An Old Story about AIMST University’s First Batch of Dental graduating!

Once upon a time, I had my graduation ceremony.

It’s so long ago that my graduation ceremony photo albums pops up on Facebook’s Photo Memories every now and then. But it is my graduation day, and no matter how long it has been, it will be up here. My europe trip too. Even though it happened in mid-2009, one day I shall post all if not some of my pictures taken in Amsterdam, Paris etc. πŸ™

Some shots from the morning, Chee Kiang in his outfit that garnered many compliments from my friends. πŸ˜€


With graduation bouquets that I ordered for myself on behalf of my loved ones T_T

Got Chee Kiang to go trigger happy with my DSLR while I was down at the basement getting ready with my classmates.

Came up to show them my attire! (and to make my parents sniffle..wahahah)

This was when I still did not know how to wear the robes properly. ;|

Getting my attire lovingly adjusted by mum and Chee Kiang.

At the basement with Brenda. This was our day!!

Dinner mates!! <3

With Poh Yee! Side note: We held each others’ hands when opening our letters regarding the places we were posted to.

l-r: Wuan Phing, Jaya, Fiza and Yan Rui! Wuan Phing is in Pahang now, Jaya is in Kota Tinggi, which is Johor as well, Fiza Selangor and Yan Rui is somewhere in Perak. πŸ™‚

I’m definitely going to miss moments like this. :’)

Myself and Bala, one of the most capable and independent guys in my class.

Obligatory 5.3 group photo. I miss my group mates so much despite being the only girl there. Yes I am the only girl. *runs away from Cze-Yin’s evil glare*

With a very unfriendly Jimmy.

We were lining up, like in primary school, waiting to go up on stage!

Yup that’s how I looked like in my gown. Uh-huh.

Narjit won the Best Dental Student award! Since Year 1 we have already known that the award would go to her. Just wish that the school would have come up with a better name than that.

Terrible right this Jimmy. Take photo with Narjit so happy pulak. πŸ™

Doing a favour for Group 5.4. Here’s your group photo if you haven’t already saved it from my facebook album from centuries ago.

Group 5.1!

Group 5.3.

Another one with group 5.3!

And lastly, group 5.5

With my darling Lie Yuen. I sometimes I forget that I am living alone and when there’s something I want to tell someone, anyone, I instantly look for Lie Yuen, then I remember, oh yeah. We are not living together anymore. πŸ™

With Jamie who got posted back to her hometown in Sarawak!

If you can see, my family members are waving in the background of this picture. Heh. They somehow managed to find seats along my row in the graduates’ area.

More photos while we waited patiently for all the inspiring speeches to end.

After getting our certs! And yup, no nice photos of me on stage by my dad/Chee Kiang. There’s one professionally taken by the gown rental/photography people which I have collected but have yet to scan it… it’ll just get hung up somewhere at home. πŸ˜€ There’s gonna be a little shrine on one of the walls dedicated to my graduation. πŸ˜€

Not a scroll!

With Dr. Manikandan and Dr. Karthik. Dr. Karthik is like a super teacher. He was there with us from (almost) the beginning till the end of our studies. He thought us the super basic stuff like dental materials and cavity designs all the way to complex things like post and core, crowns and bridge, cast partial dentures.. we can’t thank him enough. He is extremely dedicated to the students and helped us in any way he could. We were initially afraid of him because he put on the bad cop persona but over the years, he became a dear friend and mentor to all of us.

Dr. Manikandan is one of the dental officers who sees patients before deciding if they are suitable for the students. He also played a major role during our Clinical Management Report and credits to him for the beautiful before and after photos taken with the clinic’s camera. He also earns many brownie points among the students here by being one of the hottest staff members around! That being said, Dr. George is still a favourite among most female students. HEHEHE. Sorry everybody, the secret is out.

Sneaking a solo photo in amidst the chaos.

Found Dr. Brindha and Dr. Niekla!!

These are the two most motherly lecturers I have here.

