Slightly Embarrassing Random Memories

Strange how the randomest memories can just pop into your head.

Remember the days when handphones were still a novelty? I’d say circa 1999/2000. At that age, I was quite an active Interact and Leo Club events’ go-er and obviously I have yet to have my license yet at that time. Handphones were obscure and contacting my mum to come pick me up from whichever hotels was quite a hassle.

Thank god Su-Chien had a handphone then.

I remember I’d ask if I can borrow her handphone to call my mum. Noticing that her keypad was locked, I’d whisper to her, “Psst.. what’s the password?”

“Just press the ok button, the one with the line, and the star at the bottom,” she’d reply in a normal voice. I was puzzled. Isn’t she worried that others might hear it?

However, I can never remember her ‘password’ and would whisper to her everytime I wanted to use her phone. She’s reply in the same loud voice, “just press ok button and the star button.”

“Not scared people know your password ar, say so loud?” I asked, perplexed.

…………..-_-. Now only I realised how stupid I sounded.

Another random memory would be in my old house in SS19 Subang Jaya with my mother. She was was waiting for the washing machine to be done with the clothes, and I was sitting on the potty, waiting for that last bit of shit to come out. Keep in mind that I was 2 years old.

I looked at my vagina and asked, “Mummy, why my petpet got tongue one?”

“It’s to clean the dirt that collects at your pet pet la girl,” my mother looked at it together with me and explained.

“Why cannot move like my tongue one?” I asked, pointing to the other organ in my mouth.

“It will move when it needs to clean the dirt away,” she said.

What was my mother getting at?!! Maybe it was too embarrassing to tell me the proper function of a clitoris. I would not have understood anyway.

My petpet tongue has never moved in all my life. It must be very very dirty.

Oh by the way, I’ve got a secret to share. Actually hor, I like to record myself singing. I’ve been doing it since 2004, and can only force it onto my poor friends through MSN. But now you can download it from Lin, I discovered the service from your blog!)

I was looking into the mirror last night and suddenly this urge in me had me singing this.

And while waiting for my dinner,I did abit of this. 😛 A song my father would sing to me as a child.

Oklah, don’t insult my singing ya! >=(

I’m Dating a 20 Year Old Guy

*hop on over to his blog and flood it with birthday wishes! It’s okay even if you are a stranger.:)

My boy is now 20 years old. Old man already. Just now I called him and he was complaining about a backache to me. Yeah, kids age faster these days.

I’m sorry for not being able to be there with you on your 20th birthday, dear! But I hope my early celebrations for you did some good;). Sigh, don’t know when only we can be in the same place for once to properly celebrate occasions.

And back when we had the chance to see each other 5 days a week, we never quite appreciated the opportunities to make a big deal out of occasions.

But we’ll work around it! 🙂

Here’s a birthday kiss for you!! Love you dear! I’ll be home in 5 weeks, alright?

Okay, everybody, DON’T vomit.

Just thought that I should start using my blog to send birthday wishes to all who matter to me. And what better way to start it but by wishing my boyfriend first?

My apologies to all who had birthdays before this and were not acknowledged on my blog. But I made up for it with presents, birthday cards and phone calls what!

Next year, promise!

The Simple Joys in Pasar Malam-ing

Looming finals means quick dinners.

– Chup, I can hear my neighbours screeching and screaming. And then gushing. You know the tone some girls use when they talk excitedly giggling like a bubble about to burst? And they are stamping their feet on the parquet floor. That’s what it is like to live in a housing area dominated by university students. I can only imagine the situation in the SS15’s housing area. (where there are taylor students, inti students, tbs students, metro students, maybe some monash students..)

Strolling along the weekend pasar malam outside our house was a good change from the boring kuay teow thng, char kuay teow or chicken rice.

Kebab!! They put it in a pita bread with some salad and mayonnaise and chilli(but none for me!) and press the bread against the fiery mesh to heat it together. IT TASTES SO GOOD. We’re eating more of it the next week.

