Exams Are REALLY Over

Alright folks. Exams are officially over, not just pseudo over like it was for the past one week, but really really really over.

I had a panic attack last night, well, yesterday morning since that’s my usual bed time. (I have surrendered to fate, my bed time memang no hope of changing already.) I was of course burning the midnight oil again for my practical exam today(Monday) and as if it isn’t bad enough that I have a paper to sit for, I had to await a call from the school of dentistry to inform me if I had to sit for a VIVA exam in the next few days.

This VIVA exam is an oral examination that will be conducted in front of three scary lecturers if you have obtained a D(it doesn’t stand for Distinction) for your paper. It’s to nudge you over the passing mark. If you fail that, you will have to come back for a resit paper just before the next year starts. (Failing to pass the paper, you will have to repeat the entire year).

I’ve went through that last year and failed my viva. NEVER AGAIN.

I remember putting the phone down and crying my signature torrential amount of tears.

I went to bed with my wrists pulsing in pain in rhythm to my quickening heart. My morning call could very well be from the school of dentistry to inform me that I’ve to sit for my viva exams. I was curled up like a shrimp in my bed, shivering from fear and from the air con, tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep. The rays from the morning sun did not help.

But luckily, my morning was phone call free. By the way, I have a phone line here in Kedah with the 04 number in front of it. Once I called a classmate up and she screamed at me for giving her a heart attack. It’s that bad.

So off we sauntered to the campus after a quick lunch and a little more notes flipping(without anything else getting absorbed into our heads, obviously. Or else I would have been able to answer that stupid amalgam pin question. I hate myself.. boohoohoo). We decided to go up to the School Of Dentistry to inquire once and for all if we have been selected to sit for the Viva oral exams.

One thing about happy joyful lecturers who are perpetually joking, you just don’t know when they are telling the truth. Our playful lecturers stood at the doorway and with quivering voices, we asked, “Sir, we’re here to find out if we have to sit for Viva,”. After getting our names(we’re unpopular students, watudu.), he said with a side way cock of his head, “Passed. You passed,”

I just stared at the two lecturers and the other lecturer, sweet guy who tells weak jokes, but sweet none the less, made another weak joke to try to lighten the situation for us. I could only give a slight upwards curve of the lips before asking, “Sure I passed ar? How sure are you sir! Don’t lie! I will come crying to you okay if I fail! Don’t bluff me lah sir!!”

“Passed! I marked the paper, only three people in the class has to sit for Viva” said my lecturer indignantly.

I started waving madly at him, “Okay byebye sir byebye.” and hurried down the staircase with Lie Yuen, both our hearts racing. We feared for our results and we were minutes away from our last and final paper.

Of course I’m happy to hear my lecturers consoling me like that but I need to see it for myself, in black and white, before I can allow myself to be happy and free.

My classmates, at least those who have had phone call free mornings, have now shot back to their places of origin: Kuantan, Penang, Alor Star, Sarawak, Perak..etc. But the KL people are staying back to await the equivalent of a death sentence: Exam results. Oklah, not so bad. A rollercoaster drop at 21 degrees, maybe.

Just to be sure, we went up to confirm about the Viva with the administration staff. We’re kiasu like that.

Bad move. But at least our fragile hearts will be prepared for the worst. They have yet to call students and will do so throughout the entire day tomorrow. DIE LA DIE LA DIE!

I guess it’ll be a good four days for me to catch up with my downloaded movies, Simpsons episodes, Friends episodes, blog reading, mindless internet surfing, blog layout editing, paperback novels reading(I like to read about suffering chinese women of yesteryears.:P) and sleeping. Definitely lots and lots of sleeping. Zzz.

Here’re photos from my Penang trip that we did a day after the pseudo-last paper(Microbiology was painful) of our finals:

L-r: Nien, Lie Yuen, Brenda, Zhu Zen and Myself.

We were waiting for Poh Yee to come out. She was taking such a long time to get ready!

Lie Yuen and Brenda looking so much better after being couped up in their rooms, forehead deep in year 2 dental notes.

Zhu Zen looking so cute!