Dr. Brindha is Dr. Karthik’s wife and the both of them arrive at AIMST at the end of 2006, early in our second year. She was the good cop to Dr. Karthik’s initial bad cop. Dr. Brindha is usually the one to reassure us when we are faced with “OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT” situations. She takes her time to clear our doubts for us and is super super super patient. πŸ™‚

Dr. Niekla.. probably the most popular lecturer at the dental faculty. She has recently left AIMST so it’s quite unfortunate that the juniors will not get to know her . You people at IMU better appreciate her! She’s probably the most animated, adorable, caring and understanding lecturer ever! She has no qualms about letting her hair down when joking with students and swings back into professional mode when it comes to our paediatric sessions. Yes, she’s our paediatric dentistry lecturer. With her good PR skills, she’s excellent with the kids and she’s the one who taught us about the importance of a reassuring touch to improve our communication with the kids. πŸ™‚

A bear, Jimmy and Magesh.

Praveena and me!!

With juniors Serene and Rachel.

With my patient, Mr. Phoon! Mr. Phoon is probably one of my most caring patients ever… I only met him during the final leg of my final year, a time when stress levels were sky high, tears were held back by fanning ourselves frantically. When my clinical management report (CMR) patient told me that she probably could not come for anymore treatment, I really didn’t know what to do. Mr. Phoon, whom I had a session with that day, saw my crumbling face and offered to become my CMR patient. He said he could come anytime I needed him to. I was so so so touched by his sincerity but I had to persevere to convince my first patient as I had already started with her case and there was not much time left. Thank you so much, Mr. Phoon. πŸ™‚ My junior who took on your case is very lucky to have you as a patient.

Finding a good patient back in uni was seriously rare. I can only name like… a handful of patients who were nice to me. Most were nightmares. I had one infamous nightmare. Hahaha. No names please! πŸ˜›

With Lie Yuen and Brenda and our graduation presents!

A bouquet of Ferrero Roucher!! Who so lucky?!

Mum and I before I scrambled away to go on stage for a group photo. Sorry mum! πŸ™

With Maxis’ famous Doraemon soft toy. The soft toy even made it into the papers! More on that further down.

Me, detecting a camera.

Can hardly make out our faces but yeah, that’s all 37 of us. The first batch of dental graduates from AIMST University! Our class photo is hung in the dental students’ common room to be remembered for ages to come.

With Prof. Smales, a man who loves us as much as we love him. πŸ™‚ He still has his british humour about him which is not quite registered among my classmates most of the time but we do love him so much. He is the one who build up the entire aimst dental programme with the help of Datuk Dr. Rohani, Dr. Robinson and Prof. Comfort. But this AIMST BDS programme is his baby.

In the initial years, he would come in every other month to tell us about the developments of the programme. He would tell us about the construction of the simulation lab, the technology lab, what we were to expect in our new dental building at the new campus (which we only saw for the first time in our third year) and later on, the successful accreditation of our course. It was a long journey and he was with us all the way. I believe that this is a privilege that the first batch of dental students have managed to enjoy. People in the fourth batch and so on would probably never get to know Prof. Smales the way we did. I’m sorry that you guys did not get to see the school transform to become what it is today but please appreciate all the facilities that you have here at AIMST because it wasn’t always like that.

Cze-Yin, her aunt and her cousins.

When we came out from the great hall, THIS was awaiting us. We were stunned into silence. It didn’t quite register at first.. but we eventually calmed down and were overwhelmed with such gratefulness towards our dental juniors. πŸ™‚ you guys are the best. Always always always so creative. πŸ˜‰

With Batch 4’s famous dental probe (made from a roller brush) and mouth mirror (mirror made from a milo tin

Extremely supportive juniors. We felt like real celebritites…:) We felt so loved.

This is my politician smile. lol

They called themselves the mobile backdrop. ;D

Lie Yuen’s red carpet smile.

Poh Yee gets mobbed too. LOL

Some quiet time with my dear Brenda and Lie Yuen.

Was getting a little bit tired from all the activity.

With Yen Yen Cheh Cheh who came all the way from Singapore to see me get my certificate. Thank you YYCC!!

With Chee Kiang and all my presents. <3 πŸ™‚ Oh, the iPad was in the car. πŸ˜›

Paiseh to take the flowers.

Ok, a more loving photo. πŸ™‚

Family photo!! yup, this is my entire entourage.

The girls!

One of my few solo pictures. πŸ˜€

MUST TAKE. Housemates photo. MUST.

As planned on Facebook, we gathered at the grassy patch next to do the administration building for our mortar board throwing picture.

Unbeknownst to us, there was a chinese newspaper journalist among the crowd of proud parents looking on. So yeah, there’s a photo of my classmates and I in one of the chinese newspapers a few days after that.

