More Of April’s Magical Earrings

April came up with a new batch of earrings to flaunt! Obviously I had to meet up with her to check out her new collection and to camwhore with it just abit more. We met up at the A&W joint at 3K on Tuesday morning. She actually came with her infamous earring tower.

Her new babies..all ready for sale:)

Her vegetable collection.

Can you see em chickens?

She made chinese lanterns as well.

Animals!! l-r: Sheeps, Chickens, Cows, Bunnie, Sotong, Cats(it’s an Anime character).

Posing with her sea shell collection.

Strawberry cupcakes!!

She made a replica of her sandals that she bought from Malacca.

Her collection of Pixie Cupcakes!

With her orange chocolate cake!

A clearer view.

This is her
Valentine’s Day Collection. Loads of efforts have gone into these.

Some new designs that she’s trying out.

Chocolates! And a bitten one.

Another cupcake. She said this was from Baskin Robbin’s.

Looks like a fruitcake.

An 8 ball and a keyboard.

Damn cute hamster!

An embedded rose.

Her earring tower. Damn impressive right?

The hamster loves tomatos.

Get in touch with her and buy a conversation piece:)

Chinese New Year Day 8,9,10,11..

Bear with me, I’m just clearing up the photos accumulated on my camera over the past few days.

My first lion dance in ages at my dad’s friend’s place in USJ1.

How authentic.

Gong Hei Fatt Choi!:)

I was pretty amazed at the muhibah-ness of the lion dance troup’s band.

This is the Choi Sun(God Of Fortune). I’ve never seen an actual Choi Sun before!

This is what the lions did to the pomelo and oranges.

On Sunday night, Kay Hong had a steamboat gathering at his house. Really wonderful soup.

ABBYYYYYYYYyyyYYYY!!!! I’ve not seen this woman for one year already. GOD, I did not realise I missed her SO much!

Camwhoring technique 1#: Muka Kesian-ing

Camwhoring technique 2#: Muka Bodoh-ing.

Credits to
Lainie for the inspiration.
Camwhoring technique 3#: Muka Monyet-ing.

Camwhoring technique 4#: Hiau por face.

The gracious host!

Chris Ong and Zhuo Yan, enveloped by steam.

L-r: Abby, CHun Guan and Myself

Ck and I

one more!

top l-r: Kay Hong’s friend, Kay Hong’s friend, Me, Chee Kiang, Abby, Chun Guan, Marcus, Chien, Chun Meng, kay Hong
bottom l-r: Chris Ong, Zhuo Yan, Suet Li, Barry, Kevin, Liss, Faye

L-r: Chien, myself, Abby, Liss, Faye

I had to fetch Abby back to Puchong and there was a huge display of fireworks from every other household! Turns out that it was the Hokkien’s Chinese New Year.. so nice!! Fireworks EVERYWHERE. They were just above our heads and we could even see the source from where the fireworks came from.

There was this one guy who had boxes and boxes of these big ass fireworks. So cool!! I’ve never seen one upclose before.

Here’s a video of one of the displays! Enjoy!

Esther and I went to get a haircut at A Cut Above Academy. Another RM10 VERY well spent. Yay:) I love good bargains.

On Monday night, I had dinner with Abby, Dennis, Chee Seng, Joshua, She Dee and Mun Teng at Kim Gary’s!
L-r: Dennis, Chee Seng

Me and Josh

L-r: Abby, She Dee, Mun Teng, Me and Joshua

Since Mel could not come out, we popped over to her place to lepak!
L-r: Mun teng, Mel, She Dee

l-r: Abby, Dennis

L-r: Dennis, Joshua

Josh was telling a story about a friend of his who was involved in a gangfight.
And no. The fight did not get to happen. Press play to find out why.

On Tuesday, I HAD to meet up with Li Peng and Edison before they left for Australia. Can you imagine, the love birds coloured their hairs the exact same shade. LOL. Even their gadgets are similiar. Whatever Edison buys, Li Peng buys the mini version. 🙂 So cute right!

See the cool ginger-red tones of Li Peng’s hair!

On Wednesday, CK and I hit Midvalley for some good ol’ necessary shopping. This is him in Topman trying on this shirt that he’s had his sights on for ages. I think it looks really nice!:) He needed some new shirts since IMU has this strict rule about no jeans, no t-shirts etc. Wish him luck as he starts his first year in Master of Pharmacy!

This is me in The Next Shop/Tiramisu. The clothes in this shop are reasonably priced and most importantly, they are of the slinky kind. I like slinky clothes..:)
This was the first dress I tried on. I needed a dress for my cousin’s wedding dinner!

The top part of this one is corset-ish. And it’s got abit of lace lining with a ribbon at the cleavage and an asymmetrical skirt. I bought this one. RM133!

The top part of the this dress is really nice but the skirt’s just abit too plain, don’t you think? This one was RM108.

Other miscealleanous buys between my dear bf and I: He bought three pairs of socks, two ties and I bought a necklace, a pair of earrings for Lie Yuen(Yes Lie Yuen, you’ll see it soon;)) and a GORGEOUS pair of Peacock earrings!!

