National Service Photos: A Good Reason To Hate Cheap Analog Cameras

All right…I’ve reached Kedah and frankly, I’m quite sceptical about the place. The uni cafeteria is located in a shop house opposite the university. It’s the size of your average mamak restaurant. Out of 9 dishes to choose from, I could only stomach one. Sigh. I suppose it’s all well, since if it’s the degree that I’m after and not the lifestyle.(Maybe the lifestyle that comes AFTER the degree. Yes..) Tolerance.
I’m currently using the computer(with broadband!!) in Swiss-Inn hotel. Parents are asleep and we’re going to check out the new campus in Semeling later. It’s near Gunung Jerai, apparently. The entire campus will move in in January 06. Will take photos later!

Kedah looks alot like it was not all padi fields like how I envisioned it to be.

Sigh. I’m just really really worried that I can’t get streamyx in my hostel.

In the mean time, since I don’t know how long I’ll be gone for.. here’re some pictures from my NS albums. There are many many many more to come. Just make do with these first.

I apologise for the bad quality of these pics. I could not possibly bring my digicam there for fear that it’ll get stolen. Kwo Kuang, don’t laugh. Even if it’s only 2.8megapixels.. it’s still a camera that serves its purpose. Will be switching once I have enough cash(Mervyn, don’t laugh.).

The beautiful sunset that I’ve been raving about. That’s Angel appreciating.

Chun or not??

*forgot they wear tudung*
This is Umi. She wears her bedak sejuk to bed every single night. Scares the night duty people.

*forgot they wear tudung*
l-r: Eida, Hui Ying, Nad, Zana.

*forgot they wear tudung*
l-r: Zira, Angel

Yours truly, washing clothes sans washing machine. Very poor thing, okay?

*forgot they wear tudung*
back l-r: Ina, Anaathi
front l-r: Teha, Me, Erni, Yee Ling

The disgusting cebok water(water in a tank) with all kinds of insects.

*forgot they wear tudung*
Gotong royong day..time to clean the toilet again!

*forgot they wear tudung*
Farah actually dared to step into the tank to give it a good scrub. Cha Hui(yellow) helps to dispose of the algae infested water.

*forgot they wear tudung*
The girls having a meeting to discuss our dorm problems.

Rehearsals for merdeka’s march past required us to wake up at 4am. That’s me, beh-tahaning.

Me and Ah Yee

l-r: Lim, Siew Yee and Myself

MING CHOI!!!!! See, she lost weight. #*$#(*$&*#&^*$&%. I didn’t. (*#$&(#*&$(*#&$.

Me and Kak Ina/Kakak Burger. She’s really really nice..I kinda miss her. SIgh.

Yee Ling and I giving each other support as we catch some shut eye while waiting for rehearsals to start. It was about 6.30am. Crazy right?

l-r: Hui, Josephine, Angel, Yee Ling, Me, Khim

l-r: Yee Ling, Josephine, Khim, Hui, Me

l-r: Cikgu Sue, Me, Cikgu Ifa

l-r: Me, Nad, Zana, Josephine

Kent, plucking flowers and looking sweet.

me and some of the guys from my company, Dermaga/Delta.

Me in Putrajaya.. the time was 7am. THe lighting was actually very beautiful. Stupid analog camera.

Getting into line…

The helicopters flying past.

l-r: Yasmin, Wani, Emy, Angel, Izzaz, Me

After the rehearsals, we get to sit and watch the rest of the parade.

A portion of the Dermaga/Delta company at Wetlands.

top l-r: Cikgu Ida, Cikgu Ifa, Cikgu Mawi
bottom l-r: Cikgu Hafiz, Cikgu Mun, Ketua Jurulatih


That’s Ming Choi flashing me a peace sign during her march. Tsk, tsk.

All the chinese girls in Delta/Dermaga.
l-r: Josephine, Hui Ying, Hui, Mei Fen, Angel, Khim, Yee Ling and Myself

me and Izzaz.

The big ass jalur gemilang.

l-r: Cheau Ling, Diana and myself

Pang Shiue Lin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the bus, the Ketua Jurulatih(head trainer) initiated a waterfight.

All these girls really really make the bus rides damn happening.

That’s me, chilling with Maggi cup and a good book(Harry Potter 6) when the food in the canteen sucks.

During the rehearsals in Bukit Jalil.. we had a mini Taylors’ College reunion. Shiue Lin and Terence(Esther and Ming Choi’s classmate) was no where to be found.
l-r: Ming Choi, Me, Laura(Yee).

That’s Jan Sen. My only English speaking friend there. Now he has no willing English speaking friend in NS.

l-r: Angel, Loon, Me, Amir.

ARGH.. so long. Okay, got 3 more albums coming up. Don’t know when, but it’ll definitely be up.

I’ve got to go check out the new campus now. Take care, you all!