A few more jumps. Someone kicked Doraemon to the floor by accident. Haha.

Ready for the next round!


Don’t know who’s mortar board is whose.

To this day, I still don’t know how they managed to get the mortar boards to form a circle in mid-air.

We looked more like lawyers!

Group photo with as many as we could find.

With Batch 2 juniors, Melvin, Samuel, CY, Sook Mei and June. πŸ™‚

With Ada (second from right) and her pharmacy coursemates.

<3 Sabrina and Aimee!! Batch 4 juniors.

Some quality time with the family. Koo Cheong and Koo Ma!!

With dad and mum.

Chee Kiang and the bear, taken against his will.

Like in a movie, but it would be better if my hair was not so haywire and maybe more make-up for me please.

One more round for Brenda who missed the mortar board throwing photo session. 😐


With Aik Munn, one of my favourite Batch 3 juniors. πŸ™‚

I think this was when my dad teased Chin Kai about being the new owner of most of my furnitures.. haha. Take good care of my grandfather’s old cathode tv, Chin Kai!

With Yii Ping and Jen! Jen is the proud owner of one of my book shelves and my weighing scale. LOL

With Philip and Deniece!


Stephanie and Charis!

Felicia and Ei Leng!!

Us seniors feeling so loved with all the juniors coming to see us on this special day.

With Janice, Samantha, Sook Mei and Shing Yin

With Janice, Kimra, Agnes, Soo Huan and Wai Yan!

Awww my favourite sibling of a friend, Lie Peh! <3 <3 <3 <3 No prizes for guessing who’s sister. Hahha.

With Siva!

And GERVIENE!! Our current ADSA president, resident funny woman of AIMST Dentistry. πŸ™‚ Thanks for always making the cutest jokes, Gerv!!

With Ananth and Dhanya. πŸ™‚

With Jimmy from Pharmacy Batch 2! Poor guy got posted to Terengganu.

More solo hiaupor photos. Much thanks to Chee Kiang for layaning. <3

With Lily!

With Prof. Ferguson!! My oral biochemistry lecturer. He said if he didn’t make use of his camera (to take pictures with his students), his wife would question him. LOL.

He looks so cute here!

With Jickson, Cynthia and Sheena.

And Victor!

When you leave a boyfriend waiting in the car with your camera, this happens. πŸ™‚

Oooh..ooh.. so right, after like 3-4 months of my convo ceremony, the family and I decided to go get proper shots done at a studio. Here’s the results:

*punches fist in air* YESSSSs… done with my convocation ceremony post.

Lonely In Kluang

So it’s been a whole month of Kluanging… the first few days were quite hard to get by.

*goes about pretending that I didn’t just leave this blog unblogged for the past month*

For starters, I don’t have any friends or family members here. It was quite tough to come home to an empty house praying that the electricity won’t get cut off because if it does, I have no one to scream out for. πŸ™

But like all the shit that have ever happened to me, I usually embrace strange new circumstances quickly and fall into a comfort zone.

So here’s my comfort zone:

I wake up at about 6.30am (I know) and roll in bed till like…7am? Then I stumble into the bathroom and slap on some eye-make up (only eye concealer, without any foundation so that my skin doesn’t age because of cosmetics..haha like very pro like that). Depending on what’s available in the fridge, I pop whatever it is in my mouth and make my way to work in under 5 minutes! How awesome is that right? Even back in uni I had to like travel 15 minutes to campus and I thought that was near! Actually the whole of Kluang is like 5-10 minutes from any one point to another.

The day flies by with about 20-25 patients (some of my classmates have reportedly managed 70 patients a day. How is that possible?).. I’m doing things that I learned in my second year of dentistry, nothing like the intense stuff I had to endure in my final year. Some of my classmates are attached to specialist clinics but I’m to be doing six months worth of outpatient work (or as we call it, OP) which is pretty much routine dental treatments, nothing much to scream about. Relatively stress free but my mind still draws a blank at times and I seem to be developing the bad back that all dentists dread. πŸ™

Especially when I have to extract an upper molar, it takes quite a lot of effort on my part to get it out and I’ll be in a weird curved position which is hell for my back, with sweat pouring behind my visors and the muscles in my right hand cramping up. If I couldn’t go on any longer, I’ll go round to the next bay and get some help from my seniors who all willingly come to help me and heroically sort of just roll out the tooth that I have been struggling with. I’m always dumbfounded with how easy they make it seem.

