Who Says Malaysians Cannot Pronounce Big Words? :D

I was walking around the new Sunway Pyramid with my family and my cousin was just telling me about the name of this new unopened outlet in the new wing.

She said, “My mum, dad and I came out of the elevator and I saw a shop and went, “Mack-Hee-nez?”” and my dad was like, “Nolaaa…it’s Muh-shei-nez” and then my mum butt in and said, “No!.. It’s Mac-Hinds!”……and the three of us stood there for awhile before it dawned on us.”


Their minds were too sophisticated to pronounce Machines. Hahahahahahahahahahhahaa. They thought it was some new Italian brand…hahhahahahahahhahaha. I think the fonts must’ve been too spaced out for them to comprehend the word. My brother’s looking forward to the shop though. He wants a Macbook!

I Knew This Day Would Come

So it was just another Thursday morning – the only day in the week that we get to attend classes in the new campus. Or the only day that I have theory classes as a matter of fact. *gloat, gloat*

As always, my dean was making his good news/bad news announcements. It can be quite interesting because he would tell us things like how the dental hospital is coming along(I still see sand dunes surrounding the building. It’ll be many more months before we can treat patients. T _T) or how there are new facilities for us or upcoming holidays or something.

He did however roused me from my morning drowsiness when he said, “A senior staff member have told me that he now has a technology that he uses to detect blogs that write entries with regard to the university.”

Brenda and I gulped. We were like uh, this is it. Our blogs have finally been known to the administration.

He continued, “I’m not sure if it’s from your batch but someone blogged about how being a dental student is so much cooler than being a medical student in this university.”

Okay, I definitely did not say that so I’m off the hook. Whoever the person is, it’s a really childish statement.

Flustered, we looked left and right guiltily. Mainly for having a blog and blogging about life in the university. Even though I’ve had my ups and downs in this university, I’ve never ever once bad mouthed about the uni. I want my damn degree damnit!

My dean went on to say, “Well, we should all be nice to each other. So do be careful about what you write in your blogs!” he said with a smile.

About which special technology that the senior staff is using to detect entries regarding the university, I’m putting all my money on Google Alerts. So far, it has been the most reliable service. I don’t believe that in all my years of being a blogger(and an obsessive one at that, hehe) that there is a keyword/link detecting service that I do not know of.

Anyway, this is a warning to all students from my university that it’s high time you reevaluate what you put into words. You don’t want to be called up and be told off in front of your classmates or maybe worse things can happen to you depending on how bad the entries are.

After class, I went up to my dean after class and told him that I have a blog. But I’ve only ever written about what I get up to here in the uni and about my life in the uni.

He was pleasantly supportive and said, “Oh of course! No problem, we practice free speech here! By all means, write whatever you like. But of course, let it be within the normal boundary of politeness!”

We sighed in relief because we had his support to keep a blog about our lives as dental students here in this university. As long as he understands why I’m running around with a camera in class all the time, that’s all I ask for.

So, if there are any of my university mates who are reading this, please remember that your degree is far more important than a silly blog entry doing a rant about the university. Our university is still young and though there is room for improvement when it comes to the management side, there is nothing to doubt about the quality of the lecturers and the facilities that we’re provided with. It’s not worth it to get into trouble when your parents have already paid so much for your education.

Please keep in mind that the service/technology can detect the university’s name in any blog entry.

Notice how I’ve not mentioned the name of my university at all? 🙂


I know I have said my university’s name in other entries, but there are many entries separating this one from the last entry I wrote with the name inside. And when the alerts reaches the senior staff’s inbox, he will only get a permalink to that particular entry. And I’m banking on how tired the senior staff will be when it comes to trawling the entire blog(especially blogs with hundreds and hundreds of posts) for other posts regarding the university.

But it doesn’t mean that I’ve said anything that can lend me in trouble when I choose to leave out my university’s name. It’s just that I’d rather not make this post extra obvious than it already is.

🙂 But as long as we know how to go by the rules, blog responsibly then it’s all right.


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Shifting Houses Is A Huge Nightmare

I think Streamyx and I have an unresolved feud from our previous lives. Things were initially all fine and dandy when my line miraculously had a Streamyx connection. I was surfing the net happily for a couple of days in the new house and today the DSL light started blinking again. UGHHHH!!

