Mailing List For Future Password Protected Entries

Yup. Finally decided to do it.

Whoever who wants/bothers to read my password protected entries without the hassle of having to email/sms/msn me everytime you want the password… just drop me a comment or email me directly and I’ll add you to my mailing list.

🙂 Help me out here, it’ll be liberating for me to rant about anything and everything without a care in the world.

The Blog Meet That Will Be Different(Details Are Confirmed!)

Yee Hou and I are both organising the next blog meet again. Hopefully we don’t have to handle the publicity alone but everybody who is coming should also spread the word about it.

This poster was done by Slinky The Great!

If you’ve been reading any of our blogs for a while now you’d have read about the Big Blog Jump back in April 06 and The Burger King KLCC Meet in July 06.

Contrary to popular beliefs, these blog meets were initially held to bring about bloggers who were already in a community together. However, it raised a few eyebrows and there was also the question of ‘having to be invited’ before hand.

No, no such thing with this one.

I was also asked by a few of the bloggers who came for the previous meet if they should make this an open meet or a closed meet.

Well, my answer to that is, if we didn’t make the last meet an open meet, alot of people would not have had the chance to make the friends they treasure very much today.

Also, by opening the doors to more bloggers to join us in our incessant camwhoring and getting-to-know-the-bloggers-behind-the-blogs… We’ll also be encouraging the discovery of brilliant fresh blogs for the blog stalkers to read.

And it’s definitely a good thing to expand the community, get people connected and stuff.

As they say, it’s good to have new blood in the mix. I’m sure you’d like to discover another gem of a blog as everyone loves a good blog which they can get addicted to.

Here are the details:

Venue: Wizard Cafe, Sungai Wang
Time: 11.30 am – whenever
Date: 3rd of February.

The venue should be quite safe and there are so many of us who have met so many times so we’ll be there to protect you should any bad boogey man come and kidnap you.

My friend David Lai has been so kind as to offer us the restaurant in which he is involved in. He even said he’ll provide free drinks and there’ll be a team of waiters on hand to tend to us. So the least you could do people is to come, and have a good time and *whispers* at least order something to eat la. People so kind give free drinks, you don’t so thick face okay..!

Also, here are the list of bloggers who will be coming. So what if you’ve never heard of them, we’re all there to make friends. And please at least take a look at their blogs before coming so you’ll be able to avoid that situation where you go, “Uh…yarr…yes…….yes..i think i’ve read your blog once… or twice.. i think.”

A very paiseh situation to be in, trust me.

    1. Avril Chan
    2. Bodicea
    3. Calvin Kho
    4. Cheng Wai
    5. Erin Tan
    6. Fractionize
    7. Glaring Notebook
    8. Hopeless Romantic
    9. Jed
    10. Jen
    11. Jen
    12. Jayelle
    13. Ken
    14. Kellster
    15. Kyels
    16. Laurel Jacklyn
    17. Melody
    18. Miss S!mple
    19. miszmilk
    20. Nat
    21. Patchay
    22. Rames
    23. Shawn
    24. smashpOp
    25. Xianjin
    26. Pinkpau
    27. Amandaseraph
    28. Cely
    29. Boss Stewie
    30. Yatz
    31. Joshburped
    32. Bryanchin
    33. Calvin Tay
    34. David Lai
    35. Yee Hou
    36. Wilson Lai
    37. Belle
    38. Jason Mumbles
    39. Splashmilk
    40. Minishorts (and her LG chocolate shortlisters)
    41. Erin (winner of LG chocolate from MS’s blog)
    42. Elaine
    43. Joosing
    44. Eve
    45. Nick
    46. Suey
    47. Penny Chow

    ….and four other bloggers who won’t allow me to reveal their blogs. Which makes me very unhappy. So you still can tell me if it’s okay to put your url up.

    Yee Hou and I will coordinate the lists as more people put their names down. 🙂 And you should too. Faster! Pimp it together gether!


I tried everything….

Can anybody teach me how to install a javascript banner on to my sidebar? It worked fine with html! … wordpress doesn’t run on html.:(

I tried everything.

Googling instruction..even relying on the Dreamweaver help pages.. nothing. NOTHING.

But I learnt a few things about dreamweaver in the process. But that’s not the point. I have been given an ad(it’s very nice somemore!! 🙁 🙁 ) and time is running out.
Can anybody help me??

Do i have to upload the script onto my server? 🙁 🙁

The url for the script is here:

Access To My Passwords? :)

Just email me and I’ll see if I can trust you with it. 🙂 But I’m sure most of you would qualify for it. Hahaha. Bitching posts are DA BOMB.

To the old timers… same ol, same ol. I’ve only ever had two passwords, you’ll figure it out. 🙂