Jolene so cute! Not.. But damn long never camwhore. So bagilah chan sikit. (Why do I sound like I’m bribing a policeman..haha)

Random loving photo of Nien and Me.

I was proving to the rest that I can camwhore for anybody, not only myself. I wasn’t looking at the LCD, in fact I was like facing the side of the camera…. you catch my drift?

Hey, what can I do? The camera had more shots of me, put up only lorh.

Me and Brenda. Oklah, excuses excuses. It’s just another one of myself camwhoring. *Points at Poh Yee* It’s her fault for taking so long to get ready. And the sunlight was lovely too. <3

Poh Yee was clearly deprived of sleep.

We went to Redbox to celebrate the end of exams. Quite fun lah actually. I learnt alot of chinese words that day.*proud of myself* And everytime an English song came on, they would push the mics in Brenda’s face and my face and say, “Ang moh kooi!” and we would sing along to songs from our tween years. Heh heh. Think Spice Girls and Britney Spears.

l-r: Poh Yee, Brenda and Nien.

I have NO idea what Maxis was doing. That’s Ee Chean in the background.

l-r: Poh Yee and Lie Yuen

Brenda and the very big head.

We were served with our airplane food. Horrid food. Bleh.

Andy arrived late. He did some warm ups before attempting to serenade us with his melodious voice.

I think we were singing Hit Me Baby One More Time. Damn fun wei! I vow to sing more Britney songs. I must try try try to sing Beyonce’s Irresistable. I also…erm, want to try to sing Lady Marmalade. It’ll be such a laugh! Dahlings, let’s go cheong k when I get back ok??? hahaha.

Andy in full gear. -_-

The guys l-r: Josiah, Ee Chean, Chwan Hong, Sett, Ah Thong

Sock Nee was the star of the day. She’s got a damn chun voice! Very ngam to sing all those emo chinese songs and Lie Yuen said that if she was a record company manager, she’d offer her a contract on the spot.

See, she elicited this response from the ‘crowd’.

There was one particular song that Maxis and Ee Chean were singing very loudly too.


And then it was off to watch Transformers! I know we are slow okay. It’s not our fault we had to be couped up at home, studying our asses off(literally, I can’t feel my bum already. I’ve been sitting in a chair for many many hours a day for many many days.). Don’t we look like some form2 form3 kids out on a trip together-gether in a whole bunch?

TRANSFORMERS WAS GOOOooooooooooooooooooooD. Though I fell asleep because I only had 4 hours of sleep in two days. But only missed like 8% of the show. So it was still good. Shia Lebeouf is so cute too! He’s only 1 year older than me! I’m amazed how he can maintain his funniness throughout the entire movie.

Is it weird that I chuckled everytime the cars transformed into robots?

For lunch we had Kim Gary. This is me attempting to make a long-time-no-see face at my Cheese Baked Rice.


Thought I’d share a photo of the receding tides along Gurney Drive. When I went there last year with Chee Kiang, I clearly remember water there.

It looks so bare and dirty now. There are some land reclamation work being carried out somewhere nearby. I wonder if that’s the cause.

Chickens! I super love this soft toy shop. It’s got the cutest beanies but too bad I ain’t got the moolah to splurge on dust collectors. Nice to see, but I love my bed space more than any cute soft toy.(except the darling Cat you bought my birthday, Lie Yuen. *picks Catcat up from the floor and pats it lovingly*

I particularly loved this monkey because it has the colours of my blog! And also the name of the monkey, “Kapo” sounds like “Kepo” which is so me. πŸ˜€

A group photo with the girls before leaving Queensbay.
l-r: Brenda, Me, Lie Yuen, Poh Yee, Nien and Zhu Zen.

Like any other shopping trips I’ve chronicled, how can I possible exclude my spoils:

Slinky tube dress. I wish I got a clearer picture and am now too lazy to get a clearer one. But for Rm65.90 it fits ANY body type. I wore it and I loved it. Lie Yuen wore it and she loved it. It fits anyone!