Here are the many many photos from my extremely tiring house shifting process. I swear I never ever want to shift house ever again. Only two girls with various handymen(Lorryman, Airconman, Meterman, Plumber) to aid the entire process. My arms now start cramping up like its having period pains whenever I expose them in an air-conditioned room or even during a cold shower. Pain until can grab the arm and cry kind of pain.

We threw out basically almost everything from downstairs and that was about eight consecutive trips to the big rubbish dump at the end of the road. It was a cold night and I was sweating like a pig, sweat stinging my eyes and I couldn’t wipe away my sweat for fear of getting balled-up spider webs or years old grime on my face and in my eyes. I shiver even to think about the kind of shit I laid my hands on while shifting out of that house that had totally gone to hell.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not that we never cleaned the house. We did! The ceilings were far too high, the corners were far too crammed with junk and basically the place was too big and lizards and spiders were more than the humans in the house. Plus the papaya tree outside that supplied pests with all the nutrients they needed thus causing some of them to venture into our house to feast on the food stuff in the kitchen. Sigh.

Things were so bad that the Tesco plastic bags that we put on the floor(with were storing various food stuff that has long been forgotten. Think Jacob biscuits that has expired a year ago, dusty instant noodles etc.) practically disintegrated when we touched it. It was like we couldn’t grab the handles to lift the bags off the floor because it would just come apart, pieces by pieces. We had to give the plastic bag a few good slaps so that they would crumble entirely and can then be swept into a dustpan. -_- We’re not negligent, Tesco bags are cheapo!

I had to protect a few things in the front seat with me. My mini collection of huggables and my precious dark soya sauce in my left hand just so that it won’t spill all over the place. Weird combination in this photo though. Lie Yuen was saying, “Ya, the soya sauce for the tofu.” True also. Heh.

Camwhoring with the pots and stuff with my mirror. It didn’t turned out as nice as I thought it would. Hmm.

Check out the mess though! We made about 8-9 trips to and fro from our old place to the new place with all our junk. But it’s not too bad because we only moved like 300 meters away.

And that’s not all of it!

Lie Yuen was having a lot of fun too with my other camera!

Surrounded by my junk.

I didn’t realise I had that many magazines!

Here are pictures of the entire house before every corner gets utilized!

This would be my room!

The other part of the room.

Another part.

Another view of my room!

And the view. 🙂

Here’s the toilet that has a strange pipe coming down from the ceiling, which spills water out after awhile. I think that the ball in the water tank is no longer working.

The stairs..

Lie Yuen’s room!

The corridor..

One happy photo to commemorate our (MUST OK MUST) three years’ stay. Yup, only three more years of Kedah and I’m off! Woohoo!

And the kitchen! It’s of a good size and most importantly, there’s enough sunlight coming in so it’s all good.

After putting more things in the new house,we went back to the old place to finalize a few things. See how empty my old room looks?

Thanks to the gorillapod for this photo of us discussing what to buy later at Tesco.

More stuff!

My room stuff in a cute stacked up pile!

After locking up the house, we went to Tesco to replenish some of the items that we were lacking of in the new place. While driving down our road, we saw a tortoise crossing the street! What a sight! Needless to say, I rushed out with my camera. Hehehe.

We thought that maybe the tortoise climbed up from the lake in our residential area.

Why did the tortoise cross the road?

It was anything but slow okay! Whenever I tried to go nearer, it would scramble away at quite a speed!

It turns out that the tortoise actually belonged to my house’s agent who lives across the street with his family. Yeah, paying the rent is so convenient now!

That’s Lie Yuen inside the car taking a photo of me taking a photo of the tortoise. Damn it, I forgot to upload the photos from my phone. Argh.

So cute lah.

One giant step for reptilekind!

Things were not looking good. I quickly asked the agent if it was his and he was like, “Ya!!! Been looking all over for it.” His mother in law and children were scrambling all over the garden looking for the tortoise that came out of their house. Poor guy must’ve tried to escape.

It was very obvious that we were moving houses.

I was feeling very equipped. Ahem. It’s all very much like playing house. So in a way it was quite fun!

Glittery sponge! With actual sponge holes! Like Spongebob! Brenda I wanted to buy a yellow sponge for you. Haha.

There’s actually a video of us wiping the water patches off the floor together. FUCKING STREAMYX!! ARGH!

