The Great Singapore Adventure

It was crazy. Even though it was only for a weekend but it was a DAMN fun trip.

We set off for Singapore at 4am and reached Singapore at 9.50am.

After picking me up, Daryl picked Kailin up and we headed down south.

This is somewhere in Johor. It’s nice watching the sunrise from the highway!

No kidding..!

Daryl was getting all artistic and stuff.

This was about 6.50am..

Daryl calls this the egg yolk!

Our kind and patient designated driver.

A morning view of the causeway.

Down to Singapore! WHeee!!


And this one too. You can see the sunrays from behind the cloud.

Did you hear about the guy who drove into the motorcycle lane at the checkpoint and needing the guards there to remove some cones for him so that he could cross over to the correct lane? *malu*

We decided to go have a look at Kai-Lin’s university first.

This is Daryl. He is lost.

How cool is that? It’s only ONE hall and they have a big ass poster for their orientation WITH sponsors. I’m so jealous.

Look at all the cute banners. This is how a university should be. ๐Ÿ™

Poor Daryl was very very lost.

This is him, trying his best to helpร‚ย by asking for directions.

Near Kai-Lin’s block. She is supposed to stay in Hall Residence 9.

Still lost.

Alas we found it.

One poser pic before leaving NTU to go look for Chee Kiang at NUS.

So sweet right.:)

NUS – the university I really wanted to go to but was never smart enough to get into. Should have studied harder when I was younger..

You tell me, how NOT to be jealous. Trees in abundance, cooling even on a sunny day.

Chee Kiang’s call has its own …what’s this thing called again? Emblem(sp?)? Code of arms?

He is staying in Sheares Hall.. BLOODY COOL RIGHT. Got lobby with GLASS doors. Nyamaaaa…

Got elevator somemore, don’t play play..

The uber beautiful view from his window. I know of office windows with lousier views. LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY!!

Now this really took the cake. His table was at least slightly longer than 2 meters!!! ARGHHHHHHH.. I am SO jealous. ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

So cute right, his seniors made all the juniors name signs to put outside their door. I was walking past the corridor and calling all the names as I passed them by. Hehehe, nobody came out to greet me though.

Wood concept. Come here to live poshly or study one?

Chee Kiang brought me up to the roof top of his block.

Time to go to Hotel 81 on Bencoolen street to check in!

๐Ÿ™‚ In Daryl’s car along the way.

Oh look at that! And actual hot air balloon!

The young lovebirds. Not that WE are old, just that their love is new, young and eager. ๐Ÿ™‚ Ah. *swipes tear from eyes*

Chee Kiang and I.

And we saw cows!

While the guys checked in, Kai-Lin and I decided to do some obligatory camwhoring.

A photo of her taking a photo.

The four of us got a room together. We were abit shocked that it was one big double bed..and had to sleep horizontally, four in a row, with our legs sticking out at the other end.

I became too cool when Chee Kiang slipped his sunnies onto my face.

Crossing streets in the city.

We ate at Cafe Catel. They all say that Singaporean hawker food sucks. But over the weekend we ate

Chee Kiang and I..

Tomato soup? I just like taking photos of my meals, but I have problems remembering their names.

The interior.

Check out the size of Daryl and Kai-Lin’s pork ribs… madness.

Since we’ve never seen such a large portion of food before, we took photos.

Chee Kiang’s chicken something something with spaghetti something something..

My carbonara!!! It was so good…

Daryl couldn’t care less and used his hands anyway.

We call him the barbaric barbarian. A barbaric barbarian is someone who pales in comparison when it comes to a barbarian at table etiquette. hehe.

The cool toilets..

*froths at mouth* BIKINI!! OMFG!!!!!!!!!!! And it was like $24 for a set and the second one was at half price!! Damnit, so so so so cheap. I bought two sets and it only cost me $36. In Malaysia, an average set of bikini will set you back about Rm150. I could get three sets of bikinis and it wouldn’t even cost me more than what I should pay for one back home. This place is called Sheer Romance. I can’t remember which mall it was. I was just blindly walking in and out of malls along orchard. I’ve lost count how many shopping malls there were along Orchard Road.

What a cool graffiti wall.

One of us.

After walking for a few hours, I finally had the chance to meet up with some of chee kiang’s junior college mates!!! All ASEAN scholars too..*feels intimidated*.
L-r: Fui Chin, Britney, Kay(Sp?)

Check out the mini peace pendant on Brit’s neck.

L-r: Chun Leen, Fui Chin,Brit, Kay

Yes, this is the one and only Charming Chun Leen that all of you were so hot over a couple of months back. I finally got to meet him despite talking to him on msn/skyping/blogs etc etc for ages!!

Charming Chun Leen and Fui Chin

Daryl’s got a cool bling bling on his lobe.