When I went in to the shop(it’s in Gurney Plaza) I was amazed by the rows and rows of slinky dresses(the type that you’ll need to wear with leggings but some can be without) for Rm35-Rm65. It was like heaven for me! I was like a child let loose in a candystore! I couldn’t stop fingering fabrics, tugging to test the elasticity(T_T that’s how people like me choose clothes.. T_T), oohing and aahing at the prints and the designs… I’M GOING BACK TO THE PLACE ON WEDNESDAY!!! Yes, I’m going to Penang again on Wednesday. Sungai Petani so sien lah.

A polka dot skirt for class.

White shoes from Central Square in Sungai Petani. There’s a new shoe shop that’s quite nice. Not like any of you who reads this blog will care or will visit Sungai Petani. πŸ™

And now presenting the torment of my exam season: The damn green bugs.

I’m not kidding okay. These are all the bugs collected from ONE night on the porch. Like a mountain okay. Damn scary.

That’s the broom behind it.

Good things spiderwebs exist. And see how big that spider is? I bet its having a feast with the bugs season.

I know my house is gross. We’re shifting out when year 3 starts! This house is beyond salvage!

I shall now climb into bed.

I realise I’m very angsty in my previous posts and especially the comments. Hehehe.

Surprisingly, I’ve received two flamers in the span of over half a year. I think lah. Not sure. But I definitely don’t get flamers often.

I told myself that I would be strong and will handle any shit thrown my way. I managed! πŸ˜€ I’m so proud of myself!

I guess I really shouldn’t blog just before my period comes. I become overly angry. Sigh. But stupidness pisses me off. So, maybe it’s not PMS.

Do You Want To Do Good?

I’ve dragged my brother, Mel and Yee Hou to form a team with me to compete in the Maxis Cyberlinq 2007 competition, which is of course, sponsored by Maxis.

It might seem like it is the type of project that some enthusiastic school teacher is kidnapping all of you to participate in, as matured individuals, I believe it is a good opportunity for us to utilize the skills that we now have and try to make a change for the less fortunate among us.

Our team has a very corny name – Team Maxmobile – but it serves the purpose of its cause. We have decided to highlight the plight of mobility challenged individuals via blog updates, petitions, Mobiility Disability Training programme and lots more strategies that we have yet to cook up. We’ll get there. We’ve got our blog up already, but no links to it as of now as we’re a little embarrassed by the bareness of it all. Let us tweak it a little bit more first.

Here’s a sneak peak if you must. πŸ™‚

I like it because it look neat.:) But it’s still very bare.

Mel and I will be in charge of dealing with contacts since she knows a few and I know a few(Lots of thanks to Peter and his time! And later on, more contacts from him.) Yee Hou will be handling the visual side of things (beautifying the blog, snapping photos during our ‘events'(hopefully there will be some) and getting the right images to go alongside our blog posts.) My brother Mervyn will be looking up on what’s the situation like overseas so that we can compare it with the local situation. Hopefully this will stimulate less caring transport companies to open their eyes and hearts to the needs of the physically disabled members of our society.

In Peter’s words, the term that they’ve always been going on about is “inclusion”. They don’t want to be treated as special individuals, they just want to be one of us. To blend with the crowd.

This is a good cause to highlight since not many people are aware about the needs of these individuals. We didn’t want to take on old folks home and orphanages because those topics are kind of cliche(but of course I sympathize with them. My mum packs my still wearable old clothes and school bags to give to these homes from time to time). We nearly wanted to use turtles as our cause but too bad, my sole turtle savior person, Pelf is currently away in Chiang Mai. Coincidentally, she’s also highlighting the plight of disabled people in her blogathon. Do support her cause!

You see, there are so many other causes to support, be it human or animals. If you’ve been meaning to do your part for your society, I say this competition will be just the right opportunity to launch your noble ideas.

You’ll need to form a team of 4-8 and you will need an advisor. There are four categories: Cyberkids School, Primary School, Secondary School, Institute Of Higher Learning and Registered Community Centre.
What you must do is to come up with a proposal and put it up on a blog from a free blog provider site like blogspot or wordpress. If you must know, proposals include a title, objectives, strategies, budget, timeline, ethics and conclusion.

You will have to register your team using the online registration page provided on the blog.