Lie Yuen’s the plumber at home. She can connect hoses to pipes and fix washing machines.

The half done kitchen!

A visit to the hardware store to get a few more things.

Ah, the trademark mess in my room. I sorted my things into various piles. I had a “decorative items pile”, “stationary pile”, “important documents pile”, “toiletries and cosmetics pile” and “textbook and notes pile”. Very good!

Check out the left shelf! It’s new and spacious. <3

Bwahahha so what’s new eh?

Wait laa.. it will be sorted out in awhile. Just you see. 🙂

More mess..

We were both busy doing up our own rooms. It was all over within four days.

We’ve came up with this thing called “Off The Floor” mentality where nothing should be kept on the floor if possible so that it’s easier to sweep. Previously, our internet cables were one of the main reasons why there was a lot of dust outside our rooms.

A nice little polystyrene box to store all the household items.

We now have our own shoe racks! And Lie Yuen has an excuse to buy more shoes.

I saw the cutest powder pink cupboard going for only RM50 at Giant and immediately grabbed it!!

DIY is actually kind of fun. A bit of a headache though, but very fun.

You even have to fix the magnet yourself.

The bar that will stick to the magnet.

And the knob!:D

And now for some random photos I took during my committee meeting on Monday. Here’s Cze-Yin’s hair and the evening sun.

Magesh and Ebby and the book that I borrowed from the library. And my handphone too!

Check out the huge amount of rubbish that we had to throw out!

In a way, we’d like to regard ourselves as super women. We didn’t need any help from our friends(except for a few phone numbers that were very much needed for the whole shifting house process) and yet we managed. *proud*

There’s actually a video of us pushing it. WILL UPLOAD IT WHEN THE STREAMYX CONNECTION IS STABLE AGAIN!!!

We vow to keep this house very very clean. So clean that we will even pick dust bunnies off the floor with our bare fingers.

So clean that we even dare to lie down on the floor. (If you’ve been reading long enough, you’d remember a similiar photo we took while cleaning the old house before we moved in. It’s not going to be the same thing, we promise!!)

At 4.30am on Sunday night, i finally managed to clear my room and organise everything into their allocated storage boxes, shelves, drawers and cabinets. So here are the photos of my very neat and beautiful room!

Don’t you just love the pink cupboard?! The excessive shelf space I have is rather overwhelming. But I always welcome space!:)

A perfect area for me to put my clothes and other non-study or non-fun stuff.

I can finally put up photo frames and be proud of the people I have in my life. The tealight holder is a souvenir from the recent dental dinner.

My study table and my bed. Watch this space. See the mess grow!

And of course I had to put the fairy lights up:) There’s my chest x-ray! 😀 I’ll stick stickers on it or something. See lah how.

There’s that weird pipe that comes down from the ceiling and when the water tank overflows due to the faulty ball thingie, water gushes out and I can’t sleep at night because it sounds like someone’s having a shower. Super annoying.

I’m so clever you see. 😛 I utilized all my good morning towels(Rm4.90 for a pack of 10 from Tesco!) and tied them up so that the water can trickle down via the towels. In silence. 😀 I can’t sleep with any noise or any light at all. There’s a glass pane above my door and I feel quite annoyed by the fluorescent light outside the corridor(which must be left on in case either Lie Yuen or I tumble down the stairs while trying to go down for a glass of water(or Milo, in Lie Yuen’s case)).

My butterflies are stuck in a different way now!

The end effect with the fairy lights. I purposely hung the last part of the lights that way so that it illuminates the drawings at the side of the mirror. <3 The storage boxes are really useful too! Even my floormats get a store box of their own!

Now that you’ve seen my new place, here are some photos from a few things that I’ve done recently.

I went for the Levites concert. A christian concert thing that was organised by Jamie and her cf friends. Which consisted of a lot of my dentistry juniors, surprisingly.