I’m the only First Year Dental Officer at my clinic and there are four other senior officers here with me who are in their second, third and fourth year already.

By 4.30pm, everyone will be seated at the waiting area waiting for the  punch clock to belt out a rendition of Fur Elise.

I get home slightly after 5pm and start making dinner, as you can see in my facebook mobile uploads  if we’re FB buddies.

A couple of chinese shows, answer some sticker orders and I’m usually too knackered to even edit photos, blog or upload new stocks to The Sticker Monster.

But thank god for public holiday like the one today! And yes, that’s why I’m here typing away. πŸ˜€

So here are some photos from my Galaxy S of my life in Kluang, which have all been uploaded on my FB mobile uploads nothing new if you’re on my Facebook friend!

This was taken on my first day in Kluang. I got myself a fully furnished place (even comes with an airconditioning unit in the living room!!) which is about 5 minutes away from work.

The clinic that I am posted to! They call it a Klinik Kesihatan, sort of a small integrated medical facility. The pharmacy and the medical side is on the ground floor while the dental clinic is on the first floor!

The inside of one of the surgery rooms. πŸ™‚ One of the benefits of being posted to Johor is that I get to use the OHCIS which is a digital way of keeping patients’ records. Apparently Johor was chosen to run the beta version and only a town in Selangor is using it.

Dad got me a budgie to keep me company in Kluang. I love how blue its feathers are and on the back of its head the feather looks like newspaper print in blue. Since it’s a blue bird, we were thinking “Lam Cheok” (blue bird in cantonese) and it ended up becoming Lanciao. To reserve some form of dignity and cuteness for the bird, its name is Elsee. Elsee is a blue bird. Elsee is a very noisy blue bird. Elsee is a very noisy blue bird that eats seeds infused with honey and egg (for protein). Elsee eats confusing seeds. Seeds come from trees. Why is there egg in Elsee’s seeds?

A while ago, my little nephew came round to visit! Mum’s holding him from launching at Angel.

Angel doesn’t give a damn. Most importantly is that her bowl gets refilled.

Another peek at Kluang life! As with all other parts of Malaysia, it rains heavily in the evenings so I’m still under the impression that Kluang is a cooling place! Hope this assumption stays true for the rest of the year! Pictured here is a portion of Kluang Town on a rainy afternoon.

This is as close as I get to a hypermarket. There are three Giant supermarkets here (only one of it is sort of a hypermarket)…well, I make do. 😐

Candies at Kluang Mall…….i helped myself to some. Heh.

The Sticker Monster HQ has been established at my new place, although I’ll only be here for six months. But it’s more comfortable now as I don’t have to shift my stocks up and down the North South Highway like how I did back in uni when I had sem breaks. Good news is that my stuff can stay at one place, bad news is that I no longer have semester breaks.

On my second weekend I went back home for a day trip up to Ipoh to meet with some of the ex classmates who got posted to Perak and Penang. Boo to those who couldn’t come down. πŸ™

Poh Yee shows us how Ipoh people park – TRIPLE PARK!

Another lonely evening, heading back into Kluang. 😐

A little something to keep me busy! Many new stocks to be uploaded on The Sticker Monster! Thank god it was a public holiday and I have finally managed to photograph all the stocks.

Not that different from the last five years…………

As dad was back from Indonesia on my third weekend home, we decided that it was high time to take our proper studio shots before the novelty of graduating wears off.

Dad struts his stuff for the camera.

Obligatory yumcha session at Melur. It was an important meeting because we had to discuss about the goodie bags that we were preparing for International Dahlings’ Weekend 2010! Read about the first International Dahlings’ Weekend here!

Back in Kluang again… this is how Malaccans and Johoreans roll. My house too has an antenna that is damn tall to get Singapore channels.

My fully equipped kitchen! No oven though….after a few paychecks, maybe I’ll get one and….uh, learn to bake? Fingers crossed!

Hope I have not been boring my Facebook friends with photos of my dinner. I’ve become one of those eat shit sleep Facebookers! πŸ™ But it’s always an adventure as I am learning the ropes of reallllly living on my own. In Kedah I had my kedah mum and dad, Lie Yuen and Cze-Yin, and my other sisters, Zhu Zen, NIen, Brenda, Poh Yee..etc etc.

