Tiny Prelude To The Nuffnang Blog Awards

There may be twitter, facebook and all the various social media networking shiznits that people are utilizing to document today’s Nuffnang Blog Awards, but I’m keeping it real. So I updated my blog. :P 

Drying my hair after checking-in to Link Hotel.

I left Penang early this morning for tonight’s event but will be heading back tomorrow afternoon due to school commitments on Sunday. Sigh. 

Plenty of bloggers from Philippines and Australia have already arrived. Read on twitter that the KL bloggers are held up at customs because someone forgot to declare their ciggies. Ah well. 

Am heading out for food now. Hope my freshly washed and blow dried hair won’t get greasy from the Singapore smog!

So much for my feeble attempt at live blogging. 😛 Got free broadband connection in this hotel room okay so must make use of it!