Later at night, I met up with Calvin because we’ve wanted to exchange year books(form1-form5) for quite a while now. Since he knows a couple of us from Subang Utama and I wanted to see how the Damansara Jaya peeps grew up.
Oh! And that’s one of those blow blow bubbles thingie that you can squeeze out onto a stick and blow a big balloon! Hehehe. I was blowing bubbles alone while waiting for him to show up. So what if people were staring at me?:D

My Big Adventure With The Government Departments

Due to the very unhealthy habit of procrastinating the more boring things in life, Weng Lum and I have finally gotten around to settling our national service issues. The both of us completed two months of national service and had to leave early because our universities were starting already. Unfortunately, the both of us were given deferment. So on Thursday, we decided to go down to the head quarters to make some noise.

But first up, Putrajaya! I had to go collect my MyKad.

I thought I was all big shot what with being able to go down to Putrajaya just by looking at the signboards. Mana tau go to Putrajaya like a freaking monkey rounding the place. We were looking out for big ass buildings because that’s where the important government buildings were. The buildings there are seriously BIG ASS. A monstrosity of a certain kind. An unfairness to the rest of Malaysia’s infrastructures.

So what if you woke up in the middle of the night(read: 9am) to go down to Putrajaya to collect your MyKad on a FRIDAY?? You’ll still have to wait for more than a couple of hours for the officers to be done with their Friday prayers and long long long lunch. It’s good that Weng Lum was hanging out with me throughout the entire day or else I would’ve been bored shitless.

We asked the IC department’s officers if we could settle our National Service issues in Putrajaya itself. They directed us to the Jabatan Perdana Menteri(The Prime Minister’s Ministry or however they call it). And mannn..that place is big ass. BIG ASS. The little pondok to ask for information?? There was a friggin security check thingie going on. You know like the conveyor belt that you put your bags on in the airport? They have that there as well. And the officers were sitting in this glass case. I bet it’s bullet proof.

Weng Lum and I got bored so we stood by the gates(which was about many hundreds of meters away from the main building) and shouted, “Badawi! Yooohoo! Badawi!!! Hey Badawi!! We’re your biggest fans!! Badawi!! WOOHOo!”

Then we quickly drove away. Wahhahaha.

Oh! We camwhored with Jabatan Big Ass too.

You have to be there to feel the hugeness of it all.

After getting directions to go to Alamanda to while away the time, we went back to the national registration department to *hopefully* collect my MyKad.

It’s always the scene. It’s always filled with people and procrastinators alike.


And Weng Lum accidentally stepped on my flip flops and I tripped forward and the straps snapped. I rummaged in my handbag for a live saver of any kind..and AHA, my scrunchy can be used for other things too!

Showing you how bored we were.

And finally. FINALLY.

I got lost again finding my way out of Putrajaya. Then I got lost again heading to KL. But we did manage to go to Menara TH Selborn to kau tim our national service stuff. But it was in vain.

They said there was no such thing as an exemption for cases like ours’. We were questioning the rationality of making us repeat THREE whole months again as exemption is only given to those who leave AFTER Sept 11 2005.

We left on the 30th and 31st of August 2005. Does that make sense to you?
Just a little bit more than a week and they can’t let us go just like that?

I mean we’ve already done TWO months. That’s better than nothing right?

The officers there told us that no matter what we’ll have to defer. We must have sounded pretty defensive because the conversation carried on for a while more. Then this stupid lowly officer who looked like he was heading towards his kap chai started to talk cocky with us.

“Ah, itu pengecualian tak ada. You mau complain kat MCA you complain itu pun tak boleh buat apa-apa punya.”

We were like, WTF? Name dropping MCA *just because* we’re chinese and are able to speak our mind? (though Weng Lum may beg to differ because he was there, first hand, to listen to my horrible stuttering BM)

But bottom line is, don’t make us sound like we’re pissed when we were STILL talking to you decently.

They kept saying that the National Service Act stated ‘clearly’. Oh, whatever. Put us through to your big guy if you can’t give us what we want. Let us explain our situation. We did hand a letter to the officer to explain our situation.

But I’ve got a couple of insiders to assist me in my quest.
My camp commandant is currently based with the national service head quarters. I called him and he said that those who had to go for matriculation and form6 were given an early exemption and they only completed one month’s worth of national service training and they were given their allowance accordingly. So he said I should raise my issue with the National Service chairman and to the director as well.

Then my dad’s got a friend who knows a guy who’s in the National Service committee. That day, we attended the chinese new year lunch just so we could have a little chat with him. He asked me to hand him my letters explaining my situation.

That’s three letters to the national service department via three different routes.

Hope one gets me what I want!:)

Yes, National service was fun. But it’s not fun when you have to join 18 year olds when you’re a wrinkly old 20s-something.

This was one angry boy..

We got lost again looking for Weng Lum’s dad’s office. Then I got lost looking for the highway. But it’s the whole getting lost in KL thing that one should do to get used to the roads. Try it! It’s fun!