My close friends would know better than to invite me for their church events because I would be so damn sarcastic about it and we would then stop being friends. No lah, not that bad. But I really don’t like to be pushed to go for church events. Too many pushy ones. ;(

But Jamie’s one of my closer friends here and she was so happy and excited about it because she organized a couple of plays for the event. So I didn’t want to disappoint her and went for it anyway. We enjoyed the plays mainly because most of our friends were acting in it. And they were all pretty good at acting too! The first one was ok lah if you like a good chuckle or two. But the second one totally blew me away. Andy played Jesus and Gerviene played one of God’s children(I think this is the term for men and women of the Earth? Correct me if I’m wrong.) who succumbed to many many vices. The other actors played out the various vices like seduction, alcohol, gambling, beauty…etc. It was very emotional because Andy who played Jesus pleaded with the vices to stop corrupting Gerviene and at one point, Gerviene’s character “sees the light” and she starts trying to go back to Andy but the vices are grabbing at her preventing her from going back. It was all very real and very raw. Fantastic acting. They even tore at her shirt and stuff. Got fake blood and everything. Hehe. Lie Yuen and I were shaking our heads going, “Mou la.. mou la..” as hands were all over the place while the vices tried to prevent Gerviene from going back to Andy.

Then when she finally breaks free from the vices, she launched herself onto Andy and he held out his arms and protected the vices from getting at Gerviene. So you just imagine seaweed in very turbulent waters. 🙂 As a non-believer, I really enjoyed the play. I’m glad it made Jamie so happy when I told her that. 🙂

This first play was about some amazing race thing.

That’s Jickson singing.

l-r: Lie Yuen, Cze-Yin, Andy, myself and Zhu Zen.

LOL Jimmy looks more like he’s holding an invisible ball than clapping.

l-r: June, Shing Yiin, Amelia and Alex. Amelia and Alex are siblings you know! And they are in the same class! How cool is that??

Andy and Zhu Zen.

L-r; Lie Yuen, Jamie, Me.

The singers.

Kenneth seems to be covering for a lot of events. Saw him running around with his dSLR!

With most of the year 2 juniors. So confusing to think of a way of organise the names. Anyway, I’m there, duh, so is Melvin, June, Sook Mei, CY and Shing Yiin.

l-r: Zhu Zen, Lie Yuen, Myself, Melvin, Sook Mei, AMelia, Ei Leng
clockwise from Cze-Yin: Shing Yiin, Alex, CY and Andy.

Zhu Zen, Lie Yuen, Me, and Ei Leng.

l-r; Zhu Zen, Lie Yuen, Lydia(s0hp0h! Lydia was telling me that you guys know each other!! 0_0), and meee.

That play I was raving about. 😀

We’ve recently discovered a new place called Cupido Cafe! For the benefit of my classmates and other random uni mates, it’s situated at the shop lots on the way to Swiss-Inn! And for those extra blur ones, as you come out of Tesco, turn left, go straight, when you see the school, turn right. Take the first turning left and you’re there.

What’s impressive is that the manager and chef are both from Shangri-La. It boggles me why people like them would come and open a classy little joint in the middle of nowhere(read: Sungai Petani). It’s got a big city feel to it. Sungai Petani is still crawling along when it comes to appreciation for fine dining. Now, now, don’t slander me. I have the right to say this as I’ve stayed here for 2 whole years already. The people here would normally eat at chinese hawker stalls, mamaks or warungs selling nasi lemak and things like that. Even an Old Town Kopitiam here in Sungai Petani is barely surviving.

Though a bit of pricey for my usual student budget (RM2 for kuay teow th’ng! Mmm!), about RM10 for western/fusion food was pretty good. I mean this would go down really well if it’s back home where people are willing to pay more while nodding their heads understandingly.

Cajun chicken, I think. It came with fried onions too!

A seafood curry dish! I usually hate spicy food but the slight salty blend of various spices tasted really good as a gravy.

Seafood. Me love!

They even have a lounge area. It made the place look like a bar.

The bar area.

They even offer wifi there!

The manager has really fantastic PR skills as he managed to persuade us to come back for breakfast the following day. Apparently they have a Cupido Cafe specialty breakfast. They coat a fried piece of bread with cornflakes and it is served with honey. Apparently its very popular already!

Even the milo ais was something else. Not too creamy, not too milky, not too sweet. I can’t wait to go back for more!

A few more shots of the interior in broad day light.

I think it looks better in the day. I need light when I’m awake.

As for this one, it was quite a sad excuse for roti kaya.

Ta-da!! The apparently famous bread with cereals, a trademark of Cupido Cafe. The ham was damn kau juicy too.

A small portion of Cupido Cafe’s chicken pasta.

And they even serve Ratatouille! It doesn’t look like the one in the movie, but the colours are definitely there. We were quite curious that’s why we ordered it.

