dean and at one point, the staircases switched directions and poor Harry had to wait awhile before catching up with my dean.

Then when Harry Potter was at the same level as my dean, he still couldn’t manage to catch up with my dean. My dean was walking past some great big machineries which were like boulders that would swing at Harry. Hence, Harry had to wait for the boulders to swing pass before he could move ahead. Like playing some lame videogame.


After so much of adventure, I went outside to chill with Joe, brenda and Lie Yuen to enjoy the cold Genting air. But it was freezing as it was raining. Suddenly, the park morphed into my newly renovated house.(in my dreams lah, no renovations for my house this year after we changed the flooring)

I was lying on the floor absent mindedly surfing the net when I decided to log on to TV3’s website. I was watching a programme on tv3(yea i know, wtf:D) and suddenly I thought the house they were using looked very familiar. Then I realised that they were filming the show in my room. And suddenly I saw my living room. And BOTH my parents were there acting. I was SO amused. Hahaha.

So as I was enjoying the rest of the show, this very ferocious dog rammed into me and it was a very fierce and dirty looking Angel(who is usually demure and clean). In fact, she looked like her dead father Bubbles.

I tried to calm Angel down but she ran across my laptop. I checked my laptop and there was a soft dent on the centre of the bottom of my screen. It made the entire screen soft.

I closed the laptop, opened it, and was devastated because suddenly the WHOLE screen became as soft as a piece of cheese. The LCD screen showed LCD fluid flowing here and there with bubbles everywhere.

meanwhile, I tried to keep this a secret from my parents because dad would definitely kill me for messing up my laptop again. I went downstairs to find them destressing at the newly renovated house.

Then I asked them if they’ve seen Angel. And mum was like, “Oh, angel…. we’ll have to inject more formaline into her later,”. I was like, “Why??”

Mum said, “Oh, we want to preserve her body until we have time to go to the vet to clone her.”

“So Angel’s dead? Like somewhere along the way? How???” I was quite sad.. and confused.
Before going back to Kedah, I had other things to do such as heading to the nearest computer shop to get myself a new keyboard for my laptop. Very strange because what I SHOULD need is a new screen. And they don’t even sell that. But in my dream, everything goes. haha.

I came home with a new detachable keyboard and funnily enough, it was pink in colour and plucked out my old keyboard and inserted the new one before I realised that my screen was still soft and collapsing. It’s like I had to hold the damn screen up or else it would collapse and fold.

I was just damn devastated about losing a dog and a laptop.

And then I woke up.

Sigh… WHY do I dream weird dreams?