Ah.. a beautiful sunset after the NPE toll.

Chinese New Year Day 5, 6, 7…

I know..I know.. I should be blogging properly. But I can’t help it! All these gatherings plus the accumulation of photos is getting too much. So I suppose for now there’ll be photos and photos and photos. That’s CNY for you, there’s no other way around it.

On the 5th day of CNY, we went to Mr.Chan’s place(our old add maths tuition teacher!) for a hearty lunch! Back in form5, he would let us sample all sorts of delicacy that he was experimenting with and we’d give him constructive criticism. Hahaha. He’s a fantastic add maths/maths/specialist maths/whatever maths teacher PLUS a fantastic cook. Anybody wants to learn maths AND eat good food, hit me back and I’ll put you through to him!:)

top l-r: Kwo Kuang(alien, was not in any of our classes), Wern Cheen, Melissa Barbara, Khe Hsin/Cecilia, Sin Yee, Kay Hong, Chien, Chun Guan, Min Dee
bottom l-r: Chee Kiang, Me, and Mr.Chan!

Later that day a few of us gathered for thai food at Thai Lagoon thinking that the whole gang wouldc show up. But it had quite a satisfying turn out in the end.
top l-r: Kwo Kuang the Superman, Chun Guan, Marcus, Me, Chee Kiang, E-Guy
bottom l-r: Min Dee, Chien, Kay Hong, Esther, Mel, Amanda

l-r: Min Dee, Amanda, Chien

l-r: Esther, Mel, Me

Ck and I;)

Kay Hong The Hamsap and I.

L-r: Esther, Mel, E-Guy, Chee Kiang

more of ck and i!

I think we’re running out of camwhorin’ poses.

Kay Hong and Mel catching on to the trend.

After that we went to Liss’ place to pai lin and for my FIRST gambling session of the year. L-r: liss and kay hong

Chun Guan @ Mr. Inti.. apparently very famous in Inti College now eh?;)

L-r: E-Guy and Esther

Liss’ bro, Nicholas called a few of his friends over too!
l-r: Vern Sheng, Wei Jin, Nicholas and Wilson.
I saw Vern Sheng on my brother’s blog before singing some song and I was like wahhahha damn cute the guy must go disturb. So I sent him a message on friendster..but I think I scared him off. From my friendster profile I found out that he checked out my profile but did not reply my message. Ceh.;(

And of course I confronted him about it la during the gathering. Hahahha. New year’s resolution: don’t scare the younger boys!;P

Esther and I.

Jo is very sad that her best friends are leaving her to rot in Malaysia.

l-r: mel, me, esther and liss

Ahhh…*stretches fingers* gambling.

L-r: Ji Yang, Chun Guan, Chun Meng and Marcus

my dear and I!;)

E-Guy and Superman

Calvin the Chonker:) Kesian Calvin, kept dispensing money.

Kay Hong and Min Dee..finally friends…!

Manda and Ji Yang

Liss and I. Nice picture!!

Mel and I!! Chun blurring.

hehehe, you would not have guessed, but this is E-Guy. I camwhored from him, that’s me standing behind him.

Another one of Liss and I.

l-r: Chien, Liss and I

We even had another round of yee sang to play with!

Chee Kiang and Angel bonded well.

On the seventh day of CNY, my dad’s friend dropped this huge ass pomelo off at my place. It’s freaking huge!

Another bout of gambling session at KEv’s.
l-r: E- Guy, Zhuo Yan, Huei Ching, Chun Guan, Kevin, Marcus

l-r: Kay Hong, Ji Yang, Kwo Kuang

Kevin and Liss.

Kevin and his baby Teddy. Damn cute lah!

Ji Yang working his magic.

We were playing In Between. The pool of money kept growing…right up to about RM150+++.. and Marcus got an Ace and a King for his range. So obviously the chances are damn good right? He bet on EVERYTHING on the table. AHHAHAHA.. and he lost!!!!…So he had to fork out Rm150. Scary shit wei. This is a photo of him losing. 😀

At one point I lost RM40 one shot. A big blow to me because I usually play RM3..RM2…or mostly RM1. But my chances were good as well. Haih. At least we divided the money equally in the end. So total loss was about Rm25. Still bad but I’ll manage. 🙂

I thought the Koi pond at my Dad’s friend’s place looked pretty special.

The koi pond in all it’s glory.

I liked the idea of having such a wide patio. It’s very zen, but on a larger scale!

ooo Ooo! I bought a dress for my cousin’s wedding. The theme is lilac and pink. Hence the dress! RM89 from Blook.

It’s a halter dress.

Diet starts today. I WILL PERSEVERE!! I only ate ONE plate at my dad’s friend’s buffet cny lunch!

Here’s a farewell message to one of my bestest best friends…..

I will miss you so much dear….:( I am really really really sorry that I was still stuck in KL at about 7..;( and I was lost…so sorry Manda..:( Have fun in Australia okay??