I wanted to cook regularly too in Kedah but I didn’t want to be left out from the dinner time gossip… but now that I am alone, I can actually cook everyday! The tough part is planning ahead. ;|

My godma has a very good system where she cooks enough for the whole weeks, with a variety to boot, and separates each dish into smaller portions and pops them in the freezer. She then takes out a couple of containers each day to reheat. So clever right?

I loooove soup. That’s some herbal soup packet I got from Giant. The brown dish is some brinjal in dark soya sauce, stir fried with eggs and onions. The veggie dish is made up of four angled beans, fishballs and taugeh.

My usual broccoli+chicken+oyster mushroom in oyster sauce combo to accompany my leftovers from the night before.

A truly FML moment, dripping dark soya sauce without knowing it. This was when I had to clean out the fridge because an egg was placed at a wrong angle and slammed into the chiller’s door. 😐

On my fourth weekend, Chee Kiang came up to Kluang to visit me. Just to test how near is Kluang to JB, I decided to try driving down. It takes me an hour and a bit… can be quite tiring after a long day’s work! I had a nice time exploring City Square while waiting for Chee Kiang to cross over from Singapore.

Bringing him around Kluang where we seriously pigged out. So damn sinful lah if you’re on a makan trip. This was taken at the famous Kluang Railway Station Coffee place.

We had surprise visitors from home that night! Charis and Aloysious were here in Kluang to attend Charis’ cousin’s wedding.. thank god for Facebook or else Charis would not know that there is a lonely girl in Kluang who could do with some company from home.

And Samsung Galaxy S has only one lousy point – no flash. πŸ™

I managed to meet their little girl, Cheryl too!! I love babies!!! πŸ˜€

Before Chee Kiang left the next day, we HAD to try the Kluang Railway coffee or else his first trip to Kluang goes unjustified. Ignore the men digging his teeth with his straw.

The prices are awesome!! You can just eat and eat and eat..

A half boiled egg is a half boiled egg.

But this Roti Bakar Bulat is SOOOooo good. They have the Roti Bakar Keping which is the usual sliced bread with butter and kaya slapped in between. This one is like a hamburger bun that has been sliced into sections with the butter and kaya oozing out from the sides. I WANT TO GO BACK FOR MORE~

The rustic interior. Lie Yuen and I will have a photography expedition in Kluang when she comes to visit!

All fenced up! Chee Kiang says it’s to prevent birds from flying in.

Talking to Lie Yuen on the phone. No lah, we are not like Siamese twins, just that she called to ask about some upcoming dental conference that we are keen on going for.

Can imagine his 1940s Shanghai whatever-you-call-a-man’s cheongsam flapping behind him with a bowler hat on as he waits for his beloved (me!) to arrive on the next train.

After stuffing our tummies with ‘breakfast’, we immediately went for ‘lunch’. Tangkak beef noodles!!

I love mine with beef stomach and tendon…Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. My senior at work brought me there for lunch one day and ever since then, I’m hooked!

Chee Kiang’s train has arrived. πŸ™

Counted on him to survive the train ride before I decide if I should take the train for my future visits to Singapore. According to him, it was damn fast! It arrived in Woodlands within two and a half hours!

All aboard~!

After dropping Chee Kiang off, I drove around my housing area. That’s Gunung Lambak in the distance. Like Gunung Jerai (the mountain that I saw everyday in Kedah), it gets enveloped in mist in the mornings. I get to see the whole mountain too from my surgery room’s window!

Later in the day, Cze-Yin came down from Melaka (she underestimated to distance and was super tired) to have dinner with me. My second visitor!! πŸ™‚

So that about sums up life in Kluang for now.

A Day Around Queenstown

After almost 10 hours of driving along the scenic road, we finally reached Queenstown! Due to my frog-under-coconutness, I didn’t bother to ask or google about New Zealand before heading there hence I thought that this Queenstown is some quaint place that I must SO brag about when I get back. Well, turns out the entire world knows about Queenstown. -_-

We arrived in the adventure capital when all was dark and we didn’t even know that right in front of the bach that we were staying at was the magnificent Lake Wakatipu. The whole of Queenstown is situated around this beautiful lake!

The impending mess of two families.

One brother with a blocked nose.

There was a fireplace! But due to everyone’s inexperience with lighting a fire/Uncle Dan’s claims that the logs were wet, we didn’t use it. Nifty thing though.