The theme is “Ò€œWhat can you do for the Country? Begin with your own Community.Ò€

I know this might sound very advertorial-ish, but hey, I’m taking part in it too. I hope this will lead to something.

Selected proposals will be selected by the panel of judges and 10 finalists from each category will be allocated RM1000 to implement their project(so yeah, you must decide how you’re supposed to use your RM1000. It was a tough cookie that one. I’m still scratching my head.).

The dead line for proposals(which should be put up on the free blogs) is on the 2nd of August.

So if you get selected, the duration of the contest will be from (i presume 3rd August) to 30 September 2007. But this is subjected to change, so you will have to find out these details if you’re interested.

Somewhere in November, the winners will be announced.

These are the prizes:

Main Prize each category of participation (5):
1st prize: RM6000 & Certificate of Participation
2nd prize: RM4000 & Certificate of Participation
3rd prize: RM2000 & Certificate of Participation

Special Award:
Best Blogger: RM1000
Best Application of Technology: RM1000

So it’s up to you how you wanna do it, really. I still believe that it’s a good opportunity to make a change for a cause that you’ve been supporting all this while. At least with that RM1000(assuming your proposal gets selected), you can do so much more.

If there are any school teachers with big ambitions to boost your school’s name or clubs like Interact or Leo in high schools looking to take on a project(Here’s a shout out to all Community Service Directors out there!), do participate!

MPH And Other Mainstream Bookshops Boycott Harry Potter Due To Outrageous Discounts

no. No. NO. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ugh. This makes me so sick. But thank god they will ‘honour pre-orders’.

Apparently, major hypermarkets will be selling the Harry Potter book for about RM69.90 where else the mainstream bookstores are selling it at Rm109.90.

Harry Potter is a phenomenon. You don’t put a discount on phenomenons.

I can just imagine the Harry Potter book sitting on the steel shelves under harsh lightings of your typical hypermarket, it makes me feel so sick. I never buy anything from hypermarkets except food because all other purchases from it doesn’t say a lot for its style.(though I buy some pyjamas and undies from hypermarkets.) The Harry Potter book just won’t be as classy as a Harry Potter book bought from a proper bookshop.

One of my friend’s dad is a big boss in MPH and apparently they withdrew the sale of Harry Potter books from all branches nationwide. OH MY GOD.

Do you know the feeling of buying a Harry Potter book from a bookshop with its wooden shelves and soft lightings, holding it in its taut plastic wrapping as you line up behind the long queue of eager Potter fans, allowing the weight of the book to sink into your fingers? It’s all part of the magic.

When you get into the car, you rip the plastic wrapper and inhale the smell of the new book and indulge yourself in the opening of the book, getting lost in the world of Harry Potter via Number 4, Privet Drive.

Competition can get so ugly.

I refuse to buy my Harry Potter book from anywhere but proper book shops.

I am a huge fan and I will pay my Rm109.90. (at least my brother will, heh. I will have to wait till I get home to pry it off his fingers.)

GRRRRRRRRRRR. PLAY FAIR!!!!!!!!!! Don’t spoil the magic for us!

p/s: I will track the IPs of whoever who dare to reveal spoilers on my blog and kick your ass so hard that shitting will be a bitch. I’ve been trying my best to avoid all spoilers. I’m very proud of myself.

Returning To A Pre-Sunrise Bed Time

I think I’ve been going to bed with the sun up in the sky for over two weeks now. Strangely, I remember someone once told me that if a person continues this kind of sleeping habit, there’s a good chance that he might collapse and die.I was just waiting for the moment that I would lose consciousness spontaneously. I will now need to readjust my sleeping hours. It won’t be easy. My heads a little fuzzy now as I am typing this since it is after 2.54am and I’ve yet to dry my hair so I won’t be going to bed anytime soon.

Plus my files are all over my floor and I really want to pick them up and put them up on the shelves, yet my legs just doesn’t want to make contact with the parquet floor. I need to fold that pile of clothes which is now almost a permanent fixture resting on my bean bag. Haih. And clear the cobwebs from the ceiling. So many chores lah. And pick up the bird nest bits from below my window. (I know, I’m scared of contracting bird flu too.)