OOoh!! So pretty. But too much of colouring in my food makes me sick. I remember eating a blue jelly when I was 5 years old and puked my guts out. My phobia was still around when Pepsi Blue was launched!

Variety is good.

This is the Keropok Lekor seller. He laughed at me when I asked him if it was keropok lePOR that he was selling. Slip of tongue what. I’m not that bodoh. 🙁

Mini steamed pink, yellow and white flour cakes. Okay, fine, I don’t know what it is. But it’s usually used for praying during those chinese festivals. Can anybody help me out here?

My favourite vegetable is KangKong. Stir fried with garlic and I will love you foreber. Look at those luscious long green stems and sleek and slender leaves. I just want to tear them up and throw ’em into a wok. Rowr!

Hey! They even sell brocolli! Damnit, now only I realised.

Lie Yuen and I both got a cup of sugarcane from this uncle. Sugarcane water is sooooo refreshing. I don’t know about you, but when the sweet liquid slips down your throat and cools it right to the back…..oh god.

Apparently there is a difference between Apom Malik and Apom Balik(or am I being blur and stupid again and they are actually the same thing?)
Okay, what I’ve learnt is that Apom Malik is thin and Apom Balik is thicker. Thin is crunchy and crunchy is good. Really good. Butter. And Peanuts. And some sweet paste on a pancake. Heaven.

Putu Mayam! I don’t quite fancy it. But it makes a nice subject to photograph;D

Some prawn thingie. Wanted to try though but then I felt nauseous when I realised that it was actually all oil that the stuff was soaking it. *hurl hurl*

I like this photo of the Pineapple Lady. It’s so candid yet the picture is clear.

Nah, the fatter apom balik with fillings for you to choose from. Very ‘zhai’. Not so nice.

I thought air cendol was supposed to be brown in colour? I love the cendol in Malacca.. I used to drink it everytime we came back from my grandfather’s office in Malacca Town when I was younger.

A little girl wondering whether to buy sotong or fish for dinner. Hmm.

A whole lot of fishies! I’ve never tried buying fishes before….. I just don’t know what to do with them. What do I do with them?

Authentic cempedak man. With the tummy and all. 😛

Outside act big only, but actually inside small small one.

Instant death. Colouring and artificial flavouring…ewwwwww. But I’d still drink that shit anyway. *sigh*

Looks ew right?

But that’s how they marinate their chicken before roasting em! I learnt that technique back in national service, that clipping the chicken between a splinter technique.

Kuih-muih.. tried it last week. Nope. Not good.

I love pisang emas!! Much better than the imported long long ones. Malaysia Boleh!

Just a random shot.

OH EWWWW… don’t want to drink Soyabean from this store already. They prepare their soyabean in an old bucket. Ewww. A metal bucket also not so bad lah. But you know how grime gets collected in the scratched parts of a plastic bucket? Yeah. Eww.

It was pretty disturbing watching the woman remove the chickens’ organs. I don’t quite know what to make of this picture.

After spending about RM5 each, we decided to bring our spoils home to sit down and enjoy(and overeat and feel like shit after that).

Next to the pasar malam is a wide open field and it gives a fantastic view of Gunung Jerai!

Everyday it surprises me with different formation of clouds around it. Lie Yuen has gotten bored of it long long ago(she no longer layans my “WAH!! See the mountain! See see!” every morning on the way to class)

I saw a fluffy cat before going home. I was chasing the cat trying to get a good shot of it and the neighbourhood crazy man was like giving me instructions in Hokkien on how to take good photos of annoyed cats.

Fluffy kitty with crazy-old-uncle-who-has-a-bag-of-pee-hanging-from-his-waist in the background. He is quite harmless lah but just goes around having heated debates with the housewives(see even the Malay ladies across the street just let him sit on their driveway) and in the morning, he goes to the guard house and pretends to be the guard.

Pretty kitty ya?

No, this is not wet hair. This is OILY hair that has not been washed for 24-26 hours. Yeap. I’m disgusting. Bite me.

It was rain rain raining all day today and look what happened to Gunung Jerai? See the mountain! See see!!

