I Cannot See My Toes No More

Fuckety Fuck.

For the past week I’ve been stuffing my face silly. I think I’m binge eating.

I knew I was heading straight to hell when one of my coursemates pat me on the back and my tummy wobbled dangerously, my toes playing “Now you see me! Now you don’t!” as the tummy obscured the view of my toes.

This is what happened yesterday:
8am: 2 Slices of Wholemeal bread
8.30am: One spoon of mihun at the cafeteria. Tasted like a shit. What a startling surprise!
9am: 2 pieces of Cloud 9. Would have eaten three if coursemate Jaya didn’t extort my last one from me.
10am: Ice-cream from Co-op minus one scoop.(Dropped on the floor and coursemate Yan Rui asked me to wipe it off the floor to which I ignored and asked him to wipe for me instead. Wahahha).
10.10am: Three scoops of Lishen’s ice-cream because mine finished.
12pm: Hearty lunch. No need to go into details but there was a memorable huge banana. Too embarassing. Chinese caterer.
12.20pm: One bag of watermelon. one bag of honeydew.

2.00pm: Finished the rest of the wholemeal bread that was left at home. Drank two cups of Sprite.
4.15pm: Walked out to buy 14 goreng pisangs and 1 Ice-kacang. Ate 8 goreng pisangs.
7.00pm: Lou Mai Kai, BIG BIG PLATE OF KANGKUNG, ABout 22 spoons of veggie soup, three fishballs, a glass of cold chinese tea.

I hate myself for eating but you just don’t know what else to do with your hands and mouth when you’re studying!!!

If miracles happen, I just might turn bulimic.


*lifts tummy from computer table and goes for Practical Lesson. We’re learning how to dissect cadavers today!!*