I HATE DIAL-UP! By the way, did you all know that you can use dial-up without needing a tmnet or jaring account? Just key in 1315 in the dial area and you can connect without needing a login ID and password! I just found out about it from Nien! All the times when I’ve suffered for nothing!! *grumble* It’s 4 sens per minute though. So, that’s like RM2 bucks plus for an hour. Quite ouch also.

The only way I can get in touch with Jay from isorule.blogspot.com is to put a link to him from my blog. People would click on it and then he’d get a referral and he’d come here and leave a comment. It happened for an enough amount of times for me to know that this method works. JAY!! I really want to be invited to read your blog. Without your blog, my days are so empty. No other blogger is as hilarious as you. T___T I want to readdd youuuu!!

My Long Distance Relationship Article Came Out In R.Age Today!

Yay!! Finally another article out in R.age. As in with pictures and stuff. Here’s the link!

I actually wrote over 1700 words but I guess the editor had to trim it down to a more suitable proportion. Oh well. If you’d like to read the original one, here it is anyway. Forgive the mistakes if you spot them, it was all written after midnight.

Being In A Long Distance Relationship
By Jolene Lai Pei Shan

Someone once said that we are too young to love. Being in a relationship meant taking care of each other and being with each other every single possible day. Just someone to be close to. Just someone for you to understand completely and that’s enough for the most of us for now. It’s not too far from the truth to say that people who fall in love before going off to university are those who feel most heartbroken and nothing can hurt more than a perpetual heartache. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have their dreams woven together. Some of us have to choose different paths to work towards a better future as education should always be a priority. We all know that.

A long distance relationship is never an easy one. Those who make it look like a bed of roses probably hide a whole lot more from the eyes of the people around them. Afraid of losing the remnants of what they once had, they paint a picture; not to deceive but to convince themselves that things are going great, that things will always be great.

Relationships fall apart due to distances and time apart. The absence of physical contact can be detrimental to some where else some are more troubled by the emotional part of the relationship. It’s a tiring task for most people. Such as the stress that ensues, the ever growing insecurities, the hurt from the doubts but most of all, the inability to experience each and everyday with that special someone is the one that takes the cake.

However, be it bad or good, everybody has something special to share about their long distance relationship. Each story is equally as romantic as the next and hopefully, a happy ending for all of us at the end of the day.

Ada Foo Lee Mun, 19, and Justin Lee Jiao Hao, 21, have been together for one year and seven months. Within eight days of officially becoming an item, Ada had to leave for Australia to pursue her dreams of becoming a psychologist. It all started when the both of them were working at the Star Edu Fair. “I asked him if he needed any help rolling out some posters and that’s how it all began,” Ada reminisces about the beginning of their courtship.

While Justin has a whole stack of calling cards in room and Ada, an empty bank account, no amount of phone calls can compensate for the intimacy of a simple hug. “It’s especially hard as the next hug would be in about four months’ time. Since we are apart for such long periods of time, we have to constantly reassure each other that we still love one another. It’s important to trust each other and to give the other person space and freedom,” says Justin.

If things go well, couples in a long distance relationship would be lucky to have had time and space to grow up without the constraints of a controlling partner. You get to enjoy life a little more and indulge in the freedom of being young, something that is not too convenient when there’s a person sulking next to you while you have fun.

“It’s knowing that I will come home one day after finishing my studies that keeps me going,” confides Ada who is looking forward to the day when they wouldn’t be apart from each other anymore.

Unlike Ada and Justin, Liew Suet Li, 19, and Barry Ooi Eu Hock, 21, have been together for a year and a half before they embarked on a long distance relationship when Barry left for the States in 2006. It was a chance encounter when Barry was dining at a local pizzeria only to be completely smitten by Suet Li, a pretty waitress serving at the joint. A phone call to the pizzeria for her name, a comb through of Friendster profiles and with the heaven sent MSN messenger, the two have been inseparable ever since.

After eight long months of being in an LDR, coupled with the lack of physical contact, the usual fights became harder to resolve. “We’re much more emotional when we are apart as the time difference is about twelve hours. It has been hard,” notes Suet Li. “We do webcam a lot though as we need to talk to each constantly,” says Barry. The innovative couple has successful made the most out of their trusty web cameras. When Suet Li turned nineteen recently, Barry sent her a box of birthday decorations, banana muffins and vanilla candles. He made her open the box in front of the web camera on her birthday just so that they can celebrate her birthday together.