Check out Charming Chun Leen’s nipple. He had a mini growth (with pus) at the bottom of his left nipple and had to go drain it out. So here’s the scar and it looks like a smiley face.

To prove that it REALLY looks like a smiley face, Fui Chin decided to take it a step further by demonstrating what they meant by “smiley face”.

IT’S A SMILING PIG!!!! Hahahahhaa. It’s the nipple that looks like a pig’s nose. HAHAHA cute right???

Chee Kiang got abit carried away…. please don’t bite Chun Leen’s nipple.


The glasses were so unique. It’s like they were about to pour, yet no matter how you try to tip the glass over, it won’t spill. Smart.

Round and round..

Fui Chin ordered this I think. Looks nice!

Charming Chun Leen making himself at home.

A new way of camwhoring.

The lot of us.
L-r: me, Chee Kiang, Charming Chun Leen, Fui Chin, Britney, Kay, Daryl and Kai-Lin.

Britney and I! He is aร‚ย PTSร‚ย kidร‚ย too!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Charming Chun Leen and I

See lah, EVERYBODY had a camera with them.

Yup, that’s my boyfriend. -_-

Britney’s sexy ass.

And we did this in the middle of orchard road, obstructing traffic. The river of people had to divert and go around whoever who was holding the camera. LOL.

Sunnies make the best mirrors.


Okay, Jolene the jakun has never seen a mobile Starbucks Coffee dispenser before.

According to Kai-Lin, Daryl was supposed to be her bitch when he went down to Singapore. She’d pay for his every meal. So this is him, giving paw.

Me and a pretty cow. Me + Cow = two cows. T_T Why do I like to insult myself.

We went to this record store (HMV? HVD? What was the name again?) and they were selling vinyl records at $2.60. Fui Chin bought a few…….to decorate her room. Yalah, I am also quite pelikified at the the idea. But you have to admit that it is quite creative!

Daryl loves original cds.

Chee Kiang’s alter ego.

We then had dinner at this place called Din Tai Fung to eat their Siu Long Pau. Some dumplings wrapping around some meat and soup. Mmmm.

Quite a nice place. I was eating good food after good food. Nevermind lar, once in awhile spend abit.

Some soup..

Some sour vegetables..

Chee Kiang’s fried rice!

Siu long paus!!

My noodle soup. Mmmmmm.

They have so many people working on the infamous siu long paus in this glass casing. We were so amused because it looks like they were on display. Hahaha. Chee Kiang said it would be nice if they had a sign that goes, “Don’t feed the chefs”.


We were just cuddling and someone went trigger happy.

The plan was to watch fireworks.. but we were too late and were distracted by Singapore Idol on the telly back at the hotel. So we watched it from the taxi.

While walking along the Esplanade.

We found a park.

And decided that it was empty enough(by my standards, hohoho) to do stupid things.

And when I mean empty enough, I mean about 10 or less people still hanging around. Hehehe.

Daryl can carry Kai-Lin because she’s small in size.

I was so worried that Chee Kiang would break his back. But he managed!!

The guys having a go.

Singapore by night.

I’m not sure which building this was but it sure was pretty. We were trying to walk over to Clarke Quay/Boat Quay.

See the bridge over there? We got a little distracted by the scenery over there and stayed for like three hours just hanging, talking and laughing.

At the brige. l-r: Daryl, Kai-Lin, Chee Kiang and Me.

Oooooo. Love the lights.

Kai-Lin and Daryl

Chee Kiang and I

Still lepaking on the bridge.

The lighting behind us is very nice.


I’m sure by now you can tell that we really didn’t know what to do with our night.

nice or not? Too bad I didn’t bring my tripod.

So you see, two pairs of weirdo couples lepaking by the bridge singing Malaysian national songs.. “Keranamu Malaysia..” “Duli Maha Mulia” “Jalur Gemilang…” i think I threw in a few national service songs as well. LoL.

Before heading out to Orchard Road to have lunch with Daryl’s cousin sister, we decided to camwhore in front of the mirror and with the help of the lovely sunlight.

I love the sunlight. And when I increase the exposure, everything has this glowing effect.

Daryl pan cool.

One more.

Kai-Lin and I. Love her dress.

My new favourite photo taking style.

See how happy they look together. ๐Ÿ™‚ So sweet.

The four of us.


One more..

Not enough sleep.

Pan cute.

We were at this placed called The Coffee Club or something like that. REALLY NICE FOOD!!
L-r: Kai-Lin, Daryl, Daryl’s cousin Yih Yung or Lih Yung..sorry I can’t remember.

She treated us to lunch. So nice of her right?

The place looks damn cool.

And the counter was equally pretty.

Chee Kiang and I

Kai-Lin’s drink.