Artistic Adrienne and her Wacom tablet.. I should have taken some photos of her drawings. She gets her inspiration from Sonic the Hedgehog and imho, she draws better cartoons than the cartoon itself!

Another thing that is awesome about this bach (a holiday home rented out to tourists but owned by someone else who lives far away) is that it has an extremely well equipped kitchen! A huge fridge, spices in a spice rack, a dishwasher, two ovens, a microwave, utensils, plates, mugs, kettle…you name it!

There’s a double story room at the back of the bach with a tiny attached kitchen too! It has a fridge AND a microwave! Ahhh!! This place is even more equipped than my own house.

The bach has three rooms. Popo, Mervyn and myself took the biggest one. Adrienne was supposed to join us but she preferred to be with her parents.

Mervyn’s corner in that humongous room.

The Tung family’s bedroom.

A view of the upstairs’ rooms.

The upstairs toilet.

The staircase. Sorry lah must showcase the whole house. Hopefully you’ll be enticed to rent it! πŸ˜€ Very cheap only! NZ1000 for four nights! Divide that by eight people! Actually there’s no limit to how many you can cramp into that bach.

Mervyn in the morning.

The staircase in the morning. I know it’s super mo liu but I think the place looks different in the day hence the photos. Shut up and keep scrolling.

The Jolene’s touch. Not unlike Midas’ touch.

The view from Mervyn’s window. Too awesome right?!

My brother is clearly not a morning person.

The fully functioning kitchen in the morning.

Adrienne brought her Wii along to entertain all of us. Actually most of the time she’ll be engrossed with her Sonic The Hedgehog game.. after we make her feel guilty about ignoring us, she’ll let us play some Wii sports on it and make ugly avatars for us. Complete with moles and all!

The family that owns this bach has their shelves stocked full with books, magazines and boardgames. There’s even a telescope at the back! The cupboards in my room even had prams and toys for babies!

I realized I didn’t get a night shot of mum and dad’s loft. From the ground floor, you go up a level and it’s the bathroom with some landing space where they put their suitcases.

Aforementioned staircase.

After the first level, a narrow staircase leads you to the bedroom proper. Tiny little thing but someone’s gotta give. Thanks mum and dad for taking the room with the highest possibility of being scary!

The view from mum and dad’s bed.

The bach even comes equipped with a balcony but it was too cold out to be doing any barbecuing.

When we woke up it was still very cloudy but after awhile, the clouds parted and we were treated to a sneak peak of the amazing view! The mountains that you see in the picture are called The Remarkables, one of the three ski resorts in Queenstown. More Lord of The Rings footage was shot there!

A shot of our bach as dad and Uncle Dan were backing out from the drive way.

The troop all bundled up as we explored Queenstown.

Baren tree again!

Don’t know what Adrienne was doing.

One of the window displays! I bought one of those puffy little sheep!

In the center of Queenstown are all their shops – restaurants, souvenir shops, ski rentals, boutiques, bookshops etc.

Adrienne makes herself comfortable.

Mervyn cannot resist cute things. <3

Neither could we. This was when I discovered that Adrienne loves soft toys! I thought her only interests were video games and drawing cartoons!

The two sheeps my grandma bought for her.

Pfft, no money, so ugly.

Cute little building near the jetty.

Popo, mum and Aunty Jenny chilling out while the rest of us soaked in the sights with our cameras.

Bobbing boats.

Plenty of ducks were just floating about, oblivious to the world, fighting for food with the fishes.

More of Queenstown!

That’s how it is in New Zealand. Clear water all the way!

A duck and a drake talking it out.

Ugly duckling spotted!

All around us were people indulging in adventurous sports – here’s one! Some guy parasailing!

Up he goes..

So peaceful!

Mervyn and Dad are both extremely awesome photographers and I am not being biased just because we are family.

Here’s a link to Mervyn’s flickr and here’s a link to Dad’s Picasa.

Mervyn is more about concept, where else dad loves to capture ‘the moment’ and enjoys HDR-ing his pics.

Like a Nikon ad. πŸ˜€

At least he is willing to pose for me.

Naughty Adrienne knows about WTF but does not want to say it out. Even after much encouragement. Heh.

Gorgeous colours on this fluffy little guy here!

This duck came up for a walk.

No photos please!