So This Is The Plan..

I’m trying to make full use of my time. Hence, shitting can be done together with blogging as well.

*pauses for awhile to concentrate on shitting*

Okay, right.

I feel that I’m quite proned to backache and I can only imagine how much worse it’ll be when I become a dentist(please pray for me people, please pray that I’ll be a dentist..=( )

When I’m a dentist, I’ll have a comfy chair nicely designed to suit the contours of my back and perhaps installed with Ogawa’s machinery to soothe my aching back. When I lean back, a neck rest will tend to the aching muscles in my neck and squeeze them in a circular motion.

Ahhh…I can just feel it now. *lies back and bangs head on toilet tank* Damnit.

I could probably have a massuer come in twice a week and we can go into a special room at the back of my clinic where I would be given a nice long massage to soothe the twisted muscles.

I know how people are scared of dentists. Been there done that. I’ll put soft music like Enya or Kenny G and maybe some love songs from the 90s(those were the best!) to set them in the mood. Then I will get to say, “Now, open wide!” and they’ll be a dear and will do just that.

I’ll probably work from 9-6pm.. but no worries because I will have an answering machine on 24 hours a day. Just leave a message and we’ll notify you about any available slots. Maybe if I’m really into the whole money thing, I can take special requests to open my doors just for you at your convenience.

My waiting room will be stocked with magazines and lego sets(for the children, of course). Let’s say if I’m not into the whole sophisticated interior design look, I’ll take out my digital camera before you go and snap a picture of your gorgeous smile and print the photo out. That photo will go up on a wall which will be full of smiles of satisfied patients. ;D

But sometimes a change of plans, and a change and another, and another….brings you back to the same ol’ plan.

When ck was in IMU, I decided that I’d try to get my government posting to be same as his since he would graduate one year before me and would be posted somewhere else first. I’d just follow whereever when I come out in 2010.

Then he got a scholarship to NTU to do biological science..which made me very sad because of the assumed 8 years LDR that we had to do. We even came to a decision that I’d take my government posting to Johor instead. Say only so easy, as if the government will layan my requests, but I can still try, right?

Then he decided that it wasn’t a good choice and decided to stick with IMU to finish his pharmacy course.

Of course I was elated:) It was back to square one.

He found out he was offered a course at NUS(his dream university) but didn’t want it. He appealed to change to the pharmacy course at NUS instead. I mentally prepared myself for another change in plans, plastered on a happy smile and tried to be as positive as possible.(a lousy trait of mine, I’m a pessimist).

Once again when he was all prepared to settle down in IMU, NUS gave him an interview for their pharmacy course. He went down without much expectation. He came back up not expecting much either.

But just when the sand has settled to the bottom of my glass bottle, fate stuck its finger into the water and swirled it for me again. My bottled water is murky again. 🙁

Knowing that I would be upset, he called me and you know, this, that, bla, bla, sob,sob, sniff, sniff, snort,snort, yea,okay.. I felt better after he reminded me of our original plan now that he is going to Singapore again.

We’ll graduate at the same time.(2010)
I’ll try to get a government posting to Johor.
He would have to work for the SIngapore government for three years.
Proximity you know.

After his three years in Singapore, he’ll come back to do his Malaysian government posting for another three years. While he is doing his Malaysian posting, I’ll probably be in the private sector already. Or maybe I’ll stay with government but I highly doubt so.

At least he is coming home to Malaysia.

After establishing both our careers(somehow building a career with the government just doesn’t seem like a likely’s more like a necessity.. why am I more inclined to the private sector in terms of career? Sigh. ), we’ll be respectively 28 and 29. So old.

So how now?

Oh, we’ll play by ear. 🙂

Talking about our future right up till we’re both 28 and 29 did cheer me up. 😀

Soon we were talking about our recent bedtime nightmares and a freaking cute Tamagotchi in the Female magazine that I was reading.

Oh, I’m so easy to be pleased. Just talk to me and put thoughts into my head and I’ll be happy. 🙂

Okay, gotta go now. Backside’s getting gangrene.