Some seafood spaggheti thingie…oh you know me and food. I just eat. I don’t understand the fancy schmancy titles given to these dishes.

NOW THIS LOOKS DAMN GOOD. Daryl had some lobster something something.

Chee Kiang’s chocolate expresso or something along those lines.

My strawberry smoothie!

Chee Kiang’s cheese baked rice.

My chicken cacciota. Don’t ask me to pronounce that.

And Chee Kiang’s dessert. So cool looking right? Sorry I jakun.

I really really love the decor. This was just a layer of water, slowly flowing down the sides.
Soon after, we split up with Daryl and Kai-Lin. I loan Daryl my handphone because his phone did not have any credit left. We got carried away and lost track of time and the next thing I knew, the sky was dark.

My dad kept ringing my telephone and Daryl kept saying I was asleep, that we were already driving in Johor and he couldn’t wake me up. Obviously my dad got suspicious right.

So he was so scared he said, “Sorry uncle, alot of cars, heavy traffic..” and he hung up on my dad. OMG.

I was with Chee Kiang at that time and was busy calling Daryl but he didn’t pick up. I myself was getting wroried because the sky was getting dark and we were supposed to leave Singapore at about 6pm. I was so stupid to not think that my father would call to check on me. I should have sent him an sms or something right?

Daryl ended up telling a lie to my father because he was worried that I would go home late.ร‚ย So he had to tell my father that we were already driving.

Then Daryl called Chee Kiang and freaked out about how my father would not STOP calling my phone, resulting in which Chee Kiang freaked out and I nearly died of high blood pressure from all the commotion.

I immediately used Chee Kiang’s handphone to call home and my dad was seriously very very pissed.

My dad boomed, “WHERE ARE YOU NOW?”

Me,”I’m not with Daryl noww………”

At the corner of my eye, I saw Chee Kiang freaking out and making a frantic sleeping motion and mouthing, “sleeping!!! sleeping!!!!” and making a driving motion and mouthing, “Johor!!! johor!!”

Oh, so apparently I was supposed to continue the lie.

“… I’m…er actually with Daryl now.. we’re er, In johor…. er, yea I was sleeping” I just couldn’t go on!!!

My dad was damn angry, “I already told your friend not to bull shit to me ar…what are you playing at??? I hope you guys didn’t do anything irresponsible..”

Sigh. Daryl was actually so scared which is why he came up with that. And I am a horrible liar myself. So I just told my dad that I was sorry, we have not left Singapore yet, we split up at Orchard to do our own things and that we’ll be back very soon.

No can do. He was still very angry.

But I apologised profusely through smses and Daryl even wanted to come down and say sorry to my dad. I think that softened my dad abit. Heh.

Daryl came to get me with his car and we were like smuggling humans, Kai-Lin came out of his car and hurriedly ushered me into Daryl’s car. After a quick goodbye peck, I jumped into Daryl’s car and we sped off.


His petrol light was blinking. Fuckanathan.

He thought the tank could tahan until we reached Johor. Die die also don’t want to pay in Singapore dollars.

But he thought it’d be best to pump at least $10 so that even if he got lost in Singapore, at least he wouldn’t be stranded stationarily in the middle of nowhere in Singapore.

We turned into some industrial park in Tuas and it was factory after factory and MORE factories. So he just took a random left turn after driving for fifteen minutes and swerve his car to the other lane, sort of a U-turn but definitely broke a lot of Singapore rules with that stunt of his.

We slowly drove to the checkpoint and prayed that the car would chug along. After coming out of the Johor checkpoint, we kept our eyes out for a rest area.

We saw a Petrol station but it was on the other side of the road. ARGHHH.. and his light was still blinking furiously. We drove on a little bit more and saw a rest area sign. HALLELUJAH!!

We took the next left turning, thinking that it would lead us to the petrol station.

Mahai, it was another long highway. So long that we couldn’t even see where it ended. He drove for about 2km and said, “Jo, I don’t think my car can go on any longer.”

Before I could react, he did a THREE POINT TURN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HIGHWAY and drove all the way out on the emergency lane, all the while pressing his horn hoping to warn oncoming traffic. Lucky for him, for that 2km stretch, there weren’t any cars and we managed to get back on the highway that we were on originally. LOL. I only realised that I was biting on the sleeve of my jacket when we turned back out to the highway. Hahahaha.

What an adventure.

The two bikinis on the right are from that Sheer Romance shop. If I am not mistaken it is at Far East Plaza. Yup, they were for my Redang trip.(I used up my entire memory card for that trip. Hahaha to your broadband.)

And I bought this beautiful pearl bracelet for $5.

I LOVE IT. Brenda was telling me that they sell alot of it in Gurney Plaza, Penang for RM10. But I think this one looks much nicer. ๐Ÿ™‚