One Of The Things About Growing Up

Things I learnt today:

1. My toilet has a bidet. It’s been there for six months. I’m loving it!
2. Finally able to open a styrofoam take away box without breaking it…after 18 years of being exposed to such boxes.
3. Snape is the half blood prince.

Some of my friends have been complaining about the lack of pictures. I actually have 5 whole albums(analog camera) from national service but I’m not sure if I should put it up after all my entries or just put it up straight away.

Besides, it’s been really hectic for the past few days. So many documents to settle, so many accounts to open and reactivate(I forgot my ATM pin number… was damn embarassing, standing in front of a long line waiting for their turn at the ATM in Midvalley).

It still has not sunk in yet that I’m actually going to spend 5 years of my life away from home. Everything’s so sudden. One minute I was in national service, and the next I’m throwing myself somewhere far away from home with zero idea about how the place will be. For 5 years.

On the other hand, the preparation in terms of material has been fun. I’ve been running around buying ‘decent’ looking clothes. So at least now I have some clothes with sleeves. I fear to think about the amount that I’ve spent though… I even bought an iron, a study lamp, a kettle, an ironing board, a comforter set, a pillow etc. Honestly, I don’t know if my dad’s car can take it all. I might have to drive behind him all the way to Kedah with more of my loot. Hehe. I think I should have a garage sale in 2010 for the freshies. I can just imagine the difficulty I will face when I come home from Kedah in 2010 with all my belongings. Hence, a garage sale is wise.

I haven’t even got the chance to properly meet up with more of my friends. I’ve been out with Mel, Esther and Tze Leet and last night there was the yam cha session at Tanjung. I do hope I get to come home every two weeks or so.

I really really really hope that I can install streamyx there.

My brother has decided to move in with his computer because my room has aircon. He is even claiming ownership of my housekeys in a bitchy sort of way. I hope he’s just joking because it all belonged to me in the beginning, and he should be grateful that I’m lending it to him. I will want to use it when I am home. OK, Mervyn? Sigh. Besides, it’s really nice to have your own table back to do stuffs… I foresee more squabbles on my weekend trips back home. Plus, he gets his driving license in less than a year. *shakes head*. Another addition to our list of reasons to argue.

My father seems really worried about me. I know because he told me while demonstrating how to use the electric kettle, “Don’t touch the metal bit of the plug because it will be hot.”


Yes, dad.

Since it’s been so long, here’re some photos:

l-r: Adrian, E-Guy, Chun Guan, Nigel and Kwo Kuang

l-r: Amanda, Hsien, Min Dee, ME, Mun Teng.

After Feb 06, Subang will be devoid of people. Almost all of us would have left. Chien, Hsien and Adrian will leave for UK this month. Min Dee, Manda,Liss, Mel and Esther will be going to Australia in February. Kwo Kuang, Nigel and E-Guy would be leaving for UK after doing a year or so in Nottingham, Semenyih. Chun Guan leaves for Aussie in a years’ time. Abby, Kevin, Zhuo Yan, Marcus and Ji Yang are already in Australia. Yijin’s in Malacca getting his pilot license in a couple of months and soon he will be jet setting around the world, hardly any time for his friends back in Subang. She Dee and Li Peng will be heading to US in time to come. Those undecided like Mun Teng, Barry and Kay Hong will probably have other plans that won’t coincide with the rest of ours’ when they’ve made up their minds. Even the dear boyfriend wants to go to Aussie in April 06 if all goes well.

The last two years, honestly, were probably the best years of my life so far. It is with this bunch of kids(whom I’ve known since the begining of secondary school and some in primary school) that my freedom reached and all time high. I’ve never really been restricted by my parents, but these are the people whom I’ve spent my late teen years sampling independence with. And we all know that our late teens are the best years of our life. It was great because everyone stayed within 5 minutes of each other. If you’d like to come out for a drink, easily 10 people or more could gather given that the timing is right.

Alas, all good things must come to an end. The only thing that is constant is change.

There’s still campus life. I hope it’s good. 

Kwo Kuang and Manda camwhoring. Very nice lighting.

l-r: Manda and Hsien. You see, I’ve only been away for two months and they’ve mastered so many new camwhoring techniques.

A decent skirt from Comma

Yes, I need something with sleeves and collar.. and this should do!

The skirt is really really nice!! It has a white satin ribbon as a belt. Love the cutting of the white blouse as well.

My so called s&m looking ‘court’ shoes from Nose. Esther reckons all I need to complete the look with is a whip.

Tada! Punk meets Serious = Domination Fetish. Ahem.

This was a good buy! RM36.00 at Walk In in Pyramid. Manda calls it Aladdin shoes. It’s real comfy!

Never owned a pair like these. We’ve got to start somewhere, right?

I’d take a picture of the mess I’ve made of my room if I could find my camera amidst the mess. I can’t even find my aircon remote control. I don’t know how to pack!! I haven’t even unpack from NS. I hate myself for procrastinating.

Jolene Lai..Jolene Lai.. *shakes head*