When asked if they have a common goal, Suet Li laughs and nudges Barry, “Do we have a common goal? Set one now!” Barry relents and says, “I guess the goal was to get her to go to the States to study so that it won’t be a long term thing. This way, the future is more certain.”

In a way, the eight months did take its toll on the two of them. “We were not used to having each other to ourselves for the first couple of weeks. I kind of forgot how to be a boyfriend,” says Barry sheepishly. “Needless to say I got pretty sensitive for awhile,” smirks Suet Li.

For Sarah Chong Mun Teng, 19, and Rudy Khaw Keng Wei, 22, it was like a rock band groupie’s dream come true. Sarah finally met Rudy after months of being a fan of Rudy’s band, Throne Away. “It was love at first sight,” gushes Sarah. With the aid of the internet, the two of them became further acquainted and only started dating when Rudy came home from Australia for a brief holiday. “Being in a long distance relationship didn’t prove to be a problem for me,” says Rudy. “If I knew that I truly liked someone, it wouldn’t be a problem. Furthermore, we didn’t have much time to think it over,” he continues.

It obviously takes patience and maturity to be in a long distance relationship. This is where Sarah gets it right, “My priorities are obviously to do very well in my studies, get a job here, being able to study abroad again after my six months scholarship and having time and opportunity to travel more frequently.” It’s important to put your goals in front of you than diving head first into a sea of giddy romance, completely blind to the realities of the world.

Koh Hsien Ju, 20, and Ng Kwok Tsu, 23, are two high school sweethearts who have really lasted the test of time. After being together for almost sixth years and spending three of those years apart, the two of them had no doubts about getting into an LDR together when he left for Perth. “We didn’t even think about breaking up because we believed that we were stable enough to go through this. It was hard for me in the beginning as he enjoyed university life but I too started enjoying my new found independence when I went over to Ireland,” says Hsien Ju. “Since we are apart, we talk on the phone for at least half an hour a day. It means a lot to me to be able to hear his voice just before I go to bed at night,” shares Hsien Ju.

So it’s true that absence does make the heart grows fonder. Hsien Ju and Kwok Tsu tend to fight more whenever they are together as they don’t feel the need to cherish each other as much as when they are apart. Perhaps it differs between individuals as some couples try their best not to get into fights just so that they can relish those fleeting precious moments together. Why let the last memory be an unhappy one before seeing each other again after months and months?

A Long Distance Relationship That Could Never Be

However, not everyone is fortunate to have an equally happy ending. There are those who have been thrown so far away from the ones that they hold dear that they have absolutely no idea if they’ll ever see each other again. Kimberley (full name withheld to protect her identity), 20, is one such person. “Though we didn’t agree to be in a relationship when he left, we remained close in contact. We became closer than we ever were in real life and soon everything fell into place. All the issues that we’ve discussed previously seemed to fade away,” laments Kimberley.

“One of the big questions was what if our futures don’t intersect?” says Kimberley. It’s hard to imagine how you’ll ever cross borders just to be with someone you think you love. Especially when you’re still a student, plane tickets don’t come as easily as they would when everyone’s a working adult with a stable income. But even so, is it even worth the time and effort?

“The distance and uncertainty was very tough on me. Having a light at the end of the tunnel to run towards is a huge incentive. This is where couples who are in a long distance relationship with a common goal get the upper hand,” says Kimberley sadly. As the months rolled by, the circumstances became clearer and clearer. “What was most upsetting for me was when I had absolutely no clue when I would see him again. To only hear his voice on the other end of the line but not to hug him was pretty bad too.”

“We did have a long talk recently. His career is really taking off and as for me, I’m heading to another country to pursue my studies. We know that we are headed in different directions and thus parted amicably. We’re back to being the close friends that we once were,” says Kimberly who has obviously found closure.

With long distance relationships, there’s not much we can do but play by ear. If you’re lucky, you’d have a rough idea of where this is heading. To be kept in the dark about how it will all end is like being stuck in limbo where you’re neither in love nor out of it. So what if others consider our relationships to be unreal? It is our own special story to share and if this is how the story goes, so be it till the day when the long distance relationship draws to an end.