Looks like the duck and the drake from the earlier photo are done with their talk.

A shock of blue feather peeks out from within one of the ducks.

What else to say but thanks dad for the tele lens! <3

Aunty Jenny says hi!

Mum loves soft toys!

Queenstown looks pretty cramped but in a nice quaint way.

We had Japanese for lunch! The price was okay, comparable to home.

Mum and her udon.

I thought the Japanese restaurant was quite witty with this signage but turns out it’s a government’s effort and it is pretty much at every other restaurant.

Naughty souvenirs! I bought Chee Kiang a boobie egg fryer thingie, so that he can serve the Boyz@AMK (his housemates) boobies for breakfirst!

Edgy signboard.


Just for you to cop a feel of the small town.

A belgian chocolate store but I was coughing so mum did not allow me to eat any. I have a feeling even if I was well, she would not get me any either way.

The hot chocolate there is delicious! There were many kinds of hot chocolate flavours!

Can’t get enough of the ducks!

And the yellowed willow!

Some boat putters by.

Another one of the times when dad would yell, “PULL OVER!” and we would get out of the cars in the freezing cold, braving the winds to try our best to capture the beauty of the South Island.

Slippery path!

The budding photog!

Taking photos of each other!

Terpaksa layan myself.

The nearby hills!

See what we found!

Quite freaky.

For further freakiness!


More self layan!

I think this was with dad’s G11. The settings on my camera for the last few photos were kinda off. πŸ™

Tender moment with Adrienne.

Flat looking rocks!

Throwing stones in vain.

Blur but I love the moment!

Family photo without popo who didn’t want to come out into the cold.

Mum and her ever ready poses.

Dad’s like a christmas tree, only better!

Furry glove makes an appearance again! Sorry!

Must be some NZ trend to deface their cars artistically.

Very meaningful.


Heading back to our bach. So potong right, no adventure in the adventure capital of New Zealand! Just photos! πŸ˜€

Mum, waiting for someone to open the door for her. Also to show you the doorway of the bach!

And that’s all for Day 2! πŸ™‚ On Day 3 we went to Milford Sound. More pics in the next couple of days!

Road Trip To Queenstown, New Zealand

Back in August, the entire Lai household made a trip to Christchurch to visit my dad’s old colleague’s family.

It was sunrise when we were approaching New Zealand. I gave my mum my digital camera and she took this picture. SO PROUD OF HER!

Mervyn and a kiwi.

The kiwis in NZ are so much sweeter than the ones back home! However, when I got back to Malaysia, kiwis were being promoted left and right for their Vitamin C benefits. Don’t know why.

Dad and mum devouring more kiwis.

Meet Auntie Jenny and Uncle Daniel! They were such fantastic hosts during our one week stay in NZ!

Auntie Jenny provided us with fluffy bedroom slippers to curb the cold NZ floor. I was really glad that I was there during winter!!

Almost all the windows looked like this!

Enjoying the cold weather in their garden.

Somehow dad looks kinda short here.

Not quite frost but the water droplets just look extra white. Wonder why!

My room! Loved the sheets, loved the frosty window.. ahh!

Ugh.. ignore my stupid watermark. This is OkieDokie who made me a flower balloon!

The inside of a NZ mall!

Aforementioned flower and brother.

It’s always interesting to visit a foreign grocery store. there are so many things that are different from what we have back home!

Mum showing off her skills.

And..uh, dad too.

Meet Adrienne! Uncle Dan and Auntie Jenny’s daughter! Her artwork is superb for an 11 year old. I’m trying to get her interested in make-up and pink stuff and she throws it all back at me. Sigh. πŸ™‚ One day, one day.

Have you tried wholemeal pasta before? Tastes damn nice!

The very next day, we embarked on a 7-8 hour drive to Queenstown, which is hailed as the Adventure Capital of The World!

Some random cemetery.

Photographing my brother in his element.

Love this picture of Adrienne! She’s a very good kid model. All the innocence and happiness so evident!

Beautiful bare branches in the winter time.

I think this was when we were in Darfield..which is where the epicentre of the earthquake was. We missed the earthquake by two weeks, thank goodness!!

A sneak peak into the multitude of snow capped mountains that we would be seeing along our journey. We were giggly with excitement when we saw the first snow capped mountain, the spectacular sight doesn’t get old!

A sheep taking a dump.