I hate this rainy season. A green bug(It’s that bug season too..anybody remember posts from my old blog while I was studying for my year 1 finals?) sits on my third finger as I type this, refusing to fly away. A cricket is covering the G on my google search toolbar and UARrggh…it just flew to my nose.

But I flicked it away as I’m so nonchalant about bugs already. I will have to clear up the line of bugs stuck in between the plastic frame and the LCD screen. That’s what you get when you leave your laptop open for more than 24 hours during this bug fest season. Things are so bad that there’s a PILE of dead green bugs(now gold because die already) measuring about 1mX1m out on the porch just underneath the flourescent light.

Moths of all shapes and sizes flock into my room. I pick some and drag them abit on my table. I rub my fingers together and admire the glittery effect of their powder. I know it can induce itchiness.. but so far so good!

Aiyoh, my point is that I want to sleep early tonight(anytime before 6am) and I’m rambling about bugs in my room. Damn kedah.

My classmates’ MSN personal messages read, “Green bugs, go away. Please don’t bite me..please……”, “Itchy la wei. Fuckkkkk..” and “Green insects, mosquitoes, moths.. like an insect farm.” Everybody is going through the same problem. I’m SO feeling the effect of living in Malaysia’s Rice Bowl. When they harvest the padi, the bugs have no food and thus feast on me.

I still have scars on my legs from last year’s bugs. This year the scars are on my hands. Next year it will be on my torso.(Yeah, I also don’t know why it seems like I’ll be wearing a bikini day in day out during my third year finals. Food for thought.) then fourth year, my face. Fifth year, the bugs will ‘chap sau mei'(in cantonese: tie up loose ends.)..just touch up whichever parts of my body that is still clear and not bitten.

I’m really glad that the exams are over. Though as long as the results are not out yet, I don’t dare feel happy. But I’ve already done many happy things ever since 3.30pm(on 17/7)! I’ve bought a pair of new shoes, bought two Catherine Lim books that I’ve been searching for high and low ever since form four(Thank you Dad for the lovely end of exams book presents that you will only know about at the end of the month!! <3) and HARRY POTTEERRRRRR!

Best movie out of all the HP movies. Bestbestbestbestbest! Absolutely. It was much more enthralling and realistic than the last four movies. However, it seems that a lot of the initial Harry Potter magic has been lost on its increasing hype and deepening storyline. And I mean it for the books as well.

What blew me away when I was 14 years old are no longer a focus: Quidditch, chocolate frogs, potion classes, shopping at Diagon Alley and the many many broom stick scenes. πŸ™

Another happy thing would be tomorrow: I’ll be heading to Penang with the rest of my classmates!! Seems like it’s going to become a tradition for the rest of the classmates to head down to Penang for a day of shopping, movie watching and some good Penang food.

One more practical exam on Monday and with many body parts crossed, I hope I will be the bearer of good news by the end of next week. AND THEN I’M HOME FOR 5 WHOLE WEEKS. ARGHHHH I WANT TO HUG MY DOG ANGEL NOW. πŸ™ And everybody back home too..hehe.

Alright. Dry hair, pick up files, turn on aircon, pluck eyebrows(it’s an End Of Exams ritual), open book, read, switch off lights, sleep, wake up, go penang, come home, watch many many many many many movies and sitcoms and be happy.

Ooooh, one of my greatest time wasters(introduced by minishorts, thanks babe! and T_T.) during the exam season was POLYVORE.COM!

it’s like you can make your own fashion spreads. They have thousands of images from thousands of brand names. And various other images which you can add onto a canvas like screen. Just go crazy. Make collages, build doll houses, make fashion pages, make a visual wish list(with big names like Forever21, Calvin Klein, Ikea… random names but almost every brand you can think off, they’ll have a list of their products. In graphic form.)…etc. Just go mad lah:)

I even saved my creations as my handphone wall paper! (see my twitter!)

I called this My Mish Mash. Click here to see which images from which brands/sites I put together!

Wendy Wonka, presumably the daughter of Willy Wonka. I added the hat. And more.

I named this one Second Childhood. Hehehe. See, they even have toys! Many, many toys.

Okay, now your turn to go and waste time!