A judgmental sheep stares at the sheep who just shat.

Gorgeous picture of Uncle Dan and Adrienne.

Father and daughter moment. <3

Some lambs.

From time to time we would just stop the car at the side of the road and go trigger happy. That’s pretty much how our 8 hours drive became a 10 hours drive.

Horsesss! With fuzzy fur too!

And a patch of hair!

I think I have more photos of Mervyn’s almost butt crack than his face itself.

I like dried you’ll have to sit through the next few photos patiently.


Attempt at being artsy fartsy.. lovely rusty barbed wire, eh?

Love the way the dew gorgeously hangs from the grass looking like tiny flowers.

Adrienne was hooked onto photography as well. This little girl has awesome stop motion animation skills!

Dad scolded me after this photo was taken saying that I could easily become some NZ roadkill.

Teaching Adrienne the many ways one can enjoy herself in front of a camera.


Dad would pull over whenever we came across a breath taking view. And there were many!

Mum and Mervyn.

Myself and mum!

Mervyn braves the cold to get his one million dollar shot.

Obligatory touristy picture.

I still could not get enough of the snow capped mountains.

As with the bare trees.

One thing I loved about our road trip to Queenstown were the small towns that we stopped over! We even stopped at Twizel for dinner on the way back! Twizel is where some of the Lord of the Rings footage was shot at!

Small town knick knacks.

More small town knick knacks.

And all the small towns had proper cafes.

I didn’t realize that there was actually frost on the road until I edited the picture!


Majestic hills/mountains that could even block out sunlight!

The tumbling hills.

It was a long journey but we were so entertained by the scenery that it wasn’t boring at all.

Land of the long white cloud!

That’s dad – every 20 minutes of driving.

Some farmers’ homes.

Another stop over!

Beware of horses and horsemen.

So dry and gorgeous!

We made sure to stop over at Lake Tekapo. On a still day, you could get a mirror image of the snow capped mountains on the lake!

Camera shy seagull.

Dad and I being fascinated over this puddle of water.

Reciprocal shot.

One more of the tiny puddle before moving on.

One thing great about New Zealand is that the beautiful sights are so peaceful – no tourists to photobomb your pictures.

And the star of your own photo is yourself! I am referring to my super packed Shanghai trip, which will probably be posted up in my next life. I will put it up, I will I will I will.

Adrienne runs down to join me by the lake.

I couldn’t decide which photo to put!!

And a zoomed out one. LOL.

This is Lake Tekapo, a glacier lake.

Touristy photo!

Adrienne is so brave.

Adrienne unintentionally photobombs dad’s solo photo.

Dragging Mervyn into the shot.

See how clear the water is!

Little photographer.

Mervyn and his reflection.

Mervyn the mountaineer.

The adults weren’t too adventurous and decided to stay away from the rocks.

Popo shies away from the public.

Where else Mum totally revels in it.

Just finding some excuse to pose with my fluffy purple gloves! <3

Aunty Jenny, a chunk of leftover snow from the cold weekend and a super colorful truck at the back!

I got Aunty Jenny to kick the snow for me!

Emo seagull.

Dad catches his prey.

A lone and faraway church.

Mervyn farting?

Managed to convince Mervyn to snap this photo of me. Takes some effort to talk him into carrying my camera. He has a lot of requirements – he needs to get all his artistic shots first before he can layan me, if I am wearing my bling bling glasses, he won’t photograph me out of disgust. 😐

Nice photo of Mervyn!

Dad’s suffering face as we bypassed beautiful sceneries but could not stop as Uncle Dan was going full speed ahead with no intentions of slowing down for another stop over.

Mervyn in the wilderness.

Uncle Dan and Aunty Jenny stopped over to get our dinner for the night! FRESH SALMON!!!

A salmon’s worst nightmare.

The water was kinda murky, quite unlike the glacier water that we have been seeing all along the way.

With popo, who is not a salmon fan.

It was about NZ15.00 for a kg of salmon! Still pretty much a steal as compared to the exorbitant amounts we fork out for our pathetic sashimi slices.

Peaceful surroundings for the salmon to breed.


This Adrienne is like an energizer bunny.

See what I mean?

Something to remember our memorable Salmon Farm trip with.

Bye Bye Salmon Farm!

Since there’s a crazy amount of photos from my NZ trip, as you have probably guessed, I am going to split up